21 MARCH 1835

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THE King has to thank his Tory Ministers for one of the se- verest shocks the Royal prerogative has sustained in modern times. The House of Commons, as we saw last Saturday,...

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On the 24th of January, there was a partial insurrection

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of the Negroes at Bahia, in the Brazils. The military posts were at- tacked by the Blacks with much bravery, but successfully de- fended by the soldiery. About forty Negroes...

There is no intelligence worth noticing from Spain or Portugal

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this week.

Time Caffres were still ravaging the country in the vicinity

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of Graham's Town, Cape of Good Hope, when the last intelli- gence, which reached to the 9th January, was sent from that quarter. They avoided an engagement with the troops of...

The accounts from the West Indies represent the slaves in

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some whole colonies and parts of others as working cheerfully under the new system; but there seems to be a determination to labour as little as possible on many large estates....

The stability of the new French Ministry, whose construction we

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mentioned last week, is a subject of doubt. The Chamber of Deputies discussed the recent Ministerial changes and difficulties on Saturday and Monday last. The debate arose on...

The Viceroy of Canton has been suspended from his office,

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and deprived of his peacock's feather, by the Emperor of China, as a punishment for not hiving " blown the two small English vessels out of the water." These two mall vessels...

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Bcbatrd antI Vroctaingl in 13arlianunt.

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1. LORD LONDONDERRY'S APPOINTMENT. In the House of Peers, on Monday, after several petitions had been presented, and some routine business gone through, The Mai quis of...

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Cllr Court.

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Tur King and Queen have been residing at Windsor Castle during the week. On Monday, a large party of military officers dined at the Royal table. On Wednesday afternoon, the...

lrljr gictruporW.

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A Court of Common Council was held on Tuesday, at which the following resolutions were passed. Tho pet,ons to be sleeted to a corporate office be compelled to be free of the...

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In the Prerogative Court, on Wednesday, Mr. G. B. Box,

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a proctor, was prohibited from again practising in that Court, in consequence of a.. namiorial presented from Colonel Spence, stating that Mr. Box had appropriated to his own...

rbt Eattntrp.

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In consequence of information baying been conveyed to Mr. Goulburn that there was a probability of some disturbance occurring on the occa- sion of the King's return to Windsor,...

Mr. Bedwell, Senior Registrar of the Court of Chancery, whilst

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attending to his official duties in the Vice- Chancellor's Court on Tuesday, was seized with a fit. Medical assistance having been uro- cured, and restoratives administered, he...


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At the sitting of the Edinburgh Town-Council on the 10th instant, the annual returns respecting the state of the City Churches were laid on the table, with several additional...

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Commissioners of English Church Reform was presented to the two Houses of Parliament on Thursday night. It relates solely to the Territory, Revenue, and Patronaga of the...


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WAR•OFFICE, March 20.-24 Itegt. of Dragoons—Cornet It. S. Furlong to be Alija., taut. vice It ickets, who resigns the Adjutancy only. 16.1s Light Dragoons—R. Downie, Gent. to...


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Mr. Henry Lytton Bulwer has addressed the following reply to the letter of his St. Pancras constituents, published last week. " 0 entlemeti — 1 f I have allowed your letter to...

Lieutenant-Colonel Forbes, son of Lord Fortes, died of apoplexy, while

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dancing at a Court ball in Florence, about three weeks ago. Lieutenant-Colonel Forbes, son of Lord Fortes, died of apoplexy, while dancing at a Court ball in Florence, about...

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We regret to have to announce the loss of the

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packet-ship Sovereign, on her passage from London to New York, with a very valuable cargo on board. She went ashore on Tuesday night, on the Jersey coast, about thirty miles...

Had the House gone into a Committee of Supply last

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night, Mr. ROEBUCK would have brought Lord CANTERBURY'S appointment as Commissioner to Canada under consideration. We are glad to see that he perseveres in his motion, which now...

Sir ROBERT PEEL sent an epistle to Mr. lIrmE last

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night, of the kind commonly esteemed warlike, in consequence of the caustic remarks of the latter gentleman, in the Irish debate of the evening, on the Premier's political...


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SATURDAY. Tie Times this morning gives the following account of a motion an- nounced by Mr. WARD last night. " In the Ilouse of Commons, Mr. Ward gave notice. that on 11101.day...

We have taken some pains to inquire into the arrangements

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made for the residence of the Speaker ; and we find that the question was submitted by Sir ROBERT PEEL to the decision of the Committee appointed to report the plan for the new...


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The winseales, Fisher, from Liverpool to Bengal, has put back to Fdlmouth, having sustained damage in the gales of the 6th and 711t lost mitt, and must discharge part of her...


