22 MARCH 1851

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Schwarzenberg and lianteuffel are as inadequate to the task of

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giving Germany a constitution as Von Gagern or Robert Blum. Austria and Prussia appear to stand at present in pretty much the same relation to each other in that country that...


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"TRITE no meaning puzzles more than wit." Ministerial compli- cations become more and more unintelligible. Lord John Russell - was left at the close of last week in his...

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The Indian journals announce the arrival of Mr. Mackay, the

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Indian Commissioner of the Manchester Chamber of Commerce, at Bombay. The Bombay Chamber of Commerce have given Mr. Mackay a cordial reception, and promised him all the...

Lit nn Vrurrttrings ut artiamtut.

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE WEER. HOUSE OF LORDS. Monday, March 17. Law of Patents promised-Registration of Assurances Bill, explained by Lord Campbell, read a second time, and...

The legislative session of the American Congress has terminated. Its

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proceedings offer little matter for comment beyond the fact that it has passed over without any attempt to modify the Tariff. The Free-trade principle upon which the Tariff is...

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At a special Court of Common Council, on Thursday, Alderman Sidney moved a resolution, as the basis of a petition to Parliament, asking for an alteration of "the present law of...

C4t Court.

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THE Royal Family remains at Osborne, in comparative seclusion—enjoy- ing good health. Sir James Clark, Colonel Couper, Colonel Harcourt and Lady Catherine Harcourt, and Sir...

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Some persons were tried last week at Tralee for riot connected with the burning of Lord John Russell in effigy : the Jury could not be got to agree, and the prisoners were...


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The only candidate in the field for the representation of Thirsk, vacant by the death of Mr. Bell, is Sir William Payne Gallway, Baronet, son-in- law of Lady Frankland Russell...

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furtign uu/1 eulunial.

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FBA:sem—The breach between the Legitimists and Orleanists now ap- pears complete. 'fhe latest article on the question in the Journal des Debats, declaring that the "illusions"...


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A large and influential meeting of the inhabitants of Glasgow assem- bled in the City-Hall on Wednesday evening, and passed resolutions against the Papal aggression in England....


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Sir John Remaly will, it is said, !shortly be appointed Master of the Rolls ; when Sir As Cockburn will become Attorney-General ; and, it is believed, Mr. Page Wood...

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SATURDAY. The adjourned debate in the House of Commons, last night, was opened by Mr. OSBORNE, with a speech ranging over the salient points of the pre- vious debate in a style...


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OETICE or ORDNANCE, March I5.—Corps of Royal Engineers—Lieut.-Gen. G. Wright to be Col. Commandant, vice Lieut.-Gen. Sir S. It. Chapman, deceased. WAR-OFFICE. March 21,-7th...

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At the Exeter Assizes, Mr. Baron Martin delivered sentence on

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Robert Bird and Sarah Bird, for the misdemeanour of which eight out of fourteen Judges believe them to have been legally convicted on the second trial for cruelty to Mary Ann...

Last night's Gazette notifies the Queen's consent to a measure

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pro - posed by the East India Company, for granting a medal to the surviving officers and soldiers of the Crown engaged in the services in India which are specified in a list...


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STOCK ExCHANDR, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The only event of importance as regards the English Funds has been the. meeting of the Bank proprietors yesterday ; when a dividend upon the...

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Since our last notice of Mr. j. W. Wallack, he has appeared in the character of Macbeth ; but we are still in doubt as to his future career. Let us not be misunderstood—we have...

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REGISTRATION OF DEEDS. Sin—If it becomes possible for Parliament to pass the bill for the Regis- tration of Deeds, this session will not be undistinguished in having accom-...

LORD JOHN RUSSELL'S POLITICAL DEBTS. 10th March 1851. Sin — In your

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notice of Lord John Russell in the Spectator of March I, you state that "Mr. Ward gave him the Appropriation-clause." This is not correct. I am aware that an editor is compelled...

