22 MAY 1852

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A striking proof of the progress made by the incorporated

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idea of Poor-law Reform—the reproductive employment of able-bodied. paupers—was afforded by a meeting hi the Town-hall of . Manches- ter a few days ago. The meeting was held in...

From India the last mail brings nothing new or decisive.

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The Madras contingent for Burmah has been despatched, and the claim of a Sepoy regiment not to be sent out of its own Presidency has induced one of the new Sikh levies to...

The Australian gold and labour question is assuming a magni-

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tude and an urgency almost unknown to Colonial subjects. The present week has witnessed the arrival of reports so alarming as to raise the most gloomy apprehensions. But we are...

The eleotion prospects of the Liberals are cloudy and uncertain.

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Lord John Russell is threatened with serious opposition in the City; Messrs. Bright and Gibson, with a less dangerous hostility Hi Manchester ; Mr. Gladstone, with a very...

The visit of the Emperor of Russia to the other

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two surviving members of the Holy Alliance is anxiously watched. At Vienna the fraternization has .been most cordial; at Berlin it is expected to be equally cordial. While the...


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THE Militia Bill has at last got through the Committee. The protracted and sometimes irrelevant discussions raised on almost all the dailies - terminated in their being carried...

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rthatto 10 =dingo_ in Varliannut.

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PRINCIPAL BIISINESS OP THE WEER. House cut Lonna Monday, May 17. Treatment of British Subjects Abroad Statements—Ensigration ; Conversation—Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction Bill,...

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.64t Yattr ovult s.

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The "bookselling question" has been decided by the court of honour to which it was voluntarily submitted by the members of the Booksellers Association. Lord Campbell, Dean...

Cbt Court.

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The Queen held a Privy Council at Buckingham Palace on Saturday. The Earl of Cawdor was appointed Lord-Lieutenant of Carmarthenshire, in place of Lord Dynevor, deceased. Lord...

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jjt Vroniurro. Yr. David Jones, of Pantglas, was elected MemberTor

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Carmarthen- shire, on Thursday; in place of Colonel Trevor, who has acceded to th e Peerage through the death of his father lord Dynevor. In returning thanks for his unopposed...

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A remarkable -correspondence on the relations of Parliamentary " pa- tron and nominee," has passed between Lord,Londonderry and -his nephew Mr. David Stewart Ker, one of the...

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ENGLAND. IlEnrono. Mr. Whitbread junior and Mr. Chisholm Anstey are rival candidates on the Liberal interest. COLCHESTER. The Ipswich Express gives a report that Lord John...


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. The offices of Lord Justice-General and Lord President of the Court of Session are conferred on Lord Colonsay, one of the junior Judges of the Court of Session, better known...

,fortigu unh nInuigi.

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FRANOL—The deputations a regiments sent to Paris to receive eagle s were reviewed by Louis Napoleon on Saturday. He made them a spee c h. ending with this flourish- " Tell your...

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Mr. Secretary Walpole writes in reply to a letter from the Harbour Commissioners of Waterford, that he has no commands as to an intention of her Majesty to land this summer at...

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The Royal Family left Buckingham Palace, for Osborne, yesterday afternoon.

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Lord Stanley, Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, arrived at his father's residence yesterday, from his Indian tour. The Yorkshire deputation got hold of the man...


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SATURDAY. Three principal subjects occupied the House of Commons last night dining a long sitting, —the wind-up of the Committee business on the Militia Bill, the second...

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The nomination of candidates to represent Windsor took place yester-

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day. Mr. George IL Vansittart was put up as a Derbyite, and Mr. Charles W. Grenfell as a Liberal : the show of hands was in favour of the Liberal; a poll was demanded, and will...

Oatrto ttn Vttotr.

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Every now and then a problem starts up in the practical theatrical world. A want is felt, which no one exactly knows how to express, but yet it is clearly perceived that an item...

Another fatal colliery explosion ! The Downbrow pit, in the

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township of Coppull, eight miles from Preston, was found dangerous when the men came to begin work in it on Thursday morning: the overlooker stationed his son to prevent them...


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STOCH EXCHANOW, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The principal events of importance have been the reduction of the interest of Exchequer Bills and East India Bonds, noticed hereafter. The...

