23 AUGUST 1851

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The fiat has gone forth for the close of the Industrial Exhibition on the 11th of October. Thus die away, like smoke in the trans- parent air, any hopes that may have been...


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TitOSE who from their social position are naturally expected to as- sume the place of leaders in any general movement of the Roman Catholic body, appear to have looked coldly on...

The projectors of increased and accelerated intercourse between the British

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North American Provinces and the Mother-country by means of the establishment of a packet station at Galway, unable to persuade Government to adopt their views, have resolved to...

The elections of 1852 continue to occupy the imaginations of

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all parties in France, and give form and colon; to all their move- ments. • The latest rumours attribute to Ministers a project for averting disturbances apprehended from the...

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44t Aittrufulio.

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It was intended that the Queen's route from Buckingham Palace to the station of the Great Northern Railway, on the 27th, should be through Baker Street and along the New Road;...

Revolution appears to be making the tour of the globe.

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Even the supposed unchangeable China is visited by the spirit of mu- tability. Acoordiug to the latest intelligence from the " Central Flowery Land," it is highly probable that...

ht Court.

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Tax Royal Family remain at Osborne, in good rustic health. On Satur- day, the thirty-second birthday of the Prince Consort was celebrated by a gtot, and a great entertainment to...

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64t Prouittus.

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The British Arehmological Association has been celebrating its eighth anniversary this week, at Derby. Sir Oswald Mosley delivered an hie augural address on Monday. On Tuesday,...

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The great aggregate meeting in Dublin, of Roman Catholics from all parts of the United Kingdom, for the inauguration of the Catholic De- fence Association, was held on Tuesday ;...

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,fartign and Colonial.

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FRANCE.—The Parisian journals have been hardly tasked this week to supply news of interest. The trial of the Lyons conspirators has extended through the week, but has not...


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The progress of the Queen through Edinburgh will not be made so ex- citing an event to the citizens as it was last year, when there was the masenio ceremony of founding a public...

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Ail Italian num

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It is announced that the Queen will, as she returns Southwards from , Balmoral, on the 9th of October, visit Liverpool, Manchester, and Sal- ford ; making herself the guest of...

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The accounts of the harvest and crops from the various districts of the kingdom continue favourable : a good average crop may be expected, but hardly a superabundant one. We...

A public meeting, in connexion with the fifth anniversary of

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the Evan- gelical Alliance, was held in Exeter Hall yesterday evening ; the Hon- ourable Arthur Kinnaird in the _chair, The Reverend Ba,ptist Noel, the Reverend Mr. Kuntzey from...


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SATURDAY. We are happy to learn, from unquestionable authority, that Sir George- Grey has derived considerable benefit from the sea air, and is now very much better.—Morning...

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Broca EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The English Stock Market gave way in the commencement of the week, and prices declined from to 1 per cent; to rally again, however, until the...

A new musics association bus been formed, under the title

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of " The Orelunaal Society." Its object, in the words of the public announce- ment just put forth., is the performance of works in the highest class of orchestral music, with a...

As far as novelty is concerned, the blankest of all

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the blank weeks has been the one just past. M. Bouffe, after playing his two or three Old characters, has taken leave ; and the St. James's Theatre is engaged by the famous...

The Cologne Gazette has advices from Vienna of the 15th

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instant, an- nouncing the appearance of the British fleet under Admiral Parker off Tunis—on the errand of backing the policy of the "Turkish Sultan in call- ing to account his...

ilyntus Ruh .3iittsa.

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The disappearance of Madame Sontag's name, for two or three weeks,. from the bills of Her Majesty's Theatre, gave rise, of course, to many - on nits and rumours of disputes...

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TTIF, CHURCH AND HER RIVA LS. Nor to move, seems to be the resolve of the Church of England collectively, according to the judgment of her authorized mana- gers ; not to move,...