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STOVE Cacti...NOV, FRIDAY AFTIRNOON. The English Stock Market has continued steady at prices varying little Iron those given in our last ; the attention of the speculators...

Datil send Newspapers with markings on them—they are chargeable with

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postage, under a recent act. Two Liverpool papers in this pradieumeut, and charged with 19s. 3d. postage, lave been refused this week. We must again crave the indulgence of...

Last night's Gazette annonnees the appointment of Lord COWLEY as

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Ambassador to the Court of France.

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- but I attack you only on public grounds, as

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a public elan. In the relations of posing which, the only fame—I should say the only notoriety—you possessed, was private life you may be, and 1 hope you are, all your friends...

On the 14th inst., at Calke Abbey, near Derby,ithe Lady;

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of Sir Gloms CREWE, H Esq., M.P., of a son, still-born. the dark lantern or the spirit On the 17th inst., the Lady of CECIL MUNRO, Esq., of York Terrace, Regent's Park, Which...

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THE Tory plan of Church Reform, as detailed in the First Report of the Commissioners, requires little comment. - It is avowedly incomplete, and as far as it goes is meagre. We...


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STATE OF PARTIES, AND OF PUBLIC FEELING : POLITICAL PROSPECTS. THE Tories exult in the stand they have made in the House of Commons against the Liberals. But if we look closely...

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WE observe that Mr. WALLACE IS to move on Wednesday for a Select Committee to inquire into the state of the Post-office. He ought to receive the support of every independent...


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" La revolution eRt tracini•ct de Ions ; etoullsee en hn11 a sails appui et: Allernagne, treniblante on Belgique, retrograde en Evague, Fa.t.E ItECELE EN SUISSE."—Qvutidieune,...

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Tim management of these concerts betrays none of the marks either of precipitate decision, or slothful indifference, which are often so ap- parent in similar entertainments....

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TIIE organ of locomotion must certainly be well developed in Mr. BARROW'S cranium. We doubt not it will stimulate him to get " leave of absence " for a trip round the world,...


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TRAWLS. A VbIt to Iceland, Ly way of Tronyem. in the Summer or 1834. By John %tilde' Junior, Author of " Excursions in the North of Europe." diet-ray,, FICTION, Scenes and...

Mathews has arrived at Liverpool from New York ; laden

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with Yankee dollars, but, it is said, in very bad health. Mathews has arrived at Liverpool from New York ; laden with Yankee dollars, but, it is said, in very bad health. The...

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THIS book is an instance of what previous knowledge, earnest will, and great industry can effect. The author was only five months at Paris, and during that time was attacked by...


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author be really a clergyman, he has evidently had more to do with the Inw than the gospel—though his law is sometimes none of the soundest. His charity thinketh no evil—of...

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EnisTon in wealth and population ranks above Dublin and the Modern Athens ; yet each of these cities has its periodicals, whilst the third city in the empire has none. Bristol...


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THIS work of Mr. THORNTON'S contains a useful digest of various infbrmation relative to our Indian possessions, with some specula- tions on their future prospects, and a few...

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THE forthcoming volume of this cheap and elegant serial commences Ichthyology, and this first number of the Fish series is devoted to Perches ; the common perch, in the opinion...

Oen of the inducements to visit this exhibition is, that

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many of the artists who exhibit here, including of course several of the members, rarely send their pictures to other galleries. Although the Royal Academy withholds its...

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NEW MUSIC. English Romanza. Brilliant Rondo. New Rondo. Dedicated to

The Spectator

Miss PArrisom Deux Airs de Ballet. J. N. Mutant.. } J. B. CRAMER. Variations on a Theme (Op. 308). Impromptu on an Air of PAGANINI. March and Trio. H. C. DEACON. } C. CZERNY....

The Musical Library, No. XII.

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The Instrumental part of this number contains oue of Mozaer's most popular airs (in A), with variations, abridged ; part of the Ninth Trio of MARTINI, arranged for the...

The disgraceful state of English parochial psalmody. Les often been

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noticed in the course of our musical humbrations ; end we shall revert to the subject again and again, rather in the hope than the expectation of seeing it amended. The primary...


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ONE great recommendation of this exhibition is, that its walls are not so thickly studded as others with unmeaning faces, surmounting blue coats with gilt buttons, or crowned...

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." There be none of beauty's daughters." A Canzonet, by

The Spectator

JOHN THOMSON. It is always a hazardous experiment to reset words which have been identified with a certain melody by any popular singer. it is almost impossible to decide...