21 JUNE 1851

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A PRACTICE is g ainin g g round in the House of Commons, of husbandin g the ener g ies of Members for an earnest tu g of party -war at the end of the week. The theme of debate...

Some cler g ymen, shocked by the appearance of fcrei g n Pro- testant

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pastors in London pulpits, have appealed to the Bishop of London; and that most orthodox Prelate has interdicted n repeti- tion of the enormity. To mere laymen, this proceeding...

A foretaste has been afforded this•week of the information that

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is to be yielded by the census of 1851. The totals of the popula- tion of En g land, Scotland, and the Islands in the British &.a s , oh the 31st of last March, and of the...

The celebration of the third jubilee of the Society for

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the Pro- pa g ation of the Gospel is a landmark of importance in our post- revolutionary history. Prince 'Albert showed delicacy , of tact as well as breadth of view when he...

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The annual meeting of the Society for Promoting the Amend-

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ment of the Law is full of promise to the Law Reformer. Thephi- losophical and elo9uent letter of Lord Denman would alone have sufficed to attach importance to it. The honest...

The French Government will soon be made to feel how

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awk- ward is the position of any power that undertakes to keep the peace between contending domestic factions in a neighbouring - state. The mediator is sure to be heartily...

Vrtrutro Vruuttiiugs iu Varliamtut.

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE WEEK. MOUSE OF LORDS. Monday, June 16, Chancery Reform ; Petition presented by Lord Brougham-Public-houses (Scotland) Bill, read a third time and...

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Of Court, THE King of the Belgians, with his children,

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the Duke de Brabant, the Gaunt de Flandiesi and the Princess Charlotte, have arrived at Bucking- ham Palace on a visit to our Queen. They came to Woolwich in the 'Vivid...

'641 aittrofoliff.

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The Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts cele- brated its hundred and fiftieth anniversary on Tuesday, by a jubilee com- memoration in St. Martin's Hall....

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'at Vroniurro.

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The British and Foreign Commissioners, Executive Committee, and Jurors of the Great Exhibition, were publicly entertained by the au- thorities of Birmingham, on Thursday. It had...

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ffartigu Ruh tulurunl.

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FRANCE.—A matter of personal scandal now withdraws attention from the discussions in the Committee of revision. Lately, the editor of the Message,- de r Assenablie was...


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The prospect of an abundant harvest is made matter of congratulation in the Irish journals. The accounts from all quarters, equally from the well-cultivated North and the...

The Queen has appointed Lord Cowley, late Minister Plenipotentiary to

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the Swiss Confederation, to be Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to the Germanic Confederation. Mr. Henry Sedgewiek Wylde, barrister-at-law ' has been appointed...

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SATURDAY. The Ecclesiastical Titles Bill last night nearly completed its purgato- rial endurances in the stage of Committee. Mr. lifoxsztt made a fresh appeal for the exemption...

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On the recommendation of the Town Council of Liverpool, the

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Queen has appointed John Sniith Mansfield, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, to the sti- pendiary magistracy vacant by the death of the late Mr. Rush ton. A vacancy in the representation...

ihrairt nu o The two Italian Operahouses — and indeed the

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theatres and pleres of amusement in general—appear to be now reaping the fruits of the Exhi- bition. We understand that both Her Majesty's Theatse and Covent Garden have...

i Mademoiselle Rachel has appeared in Mademoiselle de )elle,hrk of

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that ilk ; gaining thereby no additional laurels,—not, of course, because she is unequal to the part, but because the part is not equal to her. The Haymarket, with its...

Yesterday was the fourteenth anniversary of Queen Victoria's acces- sion

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to the throne. It was signalized by the firing of artillery in the Park and at the Tower, and by the tinging of the church-peals. The Bishop of London entertained the Bishops at...


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3 per-Cent Consols Ditto for Account 3 per Cent Reduced shut ses 974 , Danish 3 per Cents Dutch 24 per Cents Ditto 4 per Cents 267601/174801 34 per Cents 984 -Mexican 5 per...

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There have been several noticeable concerts this week. The first,

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on Monday, was one of the monster-concerts, several of which are given every season at Her Majesty's Theatre. The whole strength of the esta- blishment—principal singers,...

retter tu the (Patin.

