21 JULY 1832

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it made their appearance off Oporto on the 8th instant;

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on respecting the expedition of Don 'PEDRO. The vessels composing Intelligence, certain though scanty, has at length been received which day they effected an unobstructed...

The Government of Ireland seems at length determined to act

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with vigour in the repression of the Anti-Tithe meetings; and a circular has been issued, calling on the Magistrates to perform their duty, and in all cases where such meetings...

, NEWS OF THE WEEK IF a stranger were to

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cast his eye over the debates of the week, lie would imagine that the evils under which England is at pre- sent suffering were small in number and weight, since her sena- tors,...

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There have been no mere protocols published on the subject

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of Belgium and Holland, but rumour describeS a 67th as agreed to. There have been fresh demands on the part of LEOPOLD for the liberation of M. THORTil ; whose continued...

St. Jean d'Acre has at length fallen into the hands

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of IBRAHIM. ABDALLAH PACH A, its gallant defender, has been sent to Alex- andria.; where he has been received with very great show of re- gard and courtesy by MEHEMET.

The Frankfort Journal of the 10th gives, under the title

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of the public Protocol of the 22d sitting of the Diet of the Germanic "Confederation, a very important document. The principal parties Tresent and represented in the Diet on the...

chat anb Procreting# in 13ar1iantritt.

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2. RUSSIAN LOAN. This question was reintroduced on Monday, by Air. A. BARING, on a motion for certain papers connected with the payn Lents. Mr. Baring stated the case according...

In the House of Commons, on Monday, Sir ROBERT PEEL

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illtated, in his inimitable way, that in Poland only children whose parents were dead had been taken charge of by the Russian Government, and that the sole object was to rear...

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ebe Court.

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The funeral of the Princess Louise took place at Windsor on Mon- day. The Countess Howe officiated as chief mourner. The King visited St. James's Palace on Tuesday, for the...

ebe rtropaifis.

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A supplement to the Gazette of Tuesday contains a long order in Council, authorizing the removal of nuisances under the Cholera Pre- vention Act. On Saturday morning, a copy of...

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The Recorder, on Tuesday, made his report to the King

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of the pri- soners in Neavgate, under sentence of death, convicted at the last May 'sessions all of whom his Majesty was graciously pleased to respite during his Royal pleasure...

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:be triattntru.

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There have been a number of Reform Festivals—happy meetings; chiefly of the labouring classes—in various parts of the country. On Wednesday last week, the men of Messrs. Maclean...

CHOL ERA.—Yesterday's report presents us with 369 new cases, 136 deaths,

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224recoveijes. Comparing the totals with those of last Satur- day, there have been reported during the week 2,127 new cases, and 790 deaths. The number of cases remaining...

On Tuesday morning, about half-past six o'clock, while a steam-

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coach, built by Mr. Squires of Paddington, was making One of its ex- perimental runs, in turning the corner of the Harrow Road into Dudley Grove, being at the time proceeding at...

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1E43 attar gusitict.

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The Bucks Assizes were opened on Monday; when the case of Dennis Collins was particularly adverted to by Baron Gurney. In the course of the afternoon, Sir Morris Ximes and the...

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A great tithe meeting, which was intended to be held at Nobber, county Meath, on Sunday last week, was dispersed by Mr. Pollock, a magistrate of the county, at the head of a...


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We have conversed with several farmers and travellers who had an Opportunity last week of inspecting a wide range of country, and who concur in describing the appearance of the...


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BRIGHTON.—The Brighton Gazette challenges us to state where and when he praised Mr. Crawfurd as a Tory. Our contemporary is face- tious. Why, in the same Number in which he...

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EDINBURG11.—The Lord Advocate has addressed the electors. It is not

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very high praise to say, that his address is the best perhaps that the oceasion has yet called forth on either side of the Tweed. We give his Lordship's pledges, as they may be...


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Sir Thomas Tyrrwhit has resigned the office of Usher of the Black Roth, and Sir Augustus Clifford is appointed his successor. The salary, derived from fees, is about 4,0001....

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MORALITY OF STATESMEN. Tin: Standard has thought it worth while to give two successive reports of Sir ROBERT PEEL'S last speech on the Russian Loan question, in order that its...


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THE confederated despots of Germany, finding themselves unable to arrest the progress of knowledge and liberality in their domi- nions, have been for some time laying their...

Miss Bagster's case was concluded on Saturday afternoon ; when

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the Jury, after a consultation of three quarters of an hour, returned the fol- Miss Bagster's case was concluded on Saturday afternoon ; when the Jury, after a consultation of...


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STOCK E XCIIANGE, FRIDAY EVENING. . Consuls closed on Saturday S4.1; for the Account, and 8:311 for Money; Ex- chequer Bills las. to Ms. prem. There has not been a single...


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If we may trust to the private letters in the papers of this morning, there is a strong wish that the whole of the German smaller states should be united in one kingdom. We...

The First and Second Regiments of Life Guards will be

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reviewed on Monday next, on Wormwood Scrubbs, by General Lord Hill, Com- manding-in-Chief. We understand that Sir Walter Scott is certainly somewhat better ; and, when...


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TO THE EDITOR. OF THE SPECTATOR. SIR—It appears, from a report of some remarks made by Lord WYNFORD in the House of Lords on the 9th instant, on the Punishment of Death...

At the . fite which the Marquis of Hertford gave on Tuesday,

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at his seat in the Regent's Park, there was no lack of the chiefest grace and ornament of fetes champetres—flowers, of which the colours were the most splendid and the perfumes...


