23 APRIL 1859

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In taking leave of Parliament, which was prorogued on Tuesday,

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and is to be formally dissolved today, Ministers have sent the late House of Commons with a bad character to its constituencies, and call upon the country to furnish it with a...


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_IF the last utterances of the telegraph are right, there is to be no Congress, and the war will begin in a few hours,—perhaps on that day which lies between the two great...

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The letter of Captain Carnegie to Sir John Pakington, is

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a public event which cannot be passed over. Sir John represented the Junior Lord of the Admiralty as having accepted his place at the Board on condition of standing for some...

The fuller accounts from India throw a flood of lurid

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light upon thefmancial pelicyof the Governor-General, and expose the remark- able inappropriateness of that policy. It turns out that his new ta- riff„, which was to double...

Fr h faro nut( Vrort_ttaugn in Igurtinnitut. PETISHIP AS BEEFINESS

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OP THE wain. Horse or Loans. Monday, April 18. Affairs of Europe ; Lord Malmesbury's Statement. Tuesday, April 19. Royal . Assent to the Exchequer Bills (18,277,4007.) Bin,....

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The Dissnlution will take place to day and the writs will go out to 4 ht. ._.Next week therefore we shall have some returns from the kng- • - *roughs. At present there is...

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The statements of Ministers in Parliament have deprived much of the news accruing from the continent and based on rumours and speculations of what little value it had. The...

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ibt (CAUL

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Tax QUEEN held a Privy Council on Monday at Buckingham Palace and ordered that Parliament should be prorogued until the 5th May. At a Court Mr. Justice Hill kissed hands on his...

l�r .rtrupnlin.

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4 small , public meeting, got up in haste apparently, was held in St. Martin's Hall on Saturday, to consider the state of the national defences. Sir Charles Napier took the...

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ffEllrf.—Although so full of political activity the news from Paris affords little worth recording. The Marquis d'Azeglio saw the Emperor and Count Walewski while in Paris....

Lord Chelmsford is making hay while the sun shines. He

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has just added nine gentlemen to the commission of the peace for the borough of Ipswich. Six of the nine are Conservatives, and the remaining three Liberals. A county meeting...

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SATURDAY MORNING. Our most recent intelligence not only confirms what is already before the public, but strengthens some points, adds more, and already brings out some very...


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The Government have issued three Royal Commissions. Sir John Taylor Coleridge ; Sir William Page Wood ; Sir George Cornewall Lewis ; William Samuel, Baron Wynford; Dr. Robert...

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Although the letter from our usual correspondent is to a

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great extent superseded by the stirring announcements which we have given above, much of it still possesses considerable interest, and will be useful as supplying some links in...

Much curiosity has been raised as to the course which

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the German Governments would adopt, particularly Prussia, We have already ex- pressed our opinion that Prussia could not join in the headlong course to which Austria has...

The Moniteur of today states that the Austrian demand upon

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Sardinia was carried to Turin by an aide-de-camp of General Gyulai, who said that he would wait three days for an answer, and that any evasive reply would be considered a...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, THURSDAY AFTERNOON. There has been a considerable amount of animation and even excitement in the English Stock Market this week. The question of peace or war...


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We have received intelligence, not second in importance to that which we were enabled to bring first before the English reader some weeks back when we announced the Russian...

Colonel Henry Steinbach has returned to England, and has written

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an ex- planatory letter to the Braes. He says that both himself and Captain Mor- timer were "much astonished" when they heard that 4001. had been paid to Eicke " upon Mr....

Everything seems now to be on the cards. On dit

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that even Parlia- liament will not be dissolved today, but will be again assembled, in the course of a week !

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astful lrts, iastinus, aralte, 14r.

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Trade, with the majority of the wholesale houses in the City, has been very variable again this week. The cold weather has materially checked the freedom of buyers. It is hoped,...


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(From our own Correspondent.) Our novelties begin to wear a more decided air now that the season advances. We have already mentioned the little black taffetas shawls, the upper...


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Homerton, coal merchant—WILLIAM PRITCHARD, Bushey Heath, Bushey, Herts, builder—Jossen Dualism. and GEORGE GREENACRE, Brig,gate Mills, North Walsbain, Norfolk,...


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On the 13th of April, at 39, Prince's Gate, the Lady Thrice Thy-are, of a daughter. On the 13th, at Abinger Hall, the Hon. Mrs. Sidney Smith, of a son. On the 15th, at the...


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An Aetount, pursuant to the 7th and 8th Victoria, rap. 82, for the week ending on Wednesday the 20th day of April 1859. ,secs DtP•ATNNNT. Hetes issued 431,892,630 Government...

