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Some of the French papers keep up the boiling cf

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their own rage about the Queen's visits by dint of constant stirring. They have indeed standing invectives against Great Britain, the occasion being left blank ; and of course...

Ireland still ferments as if it would burst its cork.

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Mr. O'Coar- NELL has been to Connemara, to see if the wild Irish of the West " hate the Saxon " as much as their countrymen in other districts. He found the people quite ready...


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Would that it were etiquette for sovereigns to follow the general fashion and make a book! Queen VICTORIA'S own account of her excursions, and of her observations and...

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The tumult in the Papal States, which Cardinal SPINOLA said

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he had suppressed on the 26th of August, continued on the 8th of September. Meanwhile, the Italian Governments somewhat suc- cessfully carry on their endeavours to suppress the...

ettteen Victoria'd Uisiit to tbe fetberlanItsi.

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THE time of the travellers has been well employed in Belgium ; for the people cooperated with the Royal host to give Queen Victoria and her consort such a reception as they will...

The existing Government of Spain, or rather the men who

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call themselves Ministers, appear to be fast approaching the last stage of confessed incompetency. In Barcelona, their Captain-General IS cooped up in his own citadel, and their...

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'Ube court.

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THE Queen and Prince Albert returned to England on Thursday. Preparations for their reception were made betimes at Woolwich ; offi- cial personages were assembled, and troops...

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Elbe Metropolis.

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A Court of Common Council was held or. Tuesday. Soon after the Court assembled, General Espartero, accompanied by the Dutchess de Victoria and Donna Elidia, and his Secretary,...

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Zbe Vrobinces.

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Birmingham has been rejoicing in its musical festival this week : and the occasion has attracted great numbers to the town, although the pro- gramme boasted less of peculiarity...

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A correspondent of the Dublin Pilot says, that, as an amends honor- able to the Irish bar, Mr. Frederick Shaw, the Recorder of Dublin, is to be made Lord Chancellor of Ireland...

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The Glasgow Saturday Post states that Mr. Houston junior, of John- atone Castle, the late Member for Renfrewshire, dropped down dead a few days ago, while shooting on the moors...

fforzign anb Spam.—There is little variation in the Spanish news.

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At Barcelona, on the 14th instant, matters remained on the whole much in the same state. The Captain-General Araoz was shut up in the citadel, and be had discharged 400 of his...

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A letter from Ostend states, that about five o'clock on Thursday the 14th, the two Queens, the King, and Prince Albert, went out on foot, without attendants, and walked for a...

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SATURDAY NIGHT. The news from Spain this morning is of the usual complexion. At Madrid, on the 16th, the position of the Government was as precarious as ever- " I have reason...

The Swabian Mercury of the 19th instant states, that the

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conference of the Commissioners from the German Customs Union had com menced at Berlin. Neither England nor France is represented this year at the Conference ; and it is known...

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A gross instance of Magisterial blundering has come to light

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in South Wales. About a month ago, the Pen-y-garn turnpike-gate, be- tween Carmarthen and Llandilo, was broken down for the second time ; and William Davis, a farmer, was...

There has been more business done at our Cloth-halls this

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week than for a long time past. Beavers of good qualities, pilot-cloths, heavy tweeds, and modern patterns in fancy-cloaking, continue in good de- mand ; and the stocks on band...

A leiter from Brussels says, that on Tuesday " the

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Queen of England and another personage departed in a chaise de poste to proceed to Waterloo. They were accompanied by General Goblet d'Alviella, the Minister for Foreign...

Prince Alexander of the Netherlands has arrived at Alnwick Castle,

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on a visit to the Duke and Dutchess of Northumberland, from Scotland. Ou leaving Mar Lodge, where his Royal Highness made a lengthened visit to the Duke and Dutchess of Leeds,...

The Globe of this evening mentions, as unworthy of credit

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however, a report "that overtures have been made by Sir Robert Peel to the leader of the Liberal party ; the object of the overtures being, by means of a coalition, to form not...