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MR. IIAY'S GEOMETRICAL THEORY OF FORM. Edinburgh, 171h June 18:51. Sin—From the Spectator of the 7th instant I learn, that on the evening of the 6th, Mr. Wyndham Harding...


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CHARLES II. AND VICTORIA. I. ILLUSION was carried to a high pitch at the Queen's ball last Friday. The guest was surrounded by the Court as it was nearly two centuries ago, at...


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No man is a match for Lord Palmerston in the House of Commons. His opponents continually yield to his versatility : His success lies in his occupying so many grounds at once,...

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Ix spite of every effort and sacrifice made by the Cape colonists, we fear that their affairs are not only as far from a settlement as ever, but are now in a state of hopeless...

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A CHARGE of slightness has been brought against the agricultural implements exhibited at the Crystal Palace by the United States : they are not slight, says an American, in a...


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TB7REE plans have been mooted for the buying up of the existing water-works in the Metropolis, as a basis for establishing a new system. The Government plan implies such a new...

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Ii the case of Boosey versus Purday, it was decided that a foreigner cannot hold copyright in this country unless his work be actually performed and executed in this...

BO 0 KS.

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VISCOUNT MAIDSTONE'S ADD-EL-KADEB... This poem on the career and fall of the Moorish chieftain reflects credit on the taste and fancy of Lord Maidstone. It exhibits fer- tility...

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EMILIO DANDOLO'S ITALIAN VOLUNTEERS. * Thu author of this volume was

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the friend and adjutant of Luoiano Manara, the commander of the bands of volunteers who enrolled themselves on the retreat of Itadetzky from Milan, continued in arms till the...

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MEMOIR O' BISHOP COPLESTON. * THE late Bishop of Llandaff was

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rather an able, variously accom- plished, and influential man in his own generation, than a scholar, • Memoir of Edward Copleston, D.D., Bishop of Llandaff. With Selections from...

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_Mello. By Ludwig Von Beethoven. [Standard Lyric Drama, Vol. VIM}

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This publication of Beethoven's dramatic chef-deseuvre has taken place at a seasonable time, when so much attention is excited by its perform- ance in an Italian dress at both...


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Boone. The Shores and Islands of thriPditerranean ; including-a Visit to the Seven Churches of Asia. By the Reverend H. Christmas, M.A., Re. ; Author of" The Cradle of the Twin...

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Tantum Et-go; ii due Tenor; e Basso. By Rossini.

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This is Rossini's latest work. It was composed, as is stated in the titlepage, "on the occasion of the solemn restoration to the Catholic wor- ship of the church of San...

The l'arish Choir, or Church Music Book. Published by the

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Society for Promoting Church Music. Vol. III. This volume terminates the first series of a publication which deserves attention and encouragement. It was established about five...


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WAR-OFFICE, June 17.—Ist Itegt. Life Guanls—W. de Whiten, Gent. to be Cornet and Sub-Lieut. by purchase, vice Caulfield, promoted. 2d Drags.—It. S. Hunter, Gent. to be Cornet,...


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On the 11th March, at the Cape of Good Hope, the Wife of Colonel Ross, of the Bengal Army, of a daughter. On the 13th June, at Bordesley Park, Worcestershire, the Lady of...

Ten Weeks 0(184140.

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Eymotic Diseases 1,775 Dropsy, Cancer, and other diseases of uncertain or variable seat 473 Tuberculm Diseases 1,885 Diseases of the Brain, Spinal Harrow, Nerves, and Senses...


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Aninnatty, June 11.—The following promotions have this day Laken place conse- quent on the death, on the 10th inst. of Admiral of the Red J. Cocliet—Admiral of the White II. R....

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Tuesday, June 17. Parmainsures Dissmarma.-Robinson,'Brothers, Sheffield, brick-manufacturers- Fernihough and Son, Liverpool, tobacco-manufacturers Gayfer and Woodley Yoxford,...


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3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account 3 per Cents Reduced 31 per Cents Long Annuities Bank Stock, 8 per Cent India Stock, 101 per Cent Exchequer 13111s, 154. per diem India...