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THE DISSOLUTION. Iv is indeed much to be regretted by all who are not anxious to revive the well-known forms of party competition, that Ministers have deliberately, it may be...


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THAT Briareus of the Civil Service the Post-office—and. many handed it must be for its much work—has just made its annual report. It distributed 523 millions of letters,...

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WHILE officials and soldiers are pursuing their contests, men of science are peacefully carrying on the investigations which in- crease the power of mankind, without depriving...


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" Tri.E Army," says the Duke of Cambridge, "is open to the whole country. Any one may apply for admission and the appli- cations are sure to be received and fairly considered."...

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Civil Service Reform divides itself into two parts —1. How best to test the candidates for the Civil Service ; and 2. How to manage them when admitted. The public have never...

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Itttrrs to tyt dIritnr.

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FIRST-CLASS MEN. Regents Park, 17th April 1859. Sin—I sympathize strongly with your intelligent correspondent J. J. in his letter on " First - Class Men in Second-Clasa...


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April 20, 1859. Sin—In the arrangements of the "public drinking fountains" for the working classes, I very earnestly trust that the wants of the four-footed working classes...


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MAJOR-GENERAL LORD DE B,os has published a small pamphlet on army examinational' which is timely and very well worth attention. It obviously never could have been intended by...

The deaths in London last week only exceeded one thousand

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by eighty- four. The total is no less than 146 under the calculated average of deaths at this season. There was a decrease of death from scarlatina, diphtheria, and small-pox.

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THE QUARTERLIES FOR APRIL. ON the Italian question, there are able papers in four of the Reviews —the Edinburgh, the Westminster, the National, and the Quar- terly. The first...


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Lira Mr. Maddyn's former political works, Chiefs of Parties is a combination of political speculation, historical narrative, and sketches of " character," the last being the...

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MR. SAINSBURY'S volume of papers from • the State Paper Office and other sources has rather a special than a general interest. It contains intimations of the manners and...

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Tux subject of these letters has been a matter of controversy for some years between Liebig and many experimental agriculturists and writers on agriculture. The real point at...

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Two bulky volumes of nearly two thousand pages, on a subject which rather deals with the outward and formal part, than the in- ner soul < of literature, is a weighty looking...

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Passion week, the dissolution, and the coming holydays have produced a. deadening effect on publishing business ; for though some dozen publica- tions have made their...

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The Inauguration of the Chamber.' Institution" in Peebles, is fixed for the first week in August, and the building is said to be one of the fined things of the kind in Scotland....

Some of the Dublin papers speak enthusiastically of the success

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of Verdi's Macbeth, as performed by Mr. Willert Beale's Italian Company, and especially of the tragic power displayed by Madame Viardot in the character of Lady Macbeth. It is...


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The death of Madame Bosio is a calamity—for it is nothing less— which has spread a gloom over the musical world. In her public charac- ter she was the brightest star of the...


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The Royal Modern Tutor for the Pianoforte. By Henri F. Remy, (published by D'Almaine and Co.) is a work which has reached its twentieth edition, and is nevertheless scarcely...

During the suspension of theatrical entertainments in Passion weelc, there

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have been many Concerts. There was the annual performance of the Messiah by the Sacred Harmonic Society at Exeter Hall on Wednes- day. Elijah was given on Tuesday at St....

At Boston in the United States there is a Mendelssohn

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Quintet Club. They gave a concert a few weeks ago which did not include a note of Men- delssohn's music. Sure this club must be composed of Irishmen. Piccolomini is still in...

tOr (#tatrts.

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Save at the Haymarket, where a new burlesque, entitled Electra in an Electric Light, is announced for Easter Monday ; and at the Adelphi, where there is to be an extravaganza,...

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The French orator-poet of the South of France, the celebrated

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Jaamin, has been stirring Parisian audiences with recitations of the latest of his compo- sitions, for the benefit of the female orphans of Notre Dame des Arta. With his ardent...

We understand that the Prize Drawings of the Metropolitan District

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Schools of Art will be exhibited during the Easter Holidays, at the South Kensington Museum, in the rooms provisionally prepared for the recep- tion of the Vernon and Turner...


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BRITISH FUNDS. (CloaingPrice•.) .steed. Maass. Tesaday. Wanes. Thurs. hider. SperCen Consols 941 941 96 961 941 Ditto for Account 951 95 93 sh 941 per Cents Reduced...

lint arts.

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The New Society of Painters in Water Colours continues to progress in variety and excellence. Two small landscapes by Mr. S. Cook, sea pieces on the West Coast of Cornwall-one...

Each number of the "Gazette des Beaux Arts" calls for

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kinder words and fuller thanks than its predecessor. Here in this last 8th livraison is a descriptive and illustrated life, by M. Charles Blanc, of Rembrandt, with a portrait...