22 FEBRUARY 1845

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IN spite of obstruction, Sir Robert Peel's financial scheme has accomplished itiiirst stage, and the House of Commons have re- solved to continue the Income-tax for three years...

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A note by Prince Metternich to the Austrian Ambassador at

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_Naples has been published by the Greek papers. It shows that A note by Prince Metternich to the Austrian Ambassador at _Naples has been published by the Greek papers. It shows...

The public of Dublin have been amused by a town

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ecl ogue between Mr. O'Connell, "the Liberator" of the Catholic peelers, and the Reverend Tresham Gregg, "Grand Chaplain" of Protestant Operative Orangemen. Moved to desperation...

Debates anb Vroceebringsinglatliament.

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THE FINANCIAL SCHEME: THE INCOME-TAX. The House of Commons resolved itself into a Committee of Ways and Means, on Monday; and the debate upon Sir Robert Peel's financial state-...

• Switzerland is once more in hot water ; or

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rather, has conti- nued so, but now gives audible sounds of her ill condition. Lu- cerne is still collecting troops to defend its right of intrusting edu- cation to Jesuits ;...

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RAILWAT Lisoniumme. The Report of the Railway Department of the Board of Trade on the schemes for extending railway communication in Kent and the South-eastern district, (the...

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be liftetropolis.

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A Court of Aldermen was held on Tuesday, and was entirely occupied with discussing and arranging the clauses of a new code of by-laws to regulate the navigation of the Thames,...

Zbe eourt.

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Tim Queen and Prince Albert drove from Brighton, on Saturday, to visit the Earl of Liverpool, at Buxted Park. They left the Palace, with a small suite, at half-past eleven...

ZOE 1Probinces.

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Mr. Sidney Herbert, the new Secretary-at-War, was reelected Member for South Wiltshire, on Saturday, without opposition. His speech in returning thanks Was chiefly occupied in...

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It is announced that the Queen will hold levees at James's Palace on Wednes- day the 5th March and on Wednesday the 12th. The salubrious air of Brighton has been productive of...


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A paragraph has run the round of the papers alleging that a correspondence - has been carried on between Sir Robert Peel and the heads of the Irish University, respecting the...

_foreign nub ToIonial

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Feaaice.—The news from Paris this week possesses little interest for thee foreign reader. The Legislature has accomplished nothing of moment. Count Daru had succeeded in...

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SATURDAY NIGHT. In the House of Commons last night, the concluding debate on the Post-office affair maintained its monster dimensions—the main report of it in the Morning...

The Railway Board, having considered the following schemes for the

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West and North-west of Ireland, have determined on reporting to Parliament in favour of the Irish Great Western (Dublin to Galway); ageing the Great Western (Ireland) Railway...

The long and much expected report of the Irish Land

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Commissioners has just been delivered to Parliament and issued. It consists of a copious review of the subjects which might be anticipated in such a work, with historical and...

In a letter to the Morning Chronicle, Mr. Mazzini says

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that.most of the letters which he received during the operation of the Secretary of State's warrant to open them did relate to the landing of the brothers Bandiera in Italy, and...

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Aitatvzo—At Gravesend, 15th Inst. Haidee, Marshall, from Sydney ; 17th, Lady Fa- versham, Webster, from Madras ; 18th, England's Queen, James, from China ; Re- liance,...

Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton died on Wednesday last, at North

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Repps Hall, his seat in Norfolk; aged fifty-nine. Sir Thomas was less known even by the connexion of his name with a famous brewery, than by his exertions in many a...

The Paris Moniteur of Thursday announces the formal recognition of

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the Pro- visional Government of Mexico by lag Louis Philippe;• who received M. Garo in the character of its representative on Wednesday. The French Government had ordered...

The office of Lord Warden of the New Forest, vacant

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by the death of the Right Honourable W. Sturges Bourne, has been conferred by her Majesty upon his Ropas ighness the Duke of Cairbridge.—Times. . Lee, Parry, and Wood, of the...

We have much pleasure in being able to assure our

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readers, that by advices which we have received from our Alexandrian correspondents, of the 27th ultimo, the Paths has arranged with Mr. Galloway, the London engineer ' for...


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THE exciting performances of M. Frederic Lemaitre have extended the popularity of the French Plays. The most numerous and enthusiastic audience of the season assembled at the...

