22 NOVEMBER 1856

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The London Gazette publishes an official report of the ceremony

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performed when the Sultan of Turkey was invested with the Eng- ish Order of the Garter. The Queen's plenipotentiaries for that august ceremonial were Lord Stratford de Redoliffe...


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PAssING occurrences strengthen an expectation that a section of the Conservative party, the most liberal part of the Opposition of last session, would effect a junction with...

Mr. Buchanan is the President-elect of the United States. Not

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that the election had been actually con:4)104A at the date of the latest news from America. Tho event that has taken place is the nomination of those " Presidential electors"...

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.The catalogue of crimes perpetrated on life and property con-

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tinues to be enormously heavy. A new fraud which comes out this week in the Great Northern Railway Company is unimportant in amount, but important as showing the number and...

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Tax Queen and Prince Albert have walked abroad in the Home Park and gardens of Windsor Castle every day this week. Prince Albert, Prince Frederick William of Prussia, and the...


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At a meeting of the Court of Aldermen on Tuesday, after the custom- ary thanks had been voted to-the late Lord Mayor, a long letter was read from Police Commissioner Harvey on...

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Sir John Pakington made a progress to Manchester on Monday. His host was the Mayor, Mr., James Watts, who resides at Abney Hall, in Cheshire. The object of his visit was to...

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From proceedings initiated before Mr. Justice Keogh, it appears that Mr. Vincent Scully M.P. now seeks to repudiate all responsibility as a share- holder in the Tipperary Bank,...

,fortigu null Colonial.

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fraitri.—The Emperor continues to reside at St. Cloud, and it is generally believed that he has given up the notion of holding fetes at Fontainebleau. There are few indications...


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The Duke of Argyll, for two years Lord Rector of the Universityof Glasgow, having this year retired, three gentlemen were pro as candidates for that high office—Sir Edward...

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Two Cabinet Councils have been held this week, one on Monday and another on Tuesday. All the Ministers except the Marquis of Lans- downe were present at both Councils. Sit...

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Two papers with promising titles will be read at the

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meeting of the Royal Geographical Society on Monday. The first describes " a plan for a further search after the remains of the Franklin Expedition:4 Lieutenant Bedford Pim,...

According to official adviees from Constantinople, Redschid Pasha, the Grand

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Vizier, has appointed Aali Pasha Minister for Foreign Affairs, and Rime Pasha Minister of War. The Monitory publishes a letter from Teheran, dated October 22. The writer says...

A petition for adjudication of bankruptcy was filed against Leopold

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Red- path yesterday. Re was, it appears, a bankrupt in 1840. He began trade as a ship and insurance broker with no capital. In five years his lia- bilities were 4740/. ; profits...

The Mayor's dinner at Tamworth, on Tuesday, was attended by

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the two Members, Lord Rayaham and Sir Robert Peel, and also by the Marquis Townshend. In speaking for the Navy, Lord Townshend, an old friend of Sir Charles Napier,—admitting...

Mr. Peter Bolt has intimated his intention of resigning his

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seat foi Greenwich. His reason for this step is that having purchased Mr. Mare's shipbuilding yard at Blackwell, he may in course of business undertake contracts with the...

Mr. Field on behalf of the proprietor of the Daily

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News, against whom the Earl of Lucan is prosecuting a charge of libel, applied to the Court of Exchequer yesterday, for leave to put in a special plea setting out all the facts...


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SATITRDAY. The third Cabinet Council of the week was held yesterday, at the offi- cial residence of Lord Palmerston. All the Ministers except Lord Lans- downe were again...

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India is beginning to investigate her own natural resources, and most especially to inquire how far she possesses those two great agencies of productive power iron and coal. In...

The examination of the canal near the Broadstone Terminus, Dublin,

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resulted on Thursday in the discovery of a razor near the spot where the hammer was found. It has been ascertained that the hammer was a " fitter's hammer," quite new and...

Slitatrts Hutt

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1usir. - The production of .Don Giovanni by the Italian company at Drury Lane has been the best of their achievements i worthy, indeed, of any regular musical theatre. To...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FREDAT AFTERNOON. The advises from Paris are unanimously expressive of an improved feel- ing in the position of the Bank of France. The recent monthly return...

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Our ordinary record of " Parisian Theatricals " serves as

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a sort of pro- phetic almanack, with respect to the doings on the English stage ; for the transfer from Paris to London of any piece that makes a sensation, and does not...


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16th November 1856. Sni—I do not see my way to turning your suggestions to account. The Prison Reformers agree not only in the principles of the bill of 1853, but, with the...

The " entertainers," whose vocation is so eminently characteristic of

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this age and this country, are resuming their pleasant labours. Miss P. The " entertainers," whose vocation is so eminently characteristic of this age and this country, are...

rtittro fn tiro etitor.

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Addison _Road, 21st November 1856. Sin—I have to thank your reviewer or correspondent for the criticisms and observations he made upon my catalogue of unpublished coins, in...

