22 FEBRUARY 1851

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Austria continues to augment the number of regiments in the

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provinces of Lombardy and Venice : the reason assigned is the re- establishment of " order" in Germany, and the claims of the Ger- man populations to be relieved from the...


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MR. BInnew, the chosen of the tenant-farmers of South Notting- hamshire, took his seat in the House of Commons on Thursday, in- . rtrodueed by Lord John Manners. This event...

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Vthatrg net rnirthugs in Varliamtut.

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PRINCIPAL BIISINESS OF THE WEEK. HOUSE OF Loans. Monday, Feb. 17. Adjourned after a half-hour's sitting. Tuesday, Feb. 18. Agricultural Distress ; discussion raised by the Earl...

The clergy reserves in Canada, so long the bane of

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that province, have at last been resigned to the uncontrolled disposal of the local Legislature. Earl Grey takes care, however, that there shall be no mistake as to the temper...

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The breezes of Metropolitan agitation which preceded the opening of the Budget, have been quickened by disappointment on the Window-tax subject into a gale. The delegates chosen...

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THE Queen held a Chapter of the Order of the Garter, at Buckingham Palace, on Wednesday. The Knights Companions "elected" the Mar- quis of Normanby to fill the vacant stall ;...

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The South Nottinghamshire election was a remarkable struggle ; the successful candidate obtained his triumph only by a majority of eleven out of nearly three thousand voters....


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The contest for the Rectorship of Marischal College, Aberdeen, excites much interest and bustle. " The Earls of Eglintoun and Carlisle, Lord Ashley, and Mr. Alfred Tennyson, are...


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The Roman Catholic movement in Ireland against the Government measures on the Papal aggression threatens to be formidable in earnest- ness and organization. An opinion is said...

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Faaaecz.—The journals in the interest of President Napoleon state with some parade, that he has commenced a rigid economy in his house- hold and personal expenses, to bring them...

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The military authorities have directed that an order from the Foreign Office, dated the 24th of January last, respecting the wearing of foreign decorations by British subjects,...

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A Cabinet Council was held at three o'clock yesterday afternoon,

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at the Foreign Office ; the summonses for the meeting having been issued in the forenoon. The Ministers present were—Lord John Russell, the Lord Chan- cellor, Sir George Grey,...


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"Lord John Russell has tendered his resignation to her Majesty, and only holds office till another Government can be formed. The extensive loss of Parliamentary , confidence, or...

The day has passed without throwing any fresh light on

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the Ministe- rial crisis ; the evening papers are quite unfavoured even with a rumour, and merely reproduce the news of the morning.

The career of the Cabinet of 1846 appears to have

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come to an end ; and the question is, whether it is to be reconstructed—to strike out its utterly damaged programme of February 1851, and begin afresh with "new blood " and new...

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Mendelssohn's _Elijah, performed at St. Martin's Hall on Wednesday, was

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the most successful achievement yet made by Mr. Hullah and his choral troops, when we measure the amount of success by the diffi- culty overcome. The steadiness and precision of...

COatrto lath 3uoir.

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amusement. Who that bore in mind the conversion of Nebuchadnezzar into Ninus, of Moses into Peter the Hermit—who moreover that re- collected the cold shudder that pervaded the...

Mr. Lucas began his "Musical Evenings" for the season on

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Thursday. His entertainment, as formerly, consisted entirely of chamber instrument- al music,—quartets of Haydn, Spohr, and Beethoven, one of Beethoven's sonatas for the piano...

Mr. G. K. Rickards, of the Oxford Circuit, has been

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appointed to succeed Mr. Booth as counsel to the Speaker. Instructions were received yesterday at Hull and Shields, from the Board of Trade, to cancel the regulations under the...

The mild and enlightened Roman Catholic Archbishop Murray has issued

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a letter to his clergy against the Ministerial bill on ecclesiastical titles, which will have great influence on the attitude of his Irish coreligionists. Dr. Murray declares,...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The business of the English Stock Market has been more extensive than usual, and during the early part of the week some large transactions for...

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Ittin fu (Mtn

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LORD ON RUSSELL'S BILL. 16th February 1851. Sm—In common, as I suppose, with the rest of the world, I have been anxiously looking out for the practical form to be assumed by...

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THE BUDGET. Ti' you continue the Income-tax unmodified, what do you give us for it? That is the question which Sir Charles Wood was ex- pected to answer, but which he fails to...


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UNDEn the pressure of Mr. Locke King's motion, Lord John Russell has explicitly stated his ultimate conclusion—has finally explained his finslity—ha4, as it were, anticipated...

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ONE function among the many which the Times performs with consummate power, is that of testing the libel law where it im- pinges unduly upon the proper action of journalism. How...


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AUSTRIA is reestablishing an empire, and extending it until it shall reach from the Baltic to the Adriatic, from the Euxine to the Atlantic; and Lord Palmerston is in activity :...

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WHEN suicides like that of the Commissary-General lend their startling and painful interest to the ordinary news, we fall to mo- ralizing on the predisposing causes ; but it is...


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EDWARDES'S YEAR ON THE PIINIAB FRONTIER. * THESE ample volumes consist of two divisions. The first relates to the author's successful endeavours as a deputy Resident to pacify...

It is said that a legal opinion has been obtained

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by the authorities at Cam- bridge, suggesting some technical informality as regards the constitution of the Royal Commission, but accompanied by a recommendation of parties to...

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IISBORNE'S MAGICIAN PRIEST. * THE subject of this book is the

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siege of Avignon by Louis the Eighth of France, in 1226, with the view of completing the cru- sade against the !Albigenses, which, in its worser features, under Simon Count...


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of Scripture have been so thoroughly exhausted by theologians, that a perfectly new explanation or interpre- tation would be as worthy of a reward as the new pleasure which the...

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BOOKS. Rovings in the Pacific, from 1837 to 1849 ; with a Glance at California. By a Merchant long resident at Tahiti. With four Illustrations, printed in colours. In two...


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notions of European life conveyed in these dramas would not be astonishing ; m an European they provoke a wonder where the worthy author can have spent his days. The scene of...

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In anticipation of the full possession to be taken of the new Pall Mall Club-house by the members on Tuesday next, it has been opened this week for the inspection of visitors....


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THE ROYAL ACADEMY. THE four vacancies among the Academicians were filled up on the 10th instant, by the election of Sir John Watson Gordon, and Messrs. Grant, Creswick, and...


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The Diorama by Mr. Marshall, opened on Monday at the Concert-room of Her Majesty's Theatre, claims to occupy a higher position in this line of art than any other we have seen...


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On the 14th February, in Moray Place, Edinburgh, the Lady of Sir Graham Mont- gomery, Bart., of a daughter. On the 15th, in Marlborough Road, St. John's Wood, the Lady...


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WAR-OFFICE, Feb. 21.—lst Regt. gf Drag. Guards —Capt. W. W. Allen to be Ma- jor, by purchase, vice Scott, who retires; Lieut. B. Tomlin to be Capt. ,by purchase, vice Allen;...

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PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED.-Macarthur and Green, Pall Mall, wine-merchants- Cafe and Co. Great Marlborough Street, auctioneers ; as far as regards H. Cafe jun. -Pearson and Co....


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Ditto for Account 3 per Cents Reduced 061 971 I 961 971 i 961 I 90 9s 97 961 96 96 31 per Cents 981 9 , 7 1 4 90 9 981 Long Annuities so t 7 _ 97 — 75 Bank...