23 AUGUST 1845

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As when a comet, wandering in the sky, busies speculating as- tronomers, so Queen Victoria, straying to the Rhine, tantalizes guessing politicians with doubts of deep intrigues...

A few more elections in England, Scotland, and Ireland, are

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going. forward. Mr. Maitland has been returned for Kirkcud- A few more elections in England, Scotland, and Ireland, are going. forward. Mr. Maitland has been returned for...

While its Princes are feasting, Germany is undergoing revolu- tion

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in religion, and the progress of reformation has assumed the shape of popular tumult. These disorders are perpetrated in the name of John Ronge, the head of a new dissenting...

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Che cauern's VIM to Get - mang.

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Ours regular narrative left Queen Victoria and Prince Albert at the Palace of Briihl, after their return from seeing the illumination on the Rhine and at Cologne: an exhibition...

While agricultural societies are dining, and practical agricul- turists are

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listening to lectures and instructive speeches hortatory of improvement, the precarious state of the weather and the harvest remind them how little art has done to secure the...

For a week or so there has been quite a

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scarcity of Railway accidents ; but now they are happening again by the half-score or more at a time. The mere enumeration is startling. On the Great Western, three accidents....

The Times, carrying out its shrewd method of doing business

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in journalism, has sent its own Special Commissioner into Ireland, with instructions to report "from time to time "• and his reports have begun. He can scarcely describe what...

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Zbe iltittropolis.

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A numerous meeting of Southwark electors was held at the Bridge HOMO Hotel, London Bridge, on Monday evening, to receive a statement, vied noes, of Sir William Molesworth's...

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Ebt Probinces.

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The official declaration of the poll was made at Sunderland on Friday; when the numbers were pronounced to be—for Hudson, 626; Thomp- son, 498; majority, 128: and Mr. Hudson...

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The appointment of Mr. Theobald M'Kenna is fiercely attacked by the Dublin Evening Mail ; which draws from it a singular conclusion. At the elec- tion for Dublin in 1841, Mr....

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gorrign an Colonial.

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Grealraivr,—A religious excitement, consequent on the quasi-Protestant secession of John Rouge and his followers from the Roman Catholic Church, has broken out into overt acts...


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The nomination of candidates for representing the Stewartry of Kirkcud bright took place at the chief burgh on Friday; when Mr. Maitland of Dundreiman, Liberal, and Colonel...

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Last night's Gazette announces that Sir James Graham has appointed

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Mr. William Blainire and Mr. George Darby Enclosure Commissioners for England and Wales. The Morning Chronicle states, on the authority of' advices from Rio de Janeiro, that...

All three candidates were busy among the electors of Southwark

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last night. Sir William Molesworth met the inhabitants of a fresh district, in the large assembly-room of the Leather-market Tavern, at Bermondsey, which was well-filled; and he...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. The accounts of the Queen and Prince Albert conic down to Monday. They left Mayence before eight o'clock that morning, in a close carriage and four; with a...


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Sunday was the Dutchess of Kent's birthday, and was marked by the usual observances in the neighbourhood of London and the Royal resi- dences. The Queen Dowager, accompanied by...

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The French papers report disastrous consequences of the storm on

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Tuesday. Many vessels were lost upon the coasts. In the midst of the hurricane, at Rouen, a whirlwind came and swept the valley beyond Devine. The destruction was in-...

The latest date of the intelligence from Athens is the

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8th instant Metaxa r.b relgned; and the Senate had been swamped by the creation of sixteen new , almost all creatures of Coletti.

At a special general meeting of the East India Company,

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yesterday, Mr. George Thompson, in a long and somewhat vehement speech, moved a series of resolutions impugning the treatment of the Rajah of Sattara at the bands of the...

A paragraph stating that "Sir Robert Peel has settled out

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of his own . private purse 4001 a year on Mr. Bonham," was copied into the Globe from the Limerick Cirronicle. We are assured by apersonal friend of Mr. Bonham's, that the...

A frightful explosion occurred in the Jarrow Colliery, near South

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Shields, at tarci o'clock on Thursday morning. It happened in slow seam, where about ninety men and boys were at work; and it seems to be implied, (for the accounts skre...


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Am:iv - En—At Gravesend, 21st Aug. Humayoon, M•Kellar, from China. In the Downs, 20th, Romeo, Pollock, from Calcutta. Off Portsmouth, 21st, Windsor, Yarnell, from ditto. Off the...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AITEENOCE. - The English Funds have been rather firmer during the last few days; Con- sols for Money and Account having today been done at 994,iin4l New...

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THE - ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH TN GERMANY. Too little is known in this country of Ronge, Czersky, and their followers, to supply materials for an estimate of the character and...


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IT is a bad sign for any art when its anomalies are valued by its professors as beauties—a sign of rudeness or of decay. The Greek painters who carried on their craft in the...

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IN the bickerings between Great Britain and the United States, Jonathan is not to have all the absurdity to himself: patriotic individuals on this side of the water are bent...

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THE moist and foggy climate of England is proverbial with foreigners, and matter of half-melancholy joke with Englishmen themselves. The perpetual verdure of our fields bespeaks...


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THERE is one thing very mysterious about the annual "returns" from the moors. - While on Shap Fells and other Cumberland moors this baronet and t'other gentleman think they have...


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THE performances of the Italian Opera terminated on Thursday: and the unexampled success of the present season, which has produced little novelty, and has relied for its...

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BketChes Of Residence and Travels in Brazil ; embracing Historical and Geographical • Notices of the Empire and its several Provinces. By the Reverend Daniel P. Kidder, A.M....

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History of George the Third so far as he carried it on ; taking up the story in the early part of 1767, with the Parliamentary debates on the East India Company's affairs—which...

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IN a pleasant and unaffected preface, Mr. Leigh Hunt informs the reader that The Foster-Brother is the production of his son, Thornton Hunt ; and, with manly openness, gives a...

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from August 13th Co August Slit. BOOKS. Memoirs of the Reign of King George the Third. By Horace Walpole, youngest Son of Sir Robert Walpole, Earl of Orford. Now first...

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PRINTS OP THE SEASON—PROGRESS OP ENGRAVING. Pitmen are the wings with which an artist's fame flies over the world. The Continental reputation even of our painters depends...


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wirecurrre MUSICAL FESTIVAL. THE triennial meetings of the three Choirs of Gloucester, Worcester, and Hereford, form one of the old institutions of England which every lover of...

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On the 12th August, at Southampton, the Lady of Captain W. Tolland, of the Revd Engineers, of a daughter. On the 14th, at Sheringham Hall, Norfolk, the Lady of H. R. Upeher,...


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This magnificent work is just completed, by the publication of the con- cluding portion of its second volume; which is devoted to the Details and Ornaments of the Alhambra. The...

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Tuesday, Aug. 19. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Denton and Co. Bolton, hat-manufacturers—Carrington and Co. Devonport'printers ; as far as regards W. B. Carriugton—Maish and...


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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Seined. Monday Tuesday. Wednes. Thurs. Friday. 3 per Cent ConsoLs 99i 991 951 99 -- 99 Ditto for Account 991 991 961 99 99i 1 83 3...