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Le Collier de _Perks, a comedy by M. Mazeres, produced

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at the Gym- nase about a year ago, has been the most important novelty brought out at the St. James's during Mademoiselle Rose Cheri's engagement. The story is simplicity...

The Italian Opera seems now-a-days to have its name—" lucus

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i non lucendo "—from its not being Italian opera. Speaking generally of its pre- sent condition, we may say that it has neither Italian poetry, Italian music, nor Italian...


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THE DISSOLUTION IN JUNE. PARLIAMENT, said Lord John Russell on Wednesday, is to be dis- solved in June ; and he was not contradicted. It is a curious fact, that all these...

The fifth Philharmonic Concert, on Monday last, was remarkable chiefly

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for the performance of the IValpurgis Right which occupied the second part of the concert. This choral cantata, one of the most charac- teristic and striking of Mendelssohn's...

As Mr. Lumley's scheme of his season must necessarily have

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been totally deranged by the defalcation of Mademoiselle Wagner, on whom he had reckoned as his central point, it is not surprising that the proceed- ings of his theatre are not...


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ErrniusrAsm, if often amusing, always has something respe ct about it ; and Lord Londonderry is one of those enthusiastic and in- genuous persons who not only commands the good...

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Wen might have been done to mitigate the crisis which has fallen Upon Australia, rapidly, no doubt, yet not altogether without warning ; but in this country the reports from the...

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AMID the noisy but resnitless biekerings of Ministers and their opponents, a bill to abolish the tenure of oopyhold—a relic of feudalism relinquished in every other kingdom of...


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IF Lord Campbell had not violated the precept, to give his judg- ment but not his reasons, there would not have been a word to say against the decision of himself and his fellow...

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!Mfrs In tit hitnr.

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THE COLONIAL CHURCH DEBATE. _London, 20th May1852. Sin—The discussion in the House of Commons upon Mr. Gladstone's Colo- nial Church Bill afforded materials for a few notes on...


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Reigate, 18th May 1852. Sm.-Two birds may be killed with one stone, by so examining the sug- gested remedies of social disorganization in Australia as to exhibit precisely the...

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I hear but one opinion among military men as to

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the position in which the officers in command of this force will find themselves on their arrival. It will be their duty to keep men true to their colours who will have it in...


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LAING'S OBSERVATIONS ON DEN/LARK AND THE DUCHIES. * Mn LATNG'S account of a visit to Holstein, Sleswick, and Denmark, in 1851, is little more than a basis for dissertations on...

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THE Arctic narrative in this volume has the novelty of containing the first account of a steam voyage in the Polar regions ; Lieute- nant Osborn having commanded the Pioneer in...

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TEE most remarkable quality of this novel is style, or the power -of presenting the writer's images and ideas neatly, tersely, and with a quiet but sustained animation. There...

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Booxs. A Treatise on the Methods of Observation and Reasoning in Polities. By George Cornewall Lewis, Esq. In two volumes. _Narrative of the Burmese War, in 1824-26, as...

MILITARY GAZETTE. AMITRAT.TY, May 10.—Corps of Royal Marines — Sec. Lieut, J . .

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F. Hawkey to be First Lieut. vice C. Welrige, resigned. WAX-OFFICE, May 21.-3th Regt. of Drag. Guards—Lieut. G. Duckworth to be Capt. by purchase, vice Prime, who retires. 4th...


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On the 3d April, at Colombo, Ceylon, the Wife of Lieutenant-Colonel Drought, H.M. Fifteenth Regiment, of a daughter. On the 2c1 May, at Gibraltar, the Wife of Lieutenant-Colonel...

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PARTNERsures DISSOLVED.—Dallimore and Peress. Yarmouth, linen-drapers—Sal- mon and Goatley, Edgware Road—Burnett and Wynne, Surrey Street, Strand, navy- a,gents—Pearson and...


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BRITISH FUND S. Smelted. (Closing Monday. Prices.) Tuesday. Wearies Thurs. Friday. 3 per Cent Consols 991 991 : 9 4 se; 991 Ditto for Account 999 99/ 999 991 3...