22 JULY 1843

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THAT awkward process the throwing overboard of hopeless mea- sures, to lighten the vessel for attaining the haven of the recess, was performed by Sir ROBERT PEEL on Thursday ;...

" The state of trade" has been talked of any

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time these five years with despondency : it was not forgotten even during the in- surrection in the North; it was heard in the intervals of Scotch Nonintrusionism it is an...

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Although the renewed mildness of the Ministerial declarations about Ireland

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appears to have baulked the aspiring orators of that imaginative country, and although Repealers, with a blustering en- deavour not to look ashamed, for the most part sneer at...

The state of Spain is a riddle which seems every

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day to approach solution, yet is not solved. Attention is concentrated just now upon three points,—the Regent ; the capital; and the two Ge- nerals ZUBBANO and NARVAEZ, who have...

Debates anti Vroutbings in Varliament.

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ouse of Commons, on Monday, a conversation arose on the sfatelih measures before it. iv iv Ca questioned Sir Robert Peel as to proceeding with the Scottish Minh Bijk; and Mr....

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Zbe I-Metropolis.

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The Lord Mayor, the Recorder, several Aldermen, the Sheriffs, and other officers of the City, held Courts of Conservancy of the River Thames for the counties of Middlesex and...

Vie Tourt.

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THE Queen and Prince Albert have made a trip to Claremont: they left Buckingham Palace on Saturday afternoon, the Princess Royal riding in the same carriage ; the younger...

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lEbt Vrobtnces.

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The launch of the Great Britain, at Bristol on Wednesday, was graced by the presence of Prince Albert. The city was all bustle on the occasion, visiters pouring in from all...

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„foreign anb

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SPAIN.—The news from Spain is more than ever complicated by con- flicting statements, derived from parties of opposing desires, and cross- ing each other at all points. Nothing...


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Another Irish Judge has died—Dr. Radcliffe, Judge both in the Pre- rogative and Consistorial Courts. The Primate Beresford has the gift of the Judgeship in the Prerogative...

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The Morning Post says, that the Queen intends to give two state balls, one on Monday next, the other towards the end of this month. Lord Grey is said to be decidedly...

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The Cork Examiner states, that within ten days wheat had

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risen in that city from 25s. to 32s. per barrel, and flour in the same ratio.

At the Palace of Holyrood, on Wednesday, Lord Polwarth was

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unanimously elected one of the Scottish Representative Peers, in the room of the late General Lord Forbes.

The Glasgow Scottish Guardian of yesterday, announces a frightful wreck,

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on the authority of a Paisley gentleman from Leith- " When the Martello steamer passed the Ferne Islands on Thursday morn- ing, about six o'clock, she came upon the wreck of...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. The proceedings in Parliament last night possess little interest, except to those who long for the close of the session ; consisting of little more than the...

It is in contemplation by the Post-office officials to consolidate

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the General and Twopenny Post-offices. We understand the amalgama- tion is to take place as soon as the necessary arrangements are com- pleted.—Globe.

On the state of South Wales, the Times this morning

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remarks- " It is more and more believed that men not of education only, but of rank, are concerned in them. This derives considerable probability from the obvious skill and...

The chief topic in the Paris papers of Thursday is

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Ireland. The subscription set on foot there amounted to only about 610 francs, (about 241.,) a sum not sufficient to pay the expenses of M. Ledru Rollin's trip to Ireland. The...

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The news from Spain is not of later date, but

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it is interesting. The Regent was on the 12th instant at La Carolina, and his movements are supposed to indicate that he was making for Madrid. In letters from Madrid, of the...

The Morning Chronicle gives the news current in Paris yesterday.

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The Moniteur published the following telegraphic despatch- The Morning Chronicle gives the news current in Paris yesterday. The Moniteur published the following telegraphic...


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THE Royal visit to the Italian Opera, on Thursday, was quite an event of the season as well as of the week : this being the first occasion of Queen VICTORIA honouring "her...


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AtutrvED—At Liverpool, 19th July, President. Sim, from Calcutta. SAILED—From Gravesend, 18th July. Hebrides, Melville, for Bombay. From Li- verpool, 16th, Saghalien, Brown. for...


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STOCK EECHANOE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The operations during the past week have been more than usually extensive : both purchases and sales of considerable amount have occurred; the...

