21 JULY 1855

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This week the Opposition has been twice baffled by Lord Palmer- ston's facility in yielding just so far as to meet his assailants on the ground most convenient to himself. The...

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The telegraphic intelligence from the Crimea speaks of steady progress

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in the siege-works. and the renewed efforts of the enemy at obstruction by sallies indicate that he is uneasy at the advances making towards the Malakoff. The generals appear...

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF FHB WEEK. HOME OF Loans. Monday, July 16. Lord Raglan and Lady Raglan's Annuities Bill read a first time—Deficiency Bills ; Lord Monteagle's...

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The filthy state of the Thames attracts much attention. On Monday, moved by Mr. Faraday's description of the feculent flood, the Lord Mayor desired the City Solicitor to inquire...

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TIIE QUEEN and her Belgian guests continue to enjoy the quiet life af- forded by a sojourn at Osborne ; varying drives on land by cruises out to sea in the Fairy and Victoria...

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The Cheltenham election, as was anticipated, terminated triumphantly for Mr. Grenville Berkeley. At the close of the poll, on Saturday, the numbers were—Berkeley 758; Ridler...


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Though there was a large falling-off in the emigration from Ireland to America last year, as compared with 1853, the remittances of money from America to Ireland showed a great...

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FRANCS. —The Legislative Chambers, having voted the new taxes pro- posed by the Minister of Finance by 232 to 6, were prorogued on the 13th. The proposition of the Government...

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A letter from Calais in the Inde:pendance Beige states that the Queen and Prince Albert will arrive there on the 17th August; that they will .be received there by . the Emperor,...

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SATURDAY.. The occasion of going into Committee of the whole House of Com- mons last night on the Turkish Loan, was seized by all the Oppositions as an opportunity for...


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On the 13th July, at Pelmuir, Torquay, the Hon. Mrs. W. L. Feilden, of a son, stillborn. On the 14th, the Wife of the Rev. C. P. Buckworth, Sherborne Rectory, of a son. On the...

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Sir William Molesworth is selected to take the head of

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the Colonial Office, vacated by Lord John Russell. The understanding to which we referred a fortnight back is thus confirmed. It is not to be supposed that this journal can view...

Up to last night nothing had been heard at Bristol

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of the Caradoc, bear- ing home the remains of Lord Raglan; but she was expected every hour. Great preparations have been made to pay due honour to the dead chief in his own...

We learn from a despatch sent by General Pelissier to

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the Minister of War that, on the 18th, " the Russians made a small sortie against the Inkerman line of attack. It is needless to say they were repulsed." Ina later message,...

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The Etoile du Nord has now been brought before the English public - under Meyerbeer's own superintendence, and in a manner worthy of him and of his work. Its first performance...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY APTIERNOON. The.terms of the new French Loan of 750,000,000 francs were published on Monday. It is optional, as in the former loan for 20,000,000/., at...

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" Am I thinner, think ye ?" said a fat

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Welsh gentleman, in one of the late Mr. Charles Mathews's entertainments, whose whole life was devoted to the reduction of his bodily dimensions. A similar motive for action...

The farewell benefit of Mr. W. Farren, on Monday last,

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was interest- lug - as a display of universal good feeling towards a great actor, who has survived those physical capabilities that are requisite for some of the most...


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JULY 19. House divided.; Ayes 182, Noes 289. [General Peel objecting to Mr. Roe- Wick's motion, interposes the question whether it shall be put to the vote at all, and the...

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LORD JOHN-RUSSELL'S RETTIalMENT. Loan Jon ac ItcsseLL's retreat ' from. the Cabinet, in tardy an- ticipation of expulsion by almost unanimous Parliamentary cen- sure; hits...

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the official communications with the Austrian Government leave this country towards her Allies ? In what position towards the enemy ? The papers threw light upon the political...


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THE political session virtually closed on Thursday night, and Par- liament is about to separate; leaving, we apprehend, one of the most important questions before it unanswered....


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ONE more inquiry is needed before the great instrument of all public duties can be rendered sufficient for the duties of the day. Parliament is the power charged in one way or...

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IT has been observed of most public performers, that they are not content to leave the scene of their triumphs until they have en- joyed the triumph to its dregs—until they...

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BURTON'S PILGRIMAGE TO EL MEDINAIL * Liztrrzniair Burrow is well known for several publications on the East, which exhibited a smart liveliness of style, occasionally overdone,...

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Buccaneers is a better book than its bombastic title and a turgidly pompous style at the .opening would incluie the reader to suppose. Mr. Thornbury does not take a very...

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WOMAN IN THE NINETEENTH CENTURY. * THE interest excited by the

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Memoirs of Margaret Fuller, and a remembrance of the practical heroism of her conduct during the siege of Rome by the French, prompted us to reserve this volume for a more...

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MILITARY GAZETTE. \Via-orrice, July 17.-Scots Fusilier Guards-Capt. W. Mere, from

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th e 79th re Foot, to be Lieut. and Capt. by purchase. vice Childers, who retires . 44th Foot- Lieut. Hon. H. Handcock to be Capt. without purchase, vice Caulfield, killed in...


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Tuesday, July 17. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLYED.-Donnelly and M'Donnell, Bentley Crescent, Kin g s- land Gate, sur g eons-Redfern and Co. Birmin g ham, steeltoy-makers-Cocke and Co....


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ADMIRALTY, July 10.-Corps of Royal Marines -The undermentioned officer, havin g retired upon full-pay, to have a step of brevet rank, under the provisions of her Majesty's Order...


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BOOKS. My Travels ; or an Unsentimental Journey through France, Switzer- land, and Italy. By Captain Chamier, R.N., Author of " The Life of a Sailor," &c. In three volumes. A...

Ten Weeks Weak . of 1145 , 54. 01855. li r motic Diseases 26S.! ....

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211 Dropsy, Cancer, and other diseases of uncertain or variable seat • 41.2 .... Si Tubercular Diseases 188.9 .... 188 Diseases of the Brain, Spinal Marrow, Nerves, and Senses...

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BRIT/ S HE U N D S. (Closing Prices ) Satard. Monday. Tuesday trainer. That:. Friday. 3 per Cent Console 901 ex d. 94 91 901 91 91 Ditto for Account 91 90; 91 904 91 1...