22 JANUARY 1842

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At the great Anti-Corn-law demonstration in Glasgow, many things were

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told which may startle the firmest belief in the wisdom of existing laws. There is a general congestion in the business of life : whole classes are partially or entirely...

While the "distressed" towns, Glasgow, Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham—the list is

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too long to repeat—are plucking Sir Ro- BERT PEEL by the sleeve, complaining of ruin and starvation, and begging for repeal of the Corn-laws, from a different quarter ap-...

As the discarded groom is allowed to hang about the

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opposition- inn, for the sake of the tales from the hall with which he can enliven the bar-parlour and the odd jobs which he can do in the stable- yard, so the noble servant out...


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TEE grand event of the week has not been of a political kind, ex- cept in that broad sense of the term which relates to all things that concern the conduct of civilized peoples....

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ZbE eourt.

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Acconniso to the expectation, the Queen and Prince Albert returned to Windsor Castle on Saturday, from Claremont. The Queen and the Prince rode on horseback, yesterday, in the...

The Court of Peers have quite relieved Louis PHILIPPE of

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the exclusive odium of persecuting the press : what it did for him, with his thanks, it has now done for itself with scarcely less flagrant violation of all sense and justice....

Zbe Attropolfs.

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The first stone of the New Royal Exchange was laid by Prince Albert on Monday ; the occasion being dignified by a splendid ceremonial and a grand banquet at the Mansionhonse. On...

The account of the Niger Expedition is ,seluiy cast up.

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The climate has performed its fatal office, and utterly routed the whole force. The three vessels left the river one by one, each more laden with disease ; and the last bore...

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Zbe Vrobinces.

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Sir Charles Lemon has issued an address to the electors of West Cornwall, who have invited him to stand. In the course of it he says- " Ten years, during which the greatest...

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A few days ago, Lord Morpeth's Committee addressed a petition to the Lord-Lieutenant, recapitulating the acts of obstruction and partiality of which the Sheriffs were accused at...

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The "great Anti-Corn-law demonstration" at Glasgow took place on Friday and Saturday. Deputies from the principal towns of Scot- land met the Anti-Corn-law leaders of their...

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Sir Robert Peel, says a Nottingham correspondent of the Globe, "has actually sent for a deputation from Nottingham and Leicester, to inquire of them the truth of the allegations...

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Arrived-At Gravesend, Jan. 17th, Brothers. Bead; and 18th, Amelia, Nicoll, from Bengal; 21st, Margaret, Blyth, from Bombay ; Arabella, Jackson, from Mauritius ; and Earl Clare,...


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WAR-OFFICE, Jan. 21.-1st Regt. Foot Guards-Ensign W. D. L. Kimboltou. from the 11th Foot, to hot Ensign and Lieutenant, by purchase, vice Sir T. Moncrieffe, Bart. who retires....

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At Rochdale, on Tuesday, a meeting of all classes, at

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which several Chartists were present, unanimously adopted the declaration drawn up by Mr. Joseph Sturge, at the instance of the Anti-Corn-law Conference, for a "complete Suffrage."

The election of a Representative Peer of Scotland, in the

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room of the late Earl of Elgin, took place in the Picture-Gallery of Holyrood Palace on Wednesday. There being no contest, the Earl of Home was unanimously elected.

Of Mr. Cresswell's appointment, the leading Whig journal of this

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day says- Of Mr. Cresswell's appointment, the leading Whig journal of this day says- " We need only here say that it has given us sincere pleasure to see it an- nounced, as...

The Tory candidate named for Liverpool is Sir Howard Douglas,

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formerly Commissioner of the Ionian Isles. He was a candidate for the borough once before ; when he was defeated.—Globe. We are authorized to announce that circumstances have...

The Augsburg Gazette mentions that the Prince of Capna has

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de- manded the mediation of Lord Aberdeen to reconcile him with his brother, the King of Naples. The Gazette says that Queen Christina and Queen Victoria have frequently...


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STOCK BICE/ARM FR/DAY AFTRILT1001f, The Bank-broker sold Consols on Monday to the extent of 250,000/.; but as there was a considerable demand for Stock at the time, this large...

We have been permitted to make extracts from the letter

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of a very acute writer at New York, who is well-informed on English subjects, and who will be found to have a strong English feeling. The remarks of a spectator so far removed...

Dr. Gilbert, Principal of Brasennose College, Oxford, and late Vice-

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Chancellor of the University, has been selected for the vacant see of Chichester. The Standard of this evening announces the fact with unbounded delight at the selection of an...