A numerous and respectable meeting of merchants, bankers, manu- facturers,

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and others, was held at the Assembly Rooms in Glasgow, on Thursday afternoon, for the purpose of memorializing Government on the subject of the Indian mails. The resolutions,...

Those who have French correspondence should attend to the follow-

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ing notice, which has been put up at the General Post-office in St. Martin's-le-Grand. " General Post (Ace, September 1843. "'With reference to the notice issued from this...

The proceedings at an adjourned meeting of the Repeal Association,

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on Thursday, are not without interest. In the first place, a letter from Mr. Connor to the Secretary was read : it ran thus- " Sir—In consequence of the general repudiation...

The Queen has been pleased to declare Field-Marshal his Royal

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Highness Prince Albert, KG., Captain-General and Colonel of the Ar- tillery Company, in the room of Augustus Frederick Duke of Sussex, deceased.—London Gazette, Sept. 22.


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The business of the Money Market has been very unimportant, and the prices are at a slight improvement; Console for Money and Account having reached 95k. We cannot notice any...

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THERE appears to be a real revival of trade : factories are again working, and not merely to augment accumulated stocks, or press goods down into glutted markets, but they are...


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THE OBSTACLE TO IRELAND'S IMPROVEMENT. PERHAPS the most instructive feature of the O'Comism.. mani- festo against the Queen's Speech, is the shadowy, unreal nature of most of...

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Or the shoals of sallow, smoke-dried citizens, who at this season rush to the coast, gasping for sea-breezes to ventilate their lungs, sonic thousands cross the Channel, seeking...


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IMAGINATION is the stronghold of royalty ; and royalty's strongest hold on the imagination is the prestige of antiquity. Among other marvels which Queen VICTORIA may have noted...

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The Story-Teller contains some unpublished verses by George Canning addressed to Mrs. Leigh, a lady of fortune, who had given him, apparently, the stuff for some...

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Ficitron, The Burgomaster of Berlin. Translated from the German of W. Alexis. In three volumes Saunders and Otley. POETRY. The Hope that is in us; a Poem Hatchard ....

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THE apparent objects of this religio-philosophical poem are, to establish the immortality of the soul from the immateriality of its nature, and to prove the truth of...

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WITH some ingenuity, these Letters are more pompous than pro- found : but as the currency must soon be dealt with in the form of a renewal of the Bank Charter, and as Mr....

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Tars volume professes to be founded on the "Journal and Letters of an Officer high in rank": and a few passages here and there have evidently been written by some off-hand...

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THE ENGLISH LYRIC STAGE, AS IT IS AND AS IT SHOULD BE. WITH SOME ACCOUNT OF AN OPERA BY THE LATE EGERTON WEBBE. Fr is a pointed and instructive fact, that the musical public...

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WAR.OFFICE, Sept. 22.—Royal Horse Guards—Cornet V. Corbet, to be Lieut, by purchase, vice Pauctor, who retires; the lion. G. W. Milt's tutu , ' Cornet. by put chase. vice...


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RE-EXHIBITION OF THE PRIZE CARTOONS. THE eleven Prize Cartoons are now exhibiting at the Suffolk Street Gallery ; where their merits may be more conveniently scrutinized than...


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ARRIVED—At Gravesend. 16th Sept. Narcissus, B thy, from Ceylon ; 19th, Pearl, Mackwood, from Ceylon. In the Downs, 21st. Agricola. Grayson ; and Tokeu. Chal- mers, from...


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BIRTHS. Ou the 7th September, at Hampstead. the Lady of Lieutenant-Colonel D. MACLEOD. of the 6th Madras Light Cavalry, of a son. On the 9th, at King s Pyon House,...

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Tuesday, September 19. PARTNERSHIPS DIMLY. D. Atkins and Jeyes, Northampton, nurserymen-Black and Gower, Notting-hill, nurserymen- M'Kinnon and Fraser, Manchester. chemists...


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BRITISH FUN DS. (Closing Prices.) Saturdayllonday. Tuesday. Wednes 3 per Cent. Consols 941 941 941 95 Ditto for Account 941 95 951 3 per Cents. Reduced shut 31 per Ceuta Reduced...