22 MAY 1858

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THE question raised by Mr. Cardwell's motion has not been settled so quickly in the House of Commons as Lord Shaftesbury's was in the House of Lords. The greater abundance of...

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OP THE WEEK. Homni or Loans. Monday, May 17. Protection of Female Children Bill com- mitted—Chief Justice of Bombay Bill read a third time and passed—Loan...

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THE QuEEN, the Prince Consort, and their children, quitted Buckingham Palace on Thursday afternoon for Osborne whither they arrived for the Whitsun holidays about half past six...


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A large meeting was held at the Freemasons' Tavern on Tuesday,— Mr. W. R. Crawford, M.P., in the chair,—to pass resolutions on the sub- ject of the main drainage of London. They...

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As in England, so in Ireland, the rumour of a dissolution has set the quidnune,s busy, and there is a flight of reports respecting the probable opponents of Members obnoxious in...


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The Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce was last week asked by one of its members to petition against the Universities (Scotland) Bill. The Chamber declined to accede to the motion in...


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Pi The talk of dissolution in the event of a defeat of Ministers has given rise to a plentiful crop of rumours, especially in the Tory journals, touching the probabilities of...

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c fraurt.—The Government have sustained a defeat in the Depart- ment of the Haut Rhin. It may be remembered that Count Migeon, who opposed the Government at the last election,...

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The Resolution, expressing confidence in Lord Canning, adopted by the Court of Directors is in these terms. "That in reference to the despatch from the Secret Committee to the...

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Ersox RACES.

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The great national equestrian fete on Epsom Downs has been favoured with tolerably fine weather, and the attendance upon the Derby Day was quite equal to the attendance of...


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SATI7RDAT. The great Indian debate in the House of Commons, ended last night, in smoke—Mr. Cardwell withdrew his motion. Early in the sitting Lord PA.vamisvoic inquired whether...

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A little comedy by Mr. Charles Dance, entitled Marriage, a lottery, has this week raised the Strand Theatre to an unusual degree of promi- nence; for notwithstanding the small...

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Mr. Gye has succeeded in opening the new Covent Garden Theatre on the day announced for many weeks—Saturday last, the 15th of May, when the season of the Royal Italian Opera...


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THE GREAT DEBATE OF THE WEER. SO ninny issues, direct and collateral, were involved in the debate on Mr. Cardwell's resolutions, that it is scarcely possible to dis- entangle...

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Jr is officially announced in Paris that the Five Powers have in- terposed to arrange the dispute between Turkey and Montenegro. We have no explanation of the principles on...

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Ticsin is a question which must be asked in Parliament, what- ever else is doing there, and no time must be lost about it. Mr. Mayor, the United States Minister at 'Paris,...

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De the absorbing excitement of the great Indian debate, it is to be feared that the position of the Sardinian question may be for- gotten. Without any minute reference to dates,...

THE IRISH "INTERMEDIATE" SYSTEM. leerDENTALLY the other day we mentioned

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Ireland as serving fo r a. model to England in some of the most important social reforms that are at present under trial, and the Fourth Annual Repo r t of Captain Walter...

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LIE late duel has excited a strong feeling in France, and if the outrage is felt less poignantly in England, it has perhaps-created more disgust. It is the malignant sign of a...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FEEDS", AFTERNOON. The business in English Securities this week has been of a more than usually limited character, there being scarcely any movement worth...

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MERIVALE'S HISTORY OF THE ROMANS UNDER THE EMPIRE—VOLUME VI. • WE gather from the advertisement prefixed to this volume, that in the mind of the author it concludes that portion...

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TWO NEW NOVELS. * THE historical romance of For and Against,

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belongs to the class in which a formal knowledge of the times exceeds the power of dramatically displaying it. The period is that of the wars of the Roses ; the story beginning...


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Bowie. Essays on Indian Antiquities, Historic, Numismatic, and Pakeographic, of the late James Prinsep, I.R.S., Secretary to the Asiatic Society of Bengal. Edited with Notes...

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THE ROYAL ACADEMY EXHIBITION. (Third Notice.) Ranging between the historic and the domestic art of the exhibition comes a large class of pictures very various in character,...

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On the 2711. February, at Bangkok, in Siam, Edward J. 3. Forrest, Esq., Second Assistant and Interpreter of her Majesty's Consulate ; in his 22d year. The smvice has lost in him...

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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, MAY 14. Hospital STaf—Staff-Surg. of the First Class H. Downes, M.D. from half-pay, to be Staff-Surg. of the First Class upon full-pay, and attached to...


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The gallery No. 168 New Bond Street is dedicated for the nonce to art "sub invocatione Beatm Rosm." The rose, as Leigh Hunt expresses it, is "the woman of the flowers" ;...


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On the 9th March, at Victoria Church, Vancouver's Island, Alexander Grant Dallas, Esq., to Jane, second daughter of his Excellency James Douglas. Governor of Vancouver's...


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On the 15th May, at Aldbar Castle, N.B., Mrs. Chalmers, of a daughter. On the 15th, at Roxeth Lodge, Harrow, the Wife of Major-General Chase Parr, of a daughter. On the 15th,...

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&turd. Monday. Tuesday. Wednes. Thurs. Friday,

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3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account leer Cents Reduced New sper Cents LongAnnuities Annuities 1885 Bank Stock, 11 per Cent India Stock, 101 pe r Cent Exchequer Bills, 2}d...


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AoirrastrY, April 29.—Corps of Royal Marines—Gent. Cadet E. 0. B. Gray to be Second Lieut. FROM THE LONDON GAZE1TE, MAY 18. aninaAtrY, May 17.—Her Majesty has been graciously...


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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, MAY 18. Bankruptcy Annulled.—WmuAm Smiess Irsms, Loseby, Leicestershire, hay- dealer. Bankrupts.—JAMES M'Grtt, Great Coram Street, builder—CHARtss...