23 FEBRUARY 1856

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Instead of approaching a solution, the Wensleydale Peerage question, in

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the House of Lords, only became more entangled as it advanced. The proceedings recommenced on Monday with the reading. of a letter from Lord Wensleydale, declining to appear by...


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By the close of this week most of the Plenipotentiaries will hive assembled in Paris ; the last, Count Orloff, having a special leave of delay until the 21st instant in...

A rather - remarkable tribute his.been paid by Austria to the

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importance of Sardinia,--an amnesty granted to the Lombard refugees residing beyond the frontier, that is chiefly in Piedmont. They are 'to be alleVedlwelve months to make their...

The great Speakership question, which kept the United States in

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suspense, has at last been settled, by favour of a breach of the standing constitutional law. The law is, that the Speaker of the HouSe of Representatives shall be appointed by...

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE WEEK. House or Loans. Monday, Feb. 18. Wensleydale Peerage ; Committee of Privileges—Business ; • Lord Redesdale's Motion. Tuesday, Feb. 19....

The sudden fate of Mr. Sadleir the Irish Member of

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Parliament is one of those visitations that come home to the personal feel- ings of the whole class which calls itself par excellence " society," and reminds it frightfully of...

Government has obtained a loan of 5,000,0001., and has fund-

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ed 3,000,0001. of Exchequer Bills, on its own terms—at the rate of about 90/. in Consols with prompt payment of instalments. There were the usual meetings and conversations at...

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ht (Court.

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QUEEN VicroatA held the first levee of the season on Wednesday, at St. James's Palace. It was a remarkable one, both because it was so fully attended, and because so many...

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A Special Court of Common Council was held on Tuesday, to receive the report of the Consolidated Committee on Mr. Lowe's Shipping Bill. The Committee reported against the bill ;...

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forrigu ulunial.

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$r dart.—Lord Clarendon and Lord Cowley arrived in Paris on Sri. turday evening, and on Sunday both had audience of the Emperor. Next day Count Buol-Schauenstein, and Count...


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Dr. M'Hale is endeavouring to rouse an opposition to the proposed ex- tension of reformatories for juvenile offenders to Ireland—such institu- tions would be favourable to a...


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The death of Mr. George Arkwright, which occurred on the 5th instant, caused a vacancy in the representation of Leominster ; and two candi- dates, both strangers to the town,...

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Mr. GLADSTONE ON THE PROGRESS OF FREE TRADE. —Some time since, the Manchester Chamber of Commerce prayed the Foreign Secre- tary, in a memorial, to use his influence at the...

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On the 12th February, at Barningbam Rectory, the Wife of the Rev. J. B. Ander- son, of a daughter. On the lith, at Aikenhead House, Lanarkshire, the Lady Isabella Gordon, of a...

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In applying to the Prussian House of Deputies, on Wednesday,

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for a vote of money, Baron Manteuffel said that the great crisis in the war could not yet be considered at an end. Prussia must continue her army in a fit state to take the...


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SATURDAY. The House of Lords last night presented an unusual appearance, indi- cative of the great interest felt in the question involved in the Wensley- dale Peerage. Besides...

Official statements-hare appeared during the week showing the state of

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several loans with which England is connected. The Greek Loan account shows a balance of 567„649/. in favour of this country and against Greece : nothing has been paid since...

The Gazette of last night states that the Queen has

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directed lettersa patent to be passed under the Great Seal, " granting the dignity of a Baron of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland unto Sir Gil- bert John...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. On Monday, the conditions of the New Loan and Funding of Exchequer Bills were announced in the presence of the Governor and Deputy-Governor of...

. A portion of the central stone staircase of the

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Shire Hall at Chelmaford, crowded yesterday with persons anxious to hear a trial for murder, fell, killed one lad, and seriously injured several persons. The murderer of the...

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#tatrts ank Music.

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The week now closing is one of those blanks in point of production that occur periodically about this time of year. Meanwhile, those who take interest in such matters have...

Mr. Anderson is giving English operas at Covent Garden ;

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where Balfe' s Bohemian Girl was produced on Monday evening. The only performer of note was Miss Lucy Eseott, a pretty singer and an agreeable actress. Mr. Haigh, who made his...

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The second performance of Costa's Eli took place at Exeter

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Hall last night, with the same cast of parts as before. The Sacred Harmonic So- ciety have already made arrangements for the production of this work at Dublin, Liverpool,...

Beethoven's Mass in C and Mendelssohn's Lobgesang were exceedingly well

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performed on Wednesday evening at St. Martin's Hall, under Mr. Hullah's direction. The singers were Mr. and Mrs. Sims Reeves, Miss Palmer i Mr. Thomas, and Miss Banks, a...


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Our illustrious musical veteran, John Braham, died, at his house in Brampton, on Sunday last. His public career ternthiated nearly ten years before. He has lived since in...


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[FROM A CORRESPONDENT.] Last Tuesday evening, at the Institution of Civil Engineers in Great George Street, there was something new under the sun. Contrary to rule and order,...


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Last year, Mr. Burford treated the town to a panorama of Sebastopol besieged : this year, we have a view representing the capture ; it might be called " Sebastopol—a...

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By the manner of opposing the creation of a Life Peerage, the dis- sident Law Lords have opened the question 'yet wider. They might, in all probability, so have conducted their...


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THE CONFERENCE AND FREE-TRADE. Snot:rim peace be concluded at Paris by the instrumentality of the Conference whose members are now assembling there, the de- liberations will...

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Bairn is one of the countries whom the caprices of our Foreign Office, under the impulse of bigotry, have excluded from friendly alliance with this country. It is a remarkable...


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ANOTHER exposure in our military systempromises to bring after it—if we may put faith in precedent—a further administrative reform. After some preliminary notice, Mr. Layard...

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DEATH visits us in the most unexpected forms ; and we are more impressed by the removal of a few of our fellow creatures in dis- tingnished places, or in sinar modes, than by...


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London, 18th. February 1856. Sre.—I am one of the unfair sex who consider the appointment of a female clerk in. the Civil Service as an injury to her sex. We have been in the...

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THE NATIONAL GALLERY: THE LAST PURCHASE. remptown, 20th February 1856. I have seen today, for the first time, the new picture in the National Gallery, attributed to Paul...

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SCOTT'S DANES AND SWEDES. * THE publication of this volume is in some degree a mistake. Mr. Laing told us about the Duchies of Schleswig-Holstein at the time when their war with...

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ALISON'S HISTORY OF EUROPE. * THE fifth volume of Sir Archibald

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Alison's History of Europe embraces various branches of his subject, extending over very varying intervals of time. In England, we have the history of the first Reform Ministry,...

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and many of the intellectual qualities of the poet Mr. Reade is eminent. He is not only copious but rich in diction ; his verse is harmonious and full resounding, for although...


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Booxs. The great book of thq,week, if its merits turn out in proportion to its bulk, is the three volumes of the American Mr. Motley's " Rise of the Dutch Republic." The...

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it filit.

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FROM THE LONDON GAZEITE, FEBRUARY 19. Partnerships Dissoired.—Menhiniek and Grant, Stanley Street, Pimlico, builders —Gladstone and Co. Bradford, Yorkshire, wine-merchants--B....

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BRITISH FUNDS. Salurd. (Closing Monday. Prices Tuesday. ) *edam Thurs. Friday. 3 per Cent Consols 901 91 902 901 901 901 Ditto for Account 901 911 901 901 911 911 3 per...