The body of a murdered man was discovered this morning

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in a field near the Swiss Cottage Tavern, New North Road, Hampstead. Yesterday evening, a passenger heard sounds as of people in violent altercation, a cry of " Help! murder!"...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. • At the commencement of the week the English Funds showed symptoms of de- cline; the brokers for the Scotch Banks havmg effected two or three...

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The programme of the Italian Opera promises both novelty and

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excel- lence. Mr. Lumley has culled celebrities of one kind or another from nearly all the capitals of Europe, in addition to the old favourites whose fame fills the world; and...


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OUR STEAM NAVY. GOTER1'I3IENT are beginning to find cut that steam-navigation has destroyed the insular character of Britain. Troops can be transported in steam-vessels with...

Mr. Wilson has resumed his entertainments of Scottish song at

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the Music- hall in Store Street; and has announced that he is to continue them, as formerly, every Monday evening during the season. This week he pro- duced a new entertainment,...

A glittering piece of absurdity, almost too puerile for a

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minor stage, has been produced at Covent Garden, under the title of Shadows on the Water: but it had not such a novel piece of scenic effect as that to give variety and...

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THIS Premier's announcement of his intentions respecting the Sugar-duties has imparted increased conlid.ence to West Indian affairs. InVestments are more freely made in...


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No nation has been great or prosperous that did not honour an idea. The power and happiness of every nation have been in proportion to the purity and elevation of the idea it...

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FURTHER acquaintance with the "central flowery" land serves to confirm the opinion we have always expressed, that our Chinese victories were only the beginning of more...


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IT is unknown the good that British Ministers do. Lord Pal- merston was a man of inexhaustible and ubiquitous beneficence, and the present Ministers are not a whit behind him....

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FICTION, Hawkstone ; a Tale of and for England in DA—. In two volumes Murray. TRAVELS, Travels in India ; including Sande and the Punjab. By Captain Leopold Von °etch....

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CAPTAIN Von Orli& is an officer in the Guards of the King of Prussia ; who seeing no opening for active service in Europe, wished to proceed to India, to take part in the wars...

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BOUSSINGAULT is at Paris a member of the Institute, and a dis- tinguished chemist • on his farm at Bechelbronn he is a practical agriculturist on a large scale, in a scientific,...

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Oen very brief notice of Billing's Laws Relating to Pews, on the 15th, has drawn upon us the following objurgation. ." Sin—It surprises the writer of this note to see that you...


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Prom February Ism to February 20th. Books. Egypt under Mehemet Ali. By Prince Puckler Muskau. Translated from the German by H. Evans Lloyd, Esq. In two volumes. Volume II....

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A Concerto for the Organ, with Accompaniments in score. Composed

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by Haydn Wilson. Op. B. The author might have done himself much credit by writing an organ concerto, had it been a good one. But this attempt is so destitute of every quality of...

Thrtg Chants, selected from the best Composers, arranged for four

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Voices with for Me Organ and Pianoforte. To which are added, the Canficles of the Morning and Evening Services of the Church of England. To the who are concerned in...

Verinis Annual Gift for the Spanish Guitar.

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An album a songs in Italian and English versions; the melodies facile, and mostly lying in the medium of the voice, so as to be easily attainable by amateurs. There are some...


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OFFICE or Oamsescx, Feb. 17.-Royal Artillery-Major-Gen H. Evelegh, to be COL- Commandant, vice Pritchard, dec.; Second Capt. H.S. Tireinunto be Mjt. vice Grant, who resigns the...


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On the 11th February, at Winterbeurn Basset, Wilts, the Lady of F. B. Gritton, Eset.,,,Royel Marines, of a eon. On the lath, at Harwood House, the Lady of the Rev. W. H....


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Tuesday, Feb. 18. PARTNERSHIPS DLssOLVED. Walker and Scarlet, Bradford, Yorkshire, prbaters-Ridgway and Co. Mancheeter. attornies ; as far as regards Si. Ford-Blodgct and...

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Saterd, Monday. 3 per Cent Consols .. ............ Ditto for Account 3 per Cents Reduced Slyer Cents Long Annuities Bank Stock, 7 per Cent India Stock, 10* - Exchequer Rills,...