21 MAY 1859

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At home everything might be said to be in suspense,—even

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that kind of action which is most popular. The money market has not again been panic-stricken, but nothing is done. En- thusiastic persons jump at the idea of volunteering, and...


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Trim whole state of Germany forbids the idea that neutrality will remain a possible policy. We had, at the close of last week the report of the committee of the Prussian Chamber...

The time for the meeting of Parliament appears to be

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now proximately fixed. The election of the Speaker will take place on the 31st ; the 'ellewing days will be taken up in administer- ing the oath, and the Queen's speech, it is...

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[The fallowing is a complete list of the Members of the sow House of Commons. Those who'were not in the preceding Parliament are Lad with an asterisk.sj Abingdon Mr. J. T....

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The intelligence from Turin, Alessandria and Mortara (fur the 4nes has a correspondent there) has been throughout the week most meagre and fragmentary. The Moniteur has now also...

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A deputation of gentlemen connected with Australia waited on Lord Colchester, on Wednesday, to remonstrate against the proposed duplica- tion of the postage on newspapers to...


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Meetings to promote the formation of volunteer rifle corps are now pretty general. Steps have been taken. at Biriningham, Wolverhampton, Manchester, Hastings, Liverpool, lieter,...

in tart.

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QUEEN Vicronie set out on Saturday for the camp of her soldiers at Aldershot. She arrived at the Pavilion late in the afternoon, but time enough to drive through the camp, and...

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Sir John Dalberg Acton, the newly elected member for Carlow bo- rough, not being present on the nomination day, has addreised the fol- lowing letter, explanatory of his...


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Meetings enjoining the policy of strict neutrality upon the Govern- ment have been held at Manchester and Nottingham. The speakers at the former place were Mr. Edmund Potter,...

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The Earl of Malmesbury having used language in his place in Parlia- ment, not supposed to be complimentary to Scotland, a son of the thistle wrote to him, and received the...

furtigu out toIntial.

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$TRUM —T h e loan has been far more successful than any one anti- cipated, and the facts stated in the following report of the financial mi- nister have caused astonishment on...

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Questions have been put to the Government respecting the meaning of the neutrality proclamation. In answer to " Glover Brothers," coal- merchants, Mr. Hammond, on the part of...

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The latest news from the seat of war is that

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the Austrians have with- drawn from Vercelli, blowing up the bridge over the Sesia ; that the Piedmontese entered the town on Thursday afternoon ; and that the French Emperor...


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SATURDAY AFTERNOON. " Paris, Thursday night. " This week has been barren enough in events ; besides the wonderful suc- cess of the loan, there is nothing to record ; all are...

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At the Royal Institution last evening, Dr. Gladstone delivered a

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lec- ture " On the Colours of Shooting Stars and Meteors." An interesting series of experiments was performed, showing that combustion of the constituent elements of meteoric...

astful arts, fasbinuo, tratt. &a.

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THE City wholesale houses in the Manchester and general trades, have experienced the same uncertain range of business during the week that has characterized this season...

The French Government have notified, in reply to her Majesty's

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Go- vernment, on the application of the Committee of Lloyd's, that Austrian vessels leaving ports of call will be liable to seizure. Mr. Hammond informs the Secretary of Lloyd's...

"Yesterday, Thursday, the Austrians endeavoured to fortify and to black

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up the windows of a house on the left bank of the Po, and by en- trenching themselves within it to dispute the passage of the river at Va- lens.% A few discharges, however, of...

The Richmond Magistrates yesterday committed for trial Thomas Smet- hurst

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on the charge of poisoning Miss Bankes. The investigations of Dr. Alfred Taylor have not only ended in the discovery of arsenic in the con- tents of the stomach, but in the...


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(From our own Correspondent.) Muslins and bareges cannot be worn with any comfort at present, and in this dilemma our ladies fall back on that stock article, taffetas. It is...

At a meeting yesterday of the clergy of the Archdeaconry

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of London, at St. Sepulchre's Church, Snow Hill, Dr. M'Caul and Mr. Gibbs were retarned as Proctors ; Mr. Scott, late President of Sion College, was rejected. The meeting was...

The Court of Common Council, yesterday, agreed to present an

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address to the Queen, expressing regret that hostilities have broken out and de- claring for atket neutrality. A great meeting was held in the City yesterday also to declare in...


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STOCK Excaseoz, FRIDAY Arricatioon. The disposition to resume business which was apparent last week has main fallen off, and the English Stock Market is once more in a dull and...

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On the 12th of Slay, at the Vicarage, Manaccan, Cornwall, the Wife of the Rev Edward Seymour of a daughter. On the 13th of May, at the Grove, West Cowes, the Wife of Major...

