21 AUGUST 1852

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If the Ministerial journals may be believed, our Fishery dispute

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with the United States has been terminated by a new agreement or "accommodation." The " rights " of this strange episode in the history of the Derby Ministry cannot be known for...


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Ton Cabinet Council, announced in our last Postscript, has been held at Osborne. -The ostensible business was to settle about the meeting of Parliament and, as we surmised, the...

The weather is broken and unsettled, and thunder-storms accom- panied

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by violent winds and heavy rains have been frequent. Less damage appears to have been done in the North of the island, but over a wide range of the Southern counties there are...

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• A spontaneous expression of tender and elevated sentiment, re-

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cently witnessed at Genoa, contrasts in a striking manner with the artificial pasteboard display of the Parisian "feast of eagles." We allude to the obsequies of Mazzini's...

The inquest on the bodies of the men shot at

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Six-mile Bridge has terminated in a verdict more ominous of evil for Ireland than even the fierce proceedings which gave occasion to the inquiry. Of - fifteen jurymen, twelve...

- Some flute ago, the news reached this country that

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Buenos Ayres had been emancipated from the dictatorship of Rosas. The - work was accomplished by foreign arms—the combined forces of Brazil and the Banda Oriental. The...

att 3littrupolio.

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The Queen has permitted the finest specimens of old Sevres porcelain to be Temoved from Buckingham Palace to the Museum at Marlborough House, for the use of the students in the...

The overweening tmbition of the French President appears to shoot

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beyond the setting up of a mere temporal kingdom for himself, to the e .tablishment of a theocracy. Louis Napoleon ordains that the great national holyday of the year shall be...

Ch taut

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QUEEN 'Plumate has returned, safely and well, to her own dominions. The Royal visitors set out from the Palace of Laecken on Sunday morning, for Antwerp. Here they visited the...

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tbt Vrnuiurm

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Archa3ology has of late years attracted marked attention from anti- quaries of all ranks, and the annual meeting of the British Archreological Association becomes an event of...

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Wednesday wound up the proceedings at Six-mile Bridge, with an un- looked for verdict. Out of the misty depositions which have been taken in evidence during the fourteen days'...


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Preparations are in progress at Holyrood Palace for the reception of the Queen ; who proposes to sleep . there on the night of the 31st instant, and to leave Edinburgh next...

fortigu nub tutinura.

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FRANCE.—Napoleon in the day of his power determined that his "idle" should be celebrated on the 15th of August; wherefore his imita- tive nephew, Louis Napoleon seized the...

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A Privy Council was held at Osborne House on Wednesday. The Queen presided. There were likewise present Prince Albert, the Lord Chancellor, the Marquis of Salisbury, the Earl of...

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SATURDAY. Without attaching too much importance to the views of "'our own correspondent," whose vocation inclines him to survey all things through artificial glasses often of...

Parliament did meet "on the 20th of August" after all

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t.—by a fiction. Yesterday, the Duke of Northumberland and Lord Howard de Walden presented themselves in the House of Lords ; when, exactly at two o'clock, the Lord Chancellor...

The Earl and Countess of Eglinton visited the Royal College

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in Gal- way on Wednesday, accompanied by all the notable persons in the town. An address was presented by the President to the Lord-Lieutenant; who made suitable reply, and...

Reports which have reached town, this morning, state that the

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heavy crops are by no means so much damaged by the rain and storms as ac- -counts earlier in the week had represented them to be. Labour is scarce, and the reaping-machine is...

Cardinal Wiseman laid the foundation-stone of a new chapel at

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Bar- net this morning.

The Court of Directors of the Royal West India Mail

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Company presented to the Board of Admiralty, yesterday, a report on the fire in the Severn. They decline to pronounce any opinion as to the origin of the fire, which they...

A statue to the memory of Sir Robert Peel was

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uncovered at Leeds yesterday, with an inaugural ceremony. The statue was placed in an open angle between the Court-house, the Coloured Cloth Hall, and the Commercial Buildings....


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Srocx EXCHANGE, FRIDAY Arrzawoow. In the English Stock Market, Government Securities have undergone several fluctuations during the week ; the unsettled state of the weather...

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The Norwich Festival is to be held on the 21st,

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22d, 23d, and 24th days of September, under the musical direction of Mr. Benedict. The principal singers are Madame Viardot-Garcia, Madame Fiorentini, Miss Louisa Pyne, Miss...

