21 AUGUST 1847

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Italy has become a standing subject in the newspapers, and

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the interest in her position by no means diminishes. Austria seems to have reoccupied Ferrara ; an act of hostility for which the pretext does not yet appear. In the provinces...

Excepting a very few laggart constituencies, all the elections have

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now been accomplished. Indeed, we believe that there re- mains only one to fulfil its duty—that comprising the worthy and independent electors of Ultima Thule, Orkney and...


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NEVER certainly were the habitual life and disposition of a sove- reign exhibited to a nation in more favourable guise than those NEVER certainly were the habitual life and...

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THE PROVINCES. NORFOLK, Wasx. — The poll closed on Saturday. At the official decla- ration, on Monday, the numbers were- Mr.Bagge 3,113 I Mr. Hamond 2,935 Honourable E. K....

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WE left the Royal travellers on their voyage, just after they had departed from Dartmouth on Friday morning. The sequel of the narrative acquires most interest after the Queen's...

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Zbe ArtetropoIts.

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A public meeting was held at the London Coffeehouse, on Tuesday, for the purpose of promoting a subscription for the widow and family of the late Dr. Jordan Roche Lynch, who...

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Sir Robert Peel presided over the annual meeting of the Tamworth Bible Society, held on Wednesday, in the Town-hall. Sir Robert's speech was the great feature of the...

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ffoTtign anit (Colonial,

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aux.—The rumours which have been current, of a new conspiracy against the Pope, appear to have been not altogether destitute of founda- tion; but an attempt was...


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The Repeal Association met as usual on Monday, in Conciliation Half; Mr. Maurice O'Connell in the chair. The talk was all about the elections, and the number of stanch Old...

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The Queen Dowager came up from Bushy Park on Tuesday, and went to Her Majesty's Theatre in the evening. The Dutchess of Kent completed her sixty-first year on Tuesday. The...

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SATURDAY NIGHT. Great excitement was caused in Paris, on Wednesday morning, by the discovery that the Dutchess de Praslin had been found murdered in her chamber. The deceased...


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Anuntsr.vv, Aug. 6.—The following promotions have this day taken place, conse- quent upon the death of Vice Admiral B. R. Littlehales—Vice-Admiral of the White J. Carthew to be...


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SATURDAY MORNING.—AsiavED—At Gravesend, 14th Aug. Eliza Hester, Kruger, from Singapore. Off Fahnouth, 14th,Vasmania, Black, from Sydney. At Jersey, 14th, Marta, Queripol, from...

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The Caledonian Mercury supplies some details of the sport on

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the MOOTS. "We have heard much of the deplorable state of the game upon the Perthshire bills and elsewhere; but the first accounts from the braes of induce us to believe there...

We have reason to believe that a bill will be

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brought into the ensuing Parliament to enable English Bishops to consecrate Bishops for those Epis- copal chapels in Scotland which have not at present, on account of the-...

The papers report a very calm and judicious speech delivered

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by Mr. George Henry Moore, described as the new " Whig " Member for Mayo. V " We need scarcely say that we do not concur in all Itaxriat.V sions; but it would be well for...

Letters from Rome state that Count Pietro Ferretti, brother of

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the Car- dinal Secretary of State, had just departed on a mission for Naples. His departure afforded an occasion for a marked display of public esteem. Ac- companied by a great...

The Madrid papers and letters have been full of assertions

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as to the probable success of the attempts to reconcile Queen Isabella and her hus- band: the Queen arrived at Madrid on the 12th instant; and the King Consort simultaneously...

Speaking of the Reverend Horace Cholmondeley, the Wexford Independent says—"

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This high-minded and warm-hearted Englishman—who may be truly pronounced more Irish than the Irish themselves—on visiting his estates last week,. in this county, not only...

The Paris papers of Thursday relate another circumstance which has

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added to the general consternation caused by this tragic affair— "In the same guarder and nearly at the same hour a daring attempt at bur- glaxy was made. Four men, armed with...

The Morning Herald gives the following account of the altered

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state of things in Ireland. After speaking of the extensive failures in the corn and other trades and of the consequent tightness of money, the writer says- " The working...