A third importation from France is Our Wife; a showy,

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well-dressed trifle, produced at the Princess's as a sparkling appendix to the more solid splendour of the Midsummer Night's Dream. Messrs. Ryder and Fisher represent two nobles...

Mr. Hullah's Sacred Concerts, at St. Martin's Hall, commenced on

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`Wednesday evening. Handel's Israel in Egypt was performed, on the whole, with great effect. The double choruses, unequalled in difficulty as well as in grandeur, were sung with...

An excellent type of low, dogged, habitual inebriety, is presented

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by Mr. Phelps in his impersonation of Christopher Sly, the comic hero of the " Induction" to The Taming of the Shrew. The play, revived at Sadler's Wells on Saturday, has not...


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Sm—In reference to the article on Nationalities in last week's Spectator, I would ask, whether it would not much tend to fuse the iuhabitants of the British Isles into one...

Pearsfew Turantrenr.s.

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A one-act comedy in verse, written by MM. Michel Cane and Jules Barbier, and entitled Le Berceau, was brought out last Wednesday at the Theatre Francais. It is little more than...

At the Haymarket, there is a new farce called A

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Family Failing. The moral weakness alluded to is an exceedingly irascible temper, which is shared by all the members of an aristocratic family, and prompts them to a reckless...

At Astley's, there is an equestrian version of Dyed, constructed

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much on the same principle as the Surrey melodrama,—that is to say, the avenging Negro is made more of a doer and less of a talker than in the novel. The submersion of Tom...

Miss Glyn has returned to the Standard; which, after a

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brief accession of Dred, is again legitimate.

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LORD JOHN RUSSELL. Clams coteries , and journals, are discussing what shall be done with L ' Lord Joh''. Russell ; and, as a preliminary to the decision, are criticizing the...


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WHY, if the Emperor Napoleon is as hearty as ever in the Engli s h alliance, is the official antagonist of England, Count Walewski, at the head of the French Foreign Office ? if...

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LEOPOLD REDPAPH is the hero of a story already old ; and while we are awaiting the promised publication, "in a few days," of the next story of railway fraud, we have two other...


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be apprehended from the impending finan- cial pressure does not lie in the magnitude of the liabilities that will be suddenly brought to the test of reality, vast as that will...

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ILLEGALITY OF THE JUDGMENT. A cirsions question is raised by the Law Magazine, which sug- gests that Lord Ernest Vane Tempest would have ground for claiming a redress against...


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AT last the Paris press appears to be awake to the impolicy of the attacks upon England. Professedly they were in retaliation, but they were in their nature the kind of revenge...

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• Rartwo. Aunrrs.—A grand fact has come out with regard

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to the Rcdpath frauds. The Company professed to know its own capital ; the Directors knew that they were paying dividends on a larger capital ; yet the accounts had been...


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SYMONS ON SIR HOBERT FEEL'S STATESMANSHIP.* .Poixrreei, discoveries are not a statesman's vocation.. A minis- ter who should attempt to carry out " original views " in politics,...


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IF there is any danger to the Manchester Art Exhibition of 1857, it is not in the deficiency of pictures which some anticipated, but in a plethora of pictures. The possibility...

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MRS. BROWNING'S AURORA LEIGH. * TITERE was always something of the

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Titaness about Mrs. Brown- ing : her 'instincts were towards the vague, the vast, the in- definite, the unutterable •' and the ideal world in which her imagination lived. was a...

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MORLEY'S CORNELIUS AGRIPPA. * TILE choice of Cornelius Agrippa to complete

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Mr. Morley's trio of philosophers and scholars of the sixteenth century was scarcely judicious. In the case of "Palissy the Potter," the resolute de- termination of the man to...

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riu MUSit.

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Concerto in Efiat, for the Pianoforte. By S. W. Waky. Trio in B fiat, for the Piano, Violin, and Violoncello. By S. W. Iraisa. There was a time in this country when knowledge...


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Boons. Aurora Leigh. By Elizabeth Barrett Browning. lenses; its Interior and Exterior Life ; including a full View of its Settle- ment, Politioal History, Social Life,...

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WAR DEPARTMENT Pall Mall, Nov. 21. - Injantry - Id Rot ,: of Foof.-Mtor- Gen. Sir J. H. Schoedde , to be Col. vice Lieut.-Gen. J. Rolt, K. C.B. and K.C. deceased. WAR...


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On the 12th November, at St. Helier's, Jersey, the Lady Gilbert Kennedy, prema- turely, of a son. On the 13th, at the'Rectory, Hewelsfield, Gloucestershire, the Wife of the Rev....

C a lm PROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, xtornstazn 18 Partnerships Dissolved .-Waitinshaw,

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Brothers, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, iron- merchants-Woodhead and Sugden, Halifax, colliers-Conseil and Co. Fenchurch Street and Boulogne-sur-Mer, commission-agents-J. A. and J. A....

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Sueurd. Monday. Tuesday. ',Woes. Thurs. Friday. 3 - per Cent Consols 921 93 931 931 93 931 - Ditto for Account . 93 931 931 931 9 Oaf 3...