We have already given a summary of the arrangements for

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the ap- proaching Birmingham Festival, and our present number contains the de- tailed programme. From the magnitude of the preparations, and the remarkably judicious selection...

igratrro anti Zugir.

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Monsieur Jullien, after all, will never be anything more than a com- poser of quadrilles and waltzes and a conductor of promenade concerts. This is his proper vocation—his lad,...

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THE subjects marked by our correspondents this week for dis- cussion in the Convocation of the Future are ample enough to furnish constant employment for that body should it...


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THE CLOUD DISPERSED. Dix semi-official announcement that the misunderstanding between our Government and that of the 'United States was cleared up, must have given more genuine...

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IN spite of its Ultra-Protestant prejudices, our Home Office has taken an honourable position towards the Roman Catholics in an ugly affair which disturbs the decorum of London....


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found for the tenacity of life and home dis- played by our Ecclesiastical Courts, except the rats of Paris, against whom a military ramie became requisite. The two cases are not...

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Wmin yet the Fishery question occasioned some public apprehen- sion that feeling was &eepened by considerations thrown out re- spec ting the Irish element in the people of the...


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To murderers, burglars, forgers; and others, her Majesty's Govern- ment are securing a free passage to the gold-fields of Australia. The route may be a little circuitous, but...

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developing those facilities for emigration which are rendered necessary by the increasing demands of our Australian Colonies, and by the fact that the persons most ready and...


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on Naas, an engine-driver on the Midland Counties Railway, has been frightfully maimed by an accident, which had nearly cost him his life. The tire of a wheel broke ; a sudden...


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"Sun' on fire ! " is the most appalling sound that can be heard by people at sea. In a home constructed of the most combustible ma- terials, on the unstablest of all...

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Ittttro to tbt Cahn.

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THE OBJECTS OF CONVOCATION. .Llandrinded, 16th August 1852. am tempted to endeavour to answer D.'s straightforward and sen- sible 9nestions upon Convocation with the same...


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1 Adam Street, .eldelphi, 14th August 1852. Sea—The public are largely indebted to you for the care with which you watch over the interests of all those travelling by land or by...


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Oakland., Dureb,y, 15t6 August 1852. Sin—I had hoped that my letter in your paper on the 7th instant might have been the last on the subject ; and I am certainly a little...


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C7ifton, 17th August 1852. Sin—You inquire what objects Churchmen propose to attain by the resus- citation of Convocation. The object, I imagine, is to get a legitimate organ...

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SUTHERLAND'S JOURNAL OF PENNY'S VOYAGE IN SEARCH OF FRANKLIN. * OF the four expeditions that started in 1860 in search of Sir John Franklin—the American, the vessel under the...

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OF INDIA. * "IN every other country," says Mr. Raikes, "English statesmen debate, deliberate, argue, or protest; in India alone they seem still privileged to act." As applied to...

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want P—she wants a heart." The Tide of Life requires little more than the dramatic power of reviving the past, to be a first-rate novel. Miss Jewry is acquainted with the forms...


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Boows. The Lands of the Messiah, Mahoniet, and the Pope; as Visited in 1851. By John Aiton, D.D., Minister of Dolphinton. Notes upon Russia ; being a Translation of the...

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On the 11th August, at Beechwood, Midlothian, the Lady of Sir David Dundas, Bart., of Beechwood, of a daughter. On the 120, at Hazelwood Castle, Yorkshire, the Hon. Mrs....

MILITARY GAZETTE, WAR...OFFICE, Aug. 17.-4th Regt. Drag. Guards—B, E. Wilkinson,

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Gent, to be Cornet, by purchase, vice Gunter, piemoted. 7th Drag. Guards—W. F. Dowdes- well, Gent. to be Cornet, by purchase, vice O'Reilly, who retires; H. Nichol!, Gent. to be...

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Tuesday, August 17. Pswriszasursei DISSOLVFD. - Evans and Co. Abergavenny, shoe-manufacturers- Evans and Long, Aber . gavenny, shoe-manufacturers-Browning and Iliffe, Deepfield...


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BRITISH UNDS. &stunt. (Closing Monday. Priees.) Tuesday. Wanes nor,. Friday. 3 per Cent Console 993 99 99/ 99 Ditto for Account 993 991 593 99 99 99 5 91 3 per...