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" So long as railways are conducted by human agents," says Mr. John Ellis, M.P., Chairman of the Midland Railway Company, " they must be liable to accidents, however stringent...

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THE announcement that some of the Nizam's territory is to be seized for arrears of subsidy is coldly received, not because the English public is adverse to territorial...


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A REPORT from the Minister of Justice to the President of the French Republic has some points of interest, mainly of the statistical kind. It relates to the administration of...


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IT is a great mistake to attack the Caffre war, or any other war- fare of the kind. The war is immensely useful : it is a school of arms, without which our military men would be...

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rttrts to t4E Catty.

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THE EASTERN COIINTIES A.N.D BOUTH-WESTEILN ILAILVATS., , Butway, - WI August 1851. Sin—Tour last week's article -on the Railway Contusion suggests a re-, mark which I should...


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Tan act which first imposed a tax with reference to income was the 38th of George III. chapter 16, passed in 1798. By that act, Mr. Pitt, then Chancellor of the Exchequer, fixed...

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The Paris correspondent of the .Daily News writes—" The -contents

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of a luggage-train which arrived last week at the terminus of the Orleans Rail,- way, are destined 'to mark an epoch in the history of the _French navy, and to afford the...


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LETTER M.—INDUSTRIAL INVESTMENT AND COOPERATIVE COLONIZATION. Tall Mall, 18th August 18.51. SIR—I proceed now, in conclusion, to exhibit the organization by means of which the...

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IIIGNET'S HISTORY OF MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS. * THE sex, the fascinations, and the misfortunes of Mary Stuart, as well as the probable influence of her deposition, imprisonments,...

SHORTLAND'S NEW ZEALAND. * A VOYAGE along the coast of the

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middle island of the New Zealand group, from Banks's Peninsula to Foveaux's Straits, and a return journey by land, form the subject of this volume. The subordi- nate topics are...

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FIRST COUSINS. * IT is not very easy to discover the

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drift of Mr. A. O. Saxon's "Own Story," beyond that he is endeavouring to impress some philosophy in the form of a fiction. The " word to the reader," dated from the "New...

DM. vanasan's SERMONS. * CONSIDEP.ABLE knowledge of human nature, and the

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earnestness which arises from a strong conviction, expressed in a close and powerful style, are the literary characteristics that separate this volume from the mass of sermons....

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eltaliugg from t4t Vat %nub.

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COMMISSIONER TREMENHEERHS REPORT ON THE MINING DISTRICTS. Mr. Tremenheere was appointed under the act 5 and 6 Viet c. 99, to inquire into the operation of that act, and into...

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WAR-OFFICE, Aug. 19.—lst Beet. of Life Guards—A. W. Peyton, Gent. to be Cor- net and Sub-Lieut. by purchase, vice Lygon, promoted. 2d Life Gu ards—H. C. Lane, Gent. to be Cornet...


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the Official _Return.] of Ten Weeks 1841-50. Week of 1851. Zymotic Diseases 3,907 .... 342 Dropsy, Cancer, and other diseases of uncertain or variable seat 476 .......


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On the 26th May, at Hongkong, the Wife of the Lord Bishop of Victoria, of a son. On the 15th August, in Curzon Street, Mayfair, the Lady Catherine Wheble, of Hulmershe Court,...

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BRITISH FUNDS. Saturd. Monday- (Cloning Prices.) Tuesday. Wanes. Ihers. Friday. 3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Aceouut 961 961 961 96 961 113 96i 961 964 3 per Cents Reduced...

COMMERCIAL GAZETTE, Tuesday, August 19.

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PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLTED.-Abernethie and Hollingtons, Hackney Downs, market-gardeners ; as far as regards J. Abernethie-Abernethic and Hollington, Bromley, Middlesex,...


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ADMIRALTY, Aug. 15.-With reference to the plan of naval retirement which ap- peared in the London Gazette of the 27th June 1851, and to the promotion of officers which appeared...