Arrangements have been concluded with Mr. John Hamilton junier, of

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Liverpool, manufacturer to the Corrugated Iron Boat and Army Wag- gon Company, to constrict a new marine locomotive of sufficient size to carry seven men upon the water, and it...


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London, 17th May 1859. Sra—Though we are not a military nation, yet our own safety and even the very desire for peace may force us to become so. Our military resources are at...


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THE public has been invited to witness the performances of a "Talking Fish. We have seen the animal, and find it eufficienty docile. It cornea to its keeper, and shakes hands;...

ltitirs In to Ehitot

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RECRUITING. Bombay, 21st March 1869. Eire—Having-read in your valuable paper of 22d January and 5th Fe- bruary, two letters, headed "Enlistment of Soldiers " and ' A British...

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THE WORKING OF " NEUTRALITY." As we anticipated, the neutrality officially proclaimed by our own Government proves to be insufficient for its professed purpose; and to enforce...


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THE war in Italy, which it was at one time supposed would open. by a great blow, has hitherto been productive of nothing but marches and counter-marches, reconnaissances, and...

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TILE fourth report of the Civil Service Commissioners just issued affords ample illustration of what we have already called the "lottery of limited competition." The...

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Ix our paper of the 7th instant, giving reasons " Why Italy hates Austria," we concluded with the remark, " we have said nothing of the drain of wealth from Lombardo-Venetia to...


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STATESMANSHIP cannot be put in commission. If ever the report of a body of commissioners or committee men exhibits a complete mastery of the subject, it is not because the...

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Tan Americans have never been considered a " near " people ; but, per- haps, with all his knowledge of the country, Mr. Cobden scarcely antici- pated one attention which was...


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BUT one opinion appears to exist as to the nature of the accident at West- minster. A scaffolding is erected ; it is at all events not redundantly strong at the lower part ; at...

No. IX. AN INVOLUNTARY ABSENTEE. Forthcoming and completest edition of

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the writer's Collected Poems—Diversities and shades of opinion on the present war-crisis—Extraordinary dullness in some understandings—Anecdote of Charles Lamb. A LONGER...

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MORE WELLINGTON DESPATCHES. * WHEN Colonel Garwood published the first edition of the Duke's despatches the old soldier jocularly exclaimed—" Really, I believe I am the most...

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IT is calculated that a European force of 75,000 men is the mini- mum which will henceforth be requisite for the maintenance and security of the British power in India. Now this...

DR. NEWMAN ON 'UNIVERSITY SUBJECTS. * THE papers written for the

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Irish Catholic University by its Rec- tor, and collected by him into a volume, deal with questions of a high order relating to mental culture. The treatment is always masterly,...

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Remembering the Crimean epoch, and the deluge of printed trash which it poured upon us, we cannot be too thankful for the immunity we still enjoy from bookmaking nuisances...


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The copyright, stereotype plates, and 020,000 back numbers of " Household Words," were sold by auction on Monday, by Mr. Ed- mund Hodgson, under a Chancery decree, for the sum...

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Did the word " shrew" denote a person of the male sex, we should think that " Taming of the Shrew " might be giveii as an English title to the last new work brought out at the...

Last week there was a performance at the Theatre 'fallen,

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in aid of the fund to assist volunteers in proesading to Piedmont. It was set on foot by Tamberlik. M. Caizado gave the theatre, and all the performers gave their services. The...


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Madame Pence ' the prima donna from the Theatre Italien of Paris, en- gaged at Covent Garden for the remainder of the season, to fill up the lam entable blank made by the loss...

Put iris.

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EXHIBITION OF THE ROYAL ACADEMY. IL In the middle room, taking the pictures in their numerical order, Mr. Solomon's " Fox and the Grapes," where a coxcomb whose airs have not...

tOt if#tatrts.

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By his very skilful adaptation of one of the works of M. Scribe, en- titled Perils dans la Demeure, Mr. Tom Taylor has displayed a higher degree of talent than is shown by many...

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BRITri1H FUN DS. (Closing Prices.) - &chord. Monday. Tdesday. Widnes Thurs. Friday. perCen Consols Dit to for Account 3 per Cents Reduced New 3 per Cents. Lon g Annuities...


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Bankrupts.-Wituax CHARLES Rtnraorms, Alderagate Street, victualler-Jaime Hours, New Coventry Street, victualler-GENDER Azernos ALUMS Ass, Colches- ter Street, ship-broker-Wixuax...

A Spanish royal decree declares that on the ,1st of

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April, 1862, will be opened in Madrid, a public exhibition of agricultural and manufactured products, workmanship, and objects of art, as well for the peninsula and for the...


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Bankrupt..-Joss NICHOLSON, Andover, Southampton, watchmaker-Amtr.D ARNOLD and Hzinty ARNOLD, Tottenham Court Road, booksellers-Cammus Nuas, Great Coggeshall, Essex,...