Quarterly average of the weekly liabilities and assets of the

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Bank of England, from the 22d April to the 15th July 1843— LIABILITIES. ASSETS. Circulation £19,280,000 Securities £21,462,000 Deposits 10,724,000 Bullion 11,615,000...

The annual meeting of the proprietors of Drury Lane Theatre

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was held yesterday, in the saloon, to receive the report of the Committee, .8cc. ; the Earl of Glengall in the chair. Besides the usual matters, the report enters into some...

The lovers of literature and admirers of one of the

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greatest living or- naments will be gratified to learn that Washington Irving has succeeded to a large fortune, which has been bequeathed to him by one of the Society of...

According to an nnauthenticated report, Queen Victoria with her Con-

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sort will come to Berlin in the autumn, to return the King's visit. Should this be the case, Berlin would be as animated in autumn as it is now dull in summer. —H amburg Paper,...

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The season of the French Plays terminated last night, with

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the engage- ment of Monsieur BOIIEFE ; but there is to be an extra night on Monday, for the benefit of Monsieur LEVASSOR, who will perform in three of his favourite characters....

M. BENEDICT took a benefit at Covent Garden on Monday

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; when the theatre was crowded to suffocation in every part. The entertain- ments were chiefly musical ; consisting of some fragments of favourite operas, terminating at a late...


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H OLD TORIES" AND " OLD WHIGS." MR. GEORGE SYDNEY SMYTHE, in his letter to the electors of Can- terbury, proclaims himself " an old Tory," attached to the princi- ples of " the...


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note attached to the letter of your Constant Reader is sufficient reply to the suggestions therein contained, I may, perhaps, be able to furnish this gentleman and some other of...

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WHEN the long-looked-for decision of the Judges on the mono- mania question went forth to the world, it gave comfortable as- surance to the advocates of indiscriminate...


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Ir the Government of this country were of a paternal character— interested in the moral and social happiness of the people, instead of being distracted by the strife and rivalry...

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THERE is a notion abroad, which would be amusing if it were less deplorable, that some considerable portion of the people are " educated." Mr. EDWARD BAINES, in his republished...


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Tux annual pairing-time of the linnet and thrush is not of more certain recurrence than the annual pairing-time of Members of the House of Commons. The preliminary chirpings in...

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THE success and prosperity of the Italian Opera during the present season forms a striking feature in the London world ; whose accus- tomed variety of amusements and attractions...


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Tax day after the performance of The Fall of Babylon at the Hanover Square Rooms, SPOHR received a communication from the Committee of the Sacred Harmonic Society, stating, that...

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Immo. Personal Observations on Sindh. the Manners and Customs of its Inhabitants, and its Productive Capabilities: with a sketch. of its History, a Narrative of recent Events,...

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THE present volume of this collection commences with the year 1749, and comes down to 1760, closing soon after the death of GEORGE the Second. It contains some diplomatic and...

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DR. PRITCHETT, like Dr. M'WILLIAM, was a medical officer of the Niger Expedition, and directed his attention to the philosophy of the fatal fever which brought the scheme of...

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From July 14th to Jade 20th, BOOKS. Correspondence of John Fourth Duke of Bedford : selected from the ori- ginals at Woburn Abbey. With an Introduction, by Lord JOHN Rus- SELL....


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THE ADDITIONAL PREMIUMS FOR CARTOONS. THE sum placed at the disposal of the Royal Commission by the pro- ceeds of the first fortnight's exhibition is greater than was...

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WAR•OFFICE, July 21.-14th Light Drags.—Surg. R. D. Smith. from the 17th Foot. to be Surg. vice Moffatt, dec. 6th Foot—Lieut. W. Reed to be Capt. by purchase, vice Wilson, who...


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Tuesday, July 18. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Scott and Hartley, Bradford, Yorkshire, wool stapiers—liatchelor and Rogers. Wel. lington Street, London Bridge, mercers—Aland and...


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BIRTHS. On the 5th July, at Winsley House, Shropshire. the Lady of Jam Pamirs, Esq., of a daughter. On the 7th, at the Vicarage. Newlyn. the Lady of the Rev. EDWARD Dix. of a...

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3 per Cent. Consols Ditto for Account 3 per Cents. Reduced 34 per Cents. Reduced New 33 per Cents Long Annuities Bank Stock, 7 per cent. India Stock, 104 Exchequer Bills. 14d....