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The Surrey seems to thrive on the closing of the

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Westminster theatres; and opens its stage-door to those artists who would not pass their recess in inglorious ease. Buckstone and Mrs. W. Clifford have had a series of...


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Mozart, included in the programme of composers whose chefs d'oeuvre were to be performed at Her Majesty's Theatre, merely closes the season. It was explained last week, that the...

The days of the season at the other Operahonse also

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are numbered: the last of the subscription-nights has been announced for this week. It is not worth while, therefore, to notice The llayade; a new effort at ballet, as...

"A Chemist" complains, through the Times, that be has devised

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a sure test for the detection of arsenic; but that he endures gross official neglect. " At the commencement of last year, I set about discovering some substance to mix with...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FILIDAT AFTKANOOE. At the commencement of the week, the tendency of Stock was downwards and the quotations at one period indicated a decline of / per cent: an...

At the Central Criminal Court, today, John Ramsay was tried

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for the murder of Mr. Henry Williams, in November 1844. It will be remembered that Mr. Williams died in some manner that appeared incomprehensible, after getting out of a cab;...


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TO THE EDITOR OF TIIE SPEC TATO& 17th August 1847. Sra—Solomon says, "There is nothing new under the sun." The 'Electric Telegraph" is considered by many to be the most...

Herr Andersen, the Danish poet, is at present on a

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tour through Scotland. He WEE honoured by an invitation from Prince Albert for Osborne; which has been graciously exchanged for Ardverikie, in Badenoch. We also understand this...

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MISCHIEFS OF OUR RAILWAY LEGISLATION. THE opprobrium of Parliament is its unintentional legislation— the unforeseen or at least unintended consequences of the laws which it is...


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FOR the thousandth time, the subject of fagging is mooted in the newspapers. A gentleman who signs himself " Humanitas et Veritas " writes to the Times the story of a young boy...

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TIMER is a curious and not creditable caprice in the rewards which the pensive public bestows on merit. Grace Darling was idolized ; her emulators, the Welsh sisters Llewellyn,...


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adopt some plan of systematic colonization for the relief of Ireland, they pointed, among other evasive excuses, to the" spontaneous emigration " which was sure to increase...

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NATiowsl, GALLERY.—The rumour which has prevailed for some time, that

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Mr. Vernon intended to present his fine collection of pictures to the nation is now a certainty, that gentleman having placed it at the Immediate disposal of the Trustees of the...


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On most points relating to the principles of paper circulation on all rea- sonable persons nowadays are agreed. In particular, there is no difference of opinion that bank-notes...


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WE hear that Government is about to pronounce and declare its "decision" on the subject of penal discipline. What Government had to decide, or what its determination is likely...

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Phillips land, or the Country hitherto designated Port Phillip: its preeent Condition and Prospects, as a highly eligible Field for Emigration. By John Dunmore Lang, D.D., AIL,...

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IN structure and the elements of fiction, the tales of Home and its In- jluenee are commonplace or borrowed, and the matter inartistically wed. A deficiency in dramatic power...

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be this thick volume, an octavo of nearly six hundred pages, we have a hook which contains much that is valuable, but which ought not to have been published. It is a substitute...

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THIS is the commencement of a " Library of Illustrated Standard Scien- tific Works," to be published by M. Bailliere of Regent Street. The issue will be occasional ; and the...

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BOOKS. Principles of Physics and Meteorology. By J. Muller, Professor of Physics at the University of Freiburg. Illustrated with 530 Engravings on wood and two coloured Plates....


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On the 12th August, at the Rectory, St. Hellers, the Lady of the Very Reverend James Hemery, Dean of Jersey, of a son. On the 13th, at Mulgrave Castle, the Countess of...


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Tuesday, Aug. 17. PARTNESSHIPS DISSOLVID. Norris and Co. Rochdale, printers-W. and J. Holiday, Kendal, Westmoreland, bouts- carpenters-Barber and Co. St. Paul's Churchyard,...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (CloelagPrIees) &Mad. Monday. Modal, Wed■tes nun. Friday. 3 per Cent Consols 87 -- 87 -- 861 -- -- 1371 87 aff Ditto for Account . 878 878 87 87 s 671 87 9 per...