The new melodrama Pauline, which has achieved a decided success

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at the Princess's, is a French drama, stewed down to about half its dimen- sions. Its object is to produce just that sort of horror which many of • our readers may have felt on...

A slight drama turning on a transient passion of Charles

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the Second for a French girl of humble station, and a still slighter duodrame imitated from a French proverbe, may be named as productions of the week. Charles King is the name...

The concerts of classical chamber music have much increased in

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num- ber this season ; a favourable sign of progress. During the past week, there have been several, of considerable note ; particularly those of Mr. Sterndale Bennett and Mr....

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• Mr. Hullah's monthly concerts have an advantage which, in the man- ner in which concerts are generally got up, may be said to be peculiar to them; besides that they are...

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DIE position of the Premier, suddenly afflicted with a clear stage and no favour by the disappearance of Mr. Baillie, has more than one historical parallel. Lord John expected a...


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A noustE fault is committed by those who make a canting use of individual cases like that of Augusta Talbot : they add fuel to a fire which is already enough laden with the...


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PERTURBATIONS OF PA]ITIES. A GREAT question agitated by mathematicians in the last century was the law of three bodies in motion : its application was to the revolutions of the...

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Nor does there appear to us anything in the claptrap

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objection Id personal disrespect to the Queen. No one supposes that her Ma- esty has any personal . concern in the visitation of the Universi- 1 ties ; or that the authorities...

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THE Hospital for Sick Children is a beautiful idea; the necessity for it is a deplorable sign of our social condition. Childhood, the age of happiness and gayety in happy...


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SURELY the Bishops of the Established Church might have chosen a season less unfavourable than the present to make so general a display of episcopal authority in a state of...


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"lJNaccouNTABLE negligence" is reported to be the cause of the most recent of "alarming accidents by railway. Our readers may have noticed the occurrence of several aCcidents...

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COLONEL DIXON'S SKETCH OF MAIRWABA. * THIS report on the history, subjection, improvement, present con- dition, and prospects of Mairwara, has been drawn up by Colonel Dixon,...


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OF all places in the world, perhaps the opera-box is the most lux- uriously lazy ; yet the opera-house is not only a place of repose— it is a castle of indolence with a vast...

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A BARRISTER'S TRIP TO MEXICO. * THE author of this volume

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seems to be called much abroad by pro- fessional pursuits, or to make legal lore subordinate to the wisdom acquired by wandering like Ulysses from clime to clime. Inci- dentally...

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This volume is reprinted, with corrections and enlargements, from .Fraser's Magazine. In point of class it may be called a philo- sophic novel ; for it has a story and...

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Boo's. William Penn ; an Historical Biography. With an extra Chapter on • "The Macaulay Charges." By William Hepworth Dixon, Author of "Life of Howard." With a Portrait. Italy...

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THE MEETING OF WELLINGTON AND BLUCHER AT LA BELLE ALLIANCE. A picture of this subject by Mr. T. J. Barker, intended for engraving by Mr. Lewis as a companion to the print of...


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AND ENGRAVED BY J. FALD. The picture from which this mezzotint engraving is taken was painted in 1844, by command of the Queen. Both the Duke and Sir Robert are represented...


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On the 17th February, at Madeira, the Wife of Captain Kerneys Tynte, of a daughter. On the 10th March, at Castledillon, Armagh, Lady Molyneux, of a son. On the 14th, at the...


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Mr. Cook has undertaken to record his South-eastern experiences in a book of the handsomest externals, and of a size only too imposing to be quite convenient. We are not certain...

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Tuesday, March 18. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED.—Conibeere and Allsup. Maidstone, glass-dealers--Mel- lor and Donaldson, Liverpool, coal-merchants — and R. Barnes, Ilaslingden,...


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£27,711,690 £27,711,690 BANNING D PARTMENT. Proprietors' Capital Rest _ Public Deposits . Other Deposits Seven Day and other • Including Exchequer, £14,553,000 3,016,367...