22 FEBRUARY 1834

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MINISTERS put the constancy of their supporters to a severe trial on Tuesday night, when they summoned them to vote in opposi- tion to Mr. HARVEY'S motion for an inquiry into...

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The state of public feeling in France is such as

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induces the belief that the existing order of things cannot long continue. A recent letter from our Paris correspondent 0. P. Q. mentioned a number of circumstances tending to...

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The insurgents against the Government of Buenos Ayres have made

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their submission ; and reentered the city to the number of 5,000. The election of General Vi AMONT to the oflice of Captain- General and Governor appears to have restored public...

Accounts from Rio Janeiro have been received to December 19th.

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The Government journal announces the discovery and de- feat of a conspiracy to overthrow the constitution and restore the Duke of BRAGANZ A. The governor of the young Emperor...

The intelligence from Spain this week is not of a

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satisfactory complexion. There is too much reason to fear that we are in- veigled again in the toils of' French diplomacy, which, it was hoped, had been shaken off by our...

Eittatt# anti pr0rcrbing1 in Varlfinintnt.

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1. PENSION LIST INQUIRY. A motion, by Mr. HARVEY, for a Select Committee to inquire into the consideration of each grant on the Pension List, and to report the same to the...

Letters from Smyrna state, that an army of 18,000 men,

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des- patched by MEHEMET ALI to put down a large body of insurgents in the country bordering on the Red Sea, had met with a total defeat. Two thousand Turkish Candiots deserted...

A Belgian Commissioner, M. HANN°, residing in Luxeniburg, near the

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fortress of Bettenbourgh, was seized on the night of the 15th instant, by a detachment from the Prussian garrison of that place, and thrown into prison. The Prussians forced...

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Ebe SlictropaIitc.

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In a Court of Common Council, held on Wednesday, a proposition to consolidate the Day and Night Police of the City (in other words, to assimilate the Police of the City to that...

ebt Court.

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Tim King and Queen, who spent the early part of the week at Brigh- ton, arrived at St. James's Palace on Thursday afternoon. The Princess Augustin, attended by Lady Mary...

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" Resolved, That after basing read the report of your

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Committee, appointed at a former Vestry to communicate a ith the honourable and reverend Dr. Grey respecting the return of a sum of money, amounting to 6281., inadvertently paid...

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A public dinner \ VAS given at Sheffield on the

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6til 1sta/it, to Mr. Samuel Bailey, the accomplished author of Essays 'on the Forization and Publication of Opinions, and one of the unsuccessful candidates !Or Sheffield at the...

Mr. Riehard Carlile applied to Sir John Key, at Guildhall,

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on Tuesday, for a summons for the Parish-officers of St. Dunstan's ; who, he said, had made an illegal seizure of goods on his premises for church- rates. After some demur, the...

In the Consistory Court of Hereford, on Thursday week, the

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Re- verend Arthur Whalley was charged with unclerical conduct. The articles read in Court contained twenty-one separate charges, to the end principally of charging him with...

Ebir Cottittrv.

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The Leeds election terminated on Saturday last, in the election of Mr. Baines. On Monday, the Mayor announced the numbers to be as follows—for Mr. Baines, 1,931 ' for Sir John...

Sir John C.." mpbell has been appointed Attorney-General, in the

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room of Sir Home; who, however, has not been raised to the bench, but still pra tes at the bar, and still retains his seat for Marylebone—to the no snall annoyance of the worthy...

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The mysteries of the Sidmouth dynasty are at last on the eve of being cleared up. Mr. Richmond has brought an action against the London publishers of Taies Magazine, for tut...

r e congratulate the Morning Chronicle on the recovery of its

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healthy and independent tone. Within the last few days, something of its for- mer freshness and vigour of thought and expression has been infused into its columns. This change...


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Mr. Barrett, the proprietor of the Pilot, now in Kilmainham gaol, was served on Tuesday last with the following notice from the Irish Stamp-office. •• Sir—In consequence of...


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Mr. Baron Bayley resigned his judicial functions on Wednesday : he is to be created a Baronet. A circular has been issued from the Home Office, pursuant to a re- solution of...

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We had prepared a list of the Division on Mr.

