21 FEBRUARY 1846

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THE great debate has been prolonged throughout the week, with- out any material - variation in the nature of the arguments ad- vanced on any side. Among the mass of speeches,...

Several elections have taken place, of more or less importance,

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—those for Rutlandshire, East Suffolk, Dorsetshire, and West- minster. By the three former, four Protectionists are returned in place of three Peel-Free-traders; in Dorsetshire...

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The news of the Ministerial changes in England had produced

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the expected salutary effect in the United States. The war- fever appears to substde ; and the two great tribes of the Anglo- Sa.xon race may yet colonize Oregon in brotherhood...

- The only measure of social importance-discussed by the French

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Chambers has been a pr(#et de loi to continue and extend the practice of keeping " livrets" for workmen in various manufac- tures and trades. The livret is a kind of register of...

- The Spanish Ministry has suddenly broken up, with internal

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dissension. The cause is not known, but is said to have been some disagreement about the marriage of the Queen. Probably, now that the country is quieter, and people have...

Debates anti• 1,EiroczebingsinVarliauttnt.

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• COMMERCIAL POLICE OF THE GOITER/MEET. The Holum of Commons resumed, on Monday, the adjourned debate on the motion for going into Committee on the Customs and Corn-importa-...

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be ffiletropolfs.

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The contest for the representation of Westminster between Captain Row, the new Lord of the Admiralty, and General Sir De Lacy Evans, was vigorous enough while it lasted. Each...

gbe eourt.

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CuinEsfotrr was exchanged on Tuesday for Buckingham Palace; where the Queen and Prince Albert, with the four children, arrived about five o'clock in the afternoon, under an...

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Zbe Vrobintes.

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At Dorchester, on Thursday, Mr. Her Seymer and Mr. Floyer were elected Members for Dorsetshire, in the room of Lord Ashley and Mr. Sturt, without opposition. Lord Ashley was...

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gortign vat eolonial.

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Sranc—Advices from Madrid down to the 12th instant announce the disruption of the Narvaez Administration, in rather a strange way. It was lately asserted by Ministers, in...


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Viscount Cannines reported appointment as Chief Commissioner ef Woods and Forests has been contradicted. We understand that Lord Henry Lennox has resigned the appointment which...

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Some kind of fuss about Lord. Stanley is going on

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which we confess our inability to see through.. A few weeks ago the Gelie seemed anxious to hear him speak out, namely, against Sir Robert Peel, Then the Post would fain have...

Several extensive failures in Liverpool were reported yesterday.

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At Hamburg, the receipt of the news of the intended alteration in the Corn- laws, advanced wheat 2s. to 3s. per quarter. At Dantzig, the most sanguine ex- . pectations are...

THE Nionit—A naval officer arrived at Cork, on board a

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merchant-vessel from the coast of Africa, reports the'safe return of Mr. Jamieson's steamer the Ethiope to Fernando Po, after a successful expedition up the Niger. As the...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. Still unfinished!' The adjourned debate was once more adjourned last night, for the eighth time. The discussion is getting merely wearisome: the identieal...


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• STOCK EXCHANOS, FRIDAY APTERWOOlt. The necessity of providing the Railway deposits appears to have exhausted nearly all the available resources of the country; and the...

The pressure - of' the Debates has excluded many things prepared

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for insertion this week. "Letters to the Editor" are not very welcome in these times, unless to correct mistakes.

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TEE engagements of Mr. Macready at the Princess's and of Miss Cushman at the Haymarket terminate next week; and then let us hope that these .theatres will return to the class of...


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POLITICAL NOVICIATES. IN these days of unstable opinions, a code is much wanted for the guidance of neophytes. It appears to be the generally received doctrine that converts...

Madame Casten= is not dead, after all. We have seen

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a letter from the lady's father to Mr. Lumley, contradicting the report of his daughter's death, and expressing just indignation at the way in which the false state- ment was...

A change takes place at the French Plays on Monday.

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Madame Doche and M. Felix appear together. Madame Albert departed at the end of last week, having gained the suffrages of the town to a greater extent than ever. The last new...

The ballet divertissement at Drury Lane, entitled the Island Nymph,

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is one of those facetious flights of fancy and sentiment which ballet-masters are fond of indulging in, to the mystification and amusement of the beholders. It is only...


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Anitvan — At Gravesend, 17th Feb. Lucretia, Headbury, from Mauritius; 18th, Ed- lidhurY, Stuart, from Calcutta ; and Isle of Wight, Halsey, from hiauritius ; and 19th,...

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THE subject of criminal discipline is receiving earnest attention in various quarters. At the Middlesex Sessions, Mr. Sergeant Adams is periodically deploring the vast numbers...


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THERE are two ways of "expediting the despatch" of busi- ness—by transacting it in a hasty and incomplete manner, or by having recourse to better methods of working. The former...

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with wonderful forbearance by the French War party since the opening of the Chambers. No sena* tonal thunders have yet been awakened by the perfidious amble tion of England....

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Law or NATIONS. The Oregon Question Examined in reaped to Facts and the Law of Nations. By Travers Twiss, D.C.L., F.R.S., Professor of Political Economy In the rniverslty of...


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"Washy, in our paper of the 29th November last, we invited attention to this important topic, allusion was made to apprehen- sions entertained in certain quarters, that, from...

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i i i . MR. DAVIDSON is a man of an adventurous spirit, who has passed up- wards of twenty years in search of Fortune in the East, without, as we gather, being very successful ;...

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PUBLICATIONS RECEIVED. Front February rim m February 19th. BOOKS. The

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Ore g on Question Examined in respect to Facts and the Law of 'Na- tions. By Travers Twiss, D.C.L., F.R . .S., Professor of Political Economy in the University of Orford, and...

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MADAME DULCREN'S sornios muinotaxs. THE third. and final concert of the series, on Wednesday evening, waa one of highly sustained musical interest; the classical selection...


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BRITISH INSTITUTION. THE most interesting and successful pker.nres in this exhibition—we reiglat almost include every other—are those of scenes which their painters have...

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On the 23d January, at the Parsonage, Stanley, New Brunswick, the ,Wlfe of the Rev. Alexander Voules Stuart, of a son. On the 8th February. at Winchester, the Lady of the Rev....


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ADMIRALTY, Feb. 16.--Corpi of Royal Marines-Sec. ilent. H. W. Hall to be First, - Lieut. • Gent. Cadet F. L. Alexander to be Sec. Lieut. vice Hall, pronioted. . WAS-OFFICE,...


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Tuesday, Feb. 17. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. • Glover and Co. Drury Lane, coach-springmakers-Thowell and Kirby, Lichfield Street, Soho, brass-founders-Yarrow and Overton,...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) 3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account I s r er Cents u lteduced Long Annuities Bank Stock, 7 per Cent India Stock, 101 Exchequer Bills, 13.1....