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Arrived—None. Sailed—From Gravesend, July 13th, Duke of Bedford. Brown, for the Cape ; 15th, Jeannette, Chalmers, for Mauritius ; 16th. Duke of Northumberland. Pope, for Cal-...

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variety of shapes, and with great diversity of views; but, upon the whole, the general opinion ap- pears to be settling into an acquiescence in the doctrine laid down - in our...

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A FEW weeks ago, the Commons passed a bill abolishing the punishment of death in cases of horse-stealing and sheep-stealing. The chief argument for the abolition, next to the...

- - MAIL-CONVEYANCINR I " IRE following paragraph is going the rounds

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of the newspapers. Babbage;- in 4ris-admir - abre - Work on the Economy of Manufactures, has a new plan of conveying the mail. The immense revenue of the Post-office would...


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THE present system of publishing the speeches delivered in Par- liament, has been often alluded to in the course of' the discussions on the Reform Bill. The reports of the Times...

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AT this inoment, there dance in London three forms of perfection; earl , aiffering from the other, each excelling the other ; but all, in their respective aerial paths,...

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MR. ARNOLD'S company, having no house of their own, are still in lodgings at the Olympic ; where the Spectator paid them a - visit a few evenings ago. Were their pretension to...


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THIS is the journal or narrative of an " overland journey" from India, performed by an unusual track,—or rather, by Europeans an untrodden tract, in part, as regards a portion...


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Fifteen Months' Pilgrimage through l'atroddeu Tracts of Khuzistan and Persia, in a Journey from India to En g land. throu g h Parts of Turkish Arabia, Per.itt. Armenia, "c I r ,...

During the recent scientific Congress at Oxford, Mr. Faraday was

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exhibiting privately to a few friends his experiment of obtaining the electric spark from the magnet. While this was proceeding, the head of one of the colleges (Dr. T.)...

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W's have here a more ample view of the character. and manners of the New Zealanders than may be found in any other single publication. Of this race, owing to our scanty...

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Is tolerably well calculated for the circulating library. It has sentiment for the young ladies, and humour and character for those who relish books of mere amusement. The...

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WHAT are " Dramatic Stories ?" Stories adapted to scenic repre. sentation ? or stories conducted as dramas, by way of dialogue ? or are they spoiled plays—rejected dramas,...

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THE Books on our Table are unusually numerous this week, whether owing to the slowness of our progress through them, or to the activity of the publishers in producing new...

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The Western Garland; a Collection of Original Melodies, com- posed and arranged for the Voice and Pianoforte, by the Musical Professors of the West of Scotland the Words by the...

Rondo for the Pianoforte. Capriccio for the Pianoforte and Violin.

The Spectator

By Rims THOMSON, Esq. Mr. THOMSON knows how to write for the pianoforte as well as for the voice; and it is most commendable in an amateur, in this age of arrangements, to...


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IT has been observed by a lively writer, that our costume of the present day would appear, from its succinctness, to have been fashioned an order that men might dart through the...

Philharmonic Society by the Chevalier SIGISMOND NEEKOMM ; arranged as

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a Duet for two performers on the Pianoforte. Of this very beautiful composition in its original and perfect form, our opinion was given after its perfurmance at the...

"Farewell to Northmaven '-" a Ballad. Written by Sir WALTER

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Scow ; composed by G.HOGARTH, Esq. • A sweet, unpretending, and expressive melody, bespeaking the hand of a musician in its arrangement.

Count Balthazar. The Poetry by BARRY CORNWALL; the Music by

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the Chevalier NEUKOMM. The Heartbroken. By the same. The poet and the musician whose names so frequently appear united as above, seem emulous of each other's speed in the...


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THE Diorama has reopened, with two new views,--a distant view of Paris, from Montmartre, by DAGUEERE, and a perspective interior of part of the Campo Santo, or Cemetery at Pisa,...

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Devotional Melodies, for the use of Families and Schools; com-

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posed, selected, and arranged for the Organ or Pianoforte. By JOHN JOLLY. Vol. I. Mr. JOLLY is so good a musician, and so excellent a vocal writer, that we open any work to...

Notturno for the Pianoforte, by JOHN ABEL.

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This Notturno, consisting of a single movement in 12-8 time, will be found a serviceable exercise for the left hand.

" Restless Love ' • a Song. Translated from the German

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of GOETHE, by W. A. SIGMONT ; composed by L. BLAHETKA. Here is a man who undertakes to translate a song of GOETHE'S for music ; which he accomplishes, first by making it sheer...

"With joy I review the dear scenes of my home

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;" a Ballad. Written and sung by C. V. INCLEDON ; composed by T. H. SEVERN. " Yes, these are the meadows." By JOHN PARRY. " The heather's purple flower." By G. F. HARRIS. The...

" The bright star of day is appearing." "Where are

The Spectator

those days?" By A. DONNADIEU. The first of these pieces is a pleasing Trio for Soprano, Tenor, and Bass. The second (a Ballad) has scarcely any feature to render it worthy of...

" The dearest spot of earth to me ;" a

The Spectator

Song. Composed by A. ROECKEL. Mr. ROECREL is the chorus-master to the German company ; and, unless he is able to produce something superior to this song, he had better confine...


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BIRTHS. On the 16th inst. Lady CHARLOTTE LANE Fox, of twin daughters. On the 29th ult. at Doric, Fifeshire, Mrs. CaRrsTrs, of twin sons. On the 7th inst. at Campbelton, MIS....