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HARVEY'S motion to inquire into the slat' of the Pension List; bat, owing to the g reat pressure of Parliamentary matter o interest at the close of the week, have been obliged...


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KNOWLES'S revived play of The Blind Beggar of Bethnal Green, with material alterations by the author, which are improvements also, was produced at the Victoria on Wednesday,...

The French Papers say that tranquillity has been entirely restored

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at Marseilles. Letters from Lyons, dated the 17th instant, state that no change had taken place in the position of the workmen and manu- facturers. Large reinforcements of...

The second reading of Mr. BENETT'S bill for the disfranchisement

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of the corrupt freemen and burgesses of Liverpool is fixed for Wednesday next. Our readers must be familiar with the circumstances which render a vote in favour of this bill an...


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SATURDAY. Accounts to the 9th instant have been received from Lisbon. The Duke of TERCEIRA has been removed from the command of the Pedroite army before Santarem ; and is...

The French Press is taking up the question of Free

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Trade so vigo- rously, that the Courrier Francais of the Irob instant says, the Ministers have spread the report that the press is bought by the English Govern- ment !


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Arrived—At Gravesend, Feb. 17th. Peter Procter, Terry, from Singapore. At Deal, Wt hi, Mitts, Rowland, front Mauritius. Off the Wight. 20th, Onyx, Chambers, Bum ditto. At China,...

M. Arnalde, the Spanish Minister of Finance, has been superseded

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by M. Imes de Baquedano. He is said to be a Moderate Liberal.


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STOCK BECOAKOE. FRIDAY AFTERNOON. Our martet has been in a state of great activity and excitement during the whole week ; and the business transacted both in the English and...

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The Fitzroy, we are glad to see, is turning the

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strength of its com- pany in comic actors to good account. They have got up a version of Comsat's comedy S'he Main! and She Would A'ot, under the title of The Female Cavaliers ;...


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TO THE EDITOR or THE sPE(TATOlt. Arliroallt,19th Eolmnry t , 31. SIR—ID your last week's Spectator, there appeared an attack on Mr. Ross, the Member for this district of...


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. Montague Place, 17th February 1534. Sia—May I take the liberty of correcting an error which yourself and many other persons are under with...


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE annTAxon. Hastings, 18th February 1834. Sze — In your remarks on my letter as to the British Colonies inserted in the Spectator of the lhh January last,...

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No. V. TRE STRIKE OF THE LYONS WORKMEN, AND THE ASSOCIATIONS OF THE WORKING CLASSES IN FRANCE. " us ne voient dans les ceuvriers de Lyon quo des ennemis, dans la question des...

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REVISION OF THE PENSION LIST. 'I THERE is a time," said BURKE, " when the hoary head of in- veterate abuse will neither draw reverence nor obtain protection." When...


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THE bill which Mr. O'CONNELL has obtained leave to bring in for amending the Law of Libel, promises, if properly treated, to re- move the greatest blot which stains our English...

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THE eircumstances which attended the resignation by Sir Jostst 1108HOUSE of his seat in Parliament, and his subsequent rejection by the electors of Westminster, must be fresh in...


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landlords are falling every year ; and, notwithstanding the great reduction which had iu consequence resulted from the annual decrease, the prosperity of the firmer was oo...

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Tim work of preparation for this great undertaking is advancing with vigour. Sir GEORGE SMART had an interview on Saturday last with the Royal Society of Musicians (the most...


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REVISED. Ix this bold speculation of Mr. MoxoN, we have another instance of the tendency of the times towards cheap literature. Hitherto the cheapness has been confined to...


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coiosities of Literature. By J. Disraeli, Esq., ftC.L. F.S.A. Ninth Editio n , 11,,7'ised. 6 rots. (Vol. 1.) POLITICA.: EcuNost Y. Great for the last Forty Years; bein g an...


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WE rejoice to say that the barbarous and indecent exhibition vihich we denounced last week is at an end ; and the Scriptures will no longer be permitted to furnish subjects for...

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THOUGH written, we doubt not, with good intentions, this little volume is only fitted to work evil. Its moderate price, its plain and popular style, and the peculiar opinions...