Advices of the lath have been received from Madrid. On

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that day, S. Olozaga presented the draught of the address in reply to the Regent's speech. It was expected to be hostile to the Government : it turned out to be moderate. It...

M. Salvandy resumed his seat in the French Chamber of

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Deputies on Thursday. The tiresome debate on the address was diversified by a character- istic speech from M. Thiers, a self-eulogy. He declared, as he ascended the tribune,...

The Morning Chronicle today retorts upon those who give it

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Lord Palmerston as an honorary editor, with a one guogue : after laughing at the competition of the Times, He rald, and Post, for the " organship ' of the Foreign Office, it...

The Chronicle, however, has an amusing paper on the wild

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politics of some among its "Conservative "contemporaries. These supporters of the Peel Ministry appear to be "doing their best to prepare the public mind for the most serious...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. The King of Prussia landed at Greenwich Hospital stairs, today at half-past two o'clock, from the Firebrand Queen's steamer, and under a royal salute of...

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Tan production of MERCADANTE'S opera seria of Elena Uberti has enabled Miss ADELAIDE KEMBLE to appear in a different character from that in which she has drawn audiences to...


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THE Bude light has been irradiating the fog and extinguishing the gas-lights in Waterloo Place these few evenings, besides attracting crowds of gazers, whom its luminous rays...


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A NEW plan of wood-pavement has been patented by Mr. MORTIMER, very ingenious in its construction, and promising to be less expensive in the outset and more durable in wear than...

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The French Plays are likely to be unusually attractive this

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season, judging from the prospectus put forth by the entrepreneur, Mr. MiTcaum.; whose management of the Opera Buffa was such as to en- title him to the confidence of...


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. 9 Felix Place. Islington, 19th January 1942. SIR—As one, I Lope and trust, among thousands of my fellow countrymen who take a very lively...


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THE anniversary festival of the Madrigalians was held last Thursday, at the Freemason's Tavern. Sir ANDREW BARNARD took the Chair, as President pro tern.; and the following bill...

Miss HELEN FAUCIT makes her first appearance at Drury Lane

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on Tuesday, in the play of The Point of Honour, of which ANDERSON is the hero. Mr. MORRIS BARNETT also makes his bow on the same evening, in a new farce, called The iVindmill,...

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THE slaves on board the American brig Creole, bound from Rich- mond to New Orleans, mutinied, killed one of the Whites, at least one of the free persons on board, and ran the...


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ORGANIZATION OF EXECUTIVE GOVERNMENT. THERE is one reform which Sir ROBERT PEEL has it in his power to effect, which the late Administration could have effected weak as they...

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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. London, 19th January 1842. SLR—Your expositions of this question have been perfectly satisfactory to ma except on one point, which I think you...


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. Sussex, Ilth January 1842. SLR—Although I suppose I am of different politics from you, being a thorough Conservative, yet I am a weekly...

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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. SIR—In reference to the inquiry into the want of the Post-office accommo- dation suggested by a correspondent in last week's Spectator, I may...


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CLasarcer. Lrrsnaertrax. Bibliotheca Scriptornm Gnecorum. Vol. XI. Fragments Ilistorirontm Grarcorum. Hecataei, fee. Auxerunt, uotis et Prolegomenis illustrarunt. indice...

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Mas. THOMSON is an agreeable writer, who is known to the world by some historical -Memoirs and other works ; and who for a ro- mance of the times of HENRY the Eighth possesses...

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Tins volume is divided into two books ; of which the substance of the first was an address delivered before the Congregational Union of England and Wales ; the second has been...

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NASIrS OLD ENGLISH MANSIONS, THIRD SERIES. Tin Third Volume of Mr. JOSEPH Nam's reanimations of the Man- sions of England in the Olden Time in every way sustains the character...


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BIRTHS. ' On the 2d January. at Edinburgh. Lady CAMPBELL, of Ardnamurchan, of a son. On the 13th, at Ichworth. the Lady Arrays lisavEr, of a daughter. On the 14th. at Chartley...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Saturday Monday. Tuesday. Wedaes, Thurs. Friday. 894 881 894 894 894 89 894 b91 8a4 894 891 891 894 894 894 891 894 894 991 994 994 994 921...


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Tuaday, Jan. 18. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Marshall and Co. Mexico. merchants; as-far as regards Marshall—Foster and Knell, Lawrence Lane. agents—Attack and Webb, Birmingham,...