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Cowboy behaviour

The Spectator

The Munich business was the work of Arab guerrillas who, according to their own words, see nothing for it but to resort to violence; and their words and deeds are similar to...

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Galloping Consumption

The Spectator

It has emerged with the utmost clarity from the Chequers talks between the Government and the unions, that the national interest has suffered yet another defeat. We say this...

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Another Spectator's Notebook

The Spectator

During the hurly-burly of the present phase of debate about the national economy, enlivened as it has been by distinctive and characteristic contributions from Reggie Maudling...

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Political Commentary

The Spectator

Unsolicited communications Hugh Macpherson Mr Reginald Maudling has performed a signal service o the political world by publishing the memorandum he would have submitted to...

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The Longford Report

The Spectator

Anti-anti-porn George Gale One of the odder by-products of our age's public preoccupation with all matters sexual is Lord Longford's public concern with pornography. One of...

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The American scene

The Spectator

Misreporting the campaign Henry Fairlie Washington, DC For some years, the Jews in the United States, which means in New York in particular, have been growing increasingly...

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Richard Luckett on Solzhenitsyn and the battle of Tannenberg

The Spectator

Men deprived of their clothes by an earthquake or railway accident — so Virginia Woolf described the Russian writers as they appear in English translation. Since she wrote the...

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. . . and another (interim) view

The Spectator

Auberon Waugh The first twenty chapters of Solzhenitsyn's many-volumed account of events leading up to the Russian Revolution provide as good an opportunity as any to discuss...

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No one under the influence

The Spectator

Denis Brogan For Goft Sake, Go! Sir George Catlin (Colin Smythe £5) I found Sir George Catlin's latest book extremely interesting but extremely depressing. What depressed me...

European mandarins

The Spectator

Norman Stone Europe in the Twentieth Century George Lichtheim (Weidenfeld and Nicholson £4.50) Civilisation is in the eye of the beholder; and George Lichtheim has a peculiar...

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Other people's babies

The Spectator

Minette Marrin The Rise and Fall of the British Nanny Jonathan Gathorne-Hardy (Hodder and Stoughton £3.95) When a writer has the originality to annex the obvious, his book is...

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The Spectator

Bookbuyer The Descent of Women by Elaine Morgan, which is in itself a fairly questionable history, already has one. Ernest Hecht got hold of the book here and sold it to Sol...

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The Spectator

Man with a trunk Christopher Hudson There is a hero of Johnny Got His Gun (' X ' Cameo-Poly) but we never see his face, because it has been shot away. Johnny is Joe Bonham, a...

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; Television

The Spectator

That old feeling Clive Gammon Unwontedly, a macabre vision overcame me last week as the BBC blurbed its 'new' autumn schedules and the honest face of P.C. Dixon started...


The Spectator

Warm welcome Evan Anthony It could be fairly charged that I have been second to some in my appreciation of work shown at the gallery of the Gimpel Fils, having often felt...

13ritannia's man

The Spectator

Benny Green The reappearance, in paperback form, of Erskine Childers's The Riddle of the Sands draws attention to a book which would read strangely at any time, but doubly so...

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Will Waspe

The Spectator

None of the reports I saw earlier this week about the 'blacking' of British Lion films unless they are made at Shepperton Studios has made clear the full extent of the union...

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Country Life

The Spectator

Over the stubble Peter Quince The fields of stubble don't survive for very long nowadays. Either they are burned off by the uncompromising demands of modern farming, or they...

The Good Life

The Spectator

The food you will be wearing Pamela Vandyke Price Years ago I heard James Laver propound a delightful theory about styles of architecture being a reflection of current...

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The Spectator

Snow scene Carol Wright There is nothing so demoralising as skiing for sorting out the sheep from the mountain goats. I am definitely the former. It is for the sheep to the...

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Charities and VAT

The Spectator

Sir: As Director Secretary of Registered Charity No. X97009A, may I draw the attention of my fellow secretaries to the fact that members' subscriptions to all bodies will be...

Treating crime

The Spectator

Sir: Your leading article on 'Crime and punishment' (September 2) misses the whole point of the case against the prison mess. It Is true that about seven-eighths of the prison...

UN votes

The Spectator

Sir: One is weekly in your debt as the only publication which consistently tells basic truths about public matters. Your reminder that the General Assembly of the United...

The new Europe

The Spectator

Sir: Your leader claims that we do not know what sort of Europe Mr Heath plans, even though, as you point out, he has compared it to the Europe of Charlemagne, Napoleon and...


The Spectator

Sir: As you truly remark in your article on vivisection by Bernard Dixon (Sept 9) there is today a groundswell of interest in the matter among members of Parliament, 137 of whom...

News at Waterloo

The Spectator

Sir: The passage about the illuminated moving sign at Waterloo Station which appeared in the Skinflint column of the September 9 issue has been brougt to my attention and I am...

The future pound

The Spectator

Sir: In your article (August 26) entitled 'The pound, Europe and the future' you complain of French insistence that the pound should return to a fixed rate and that if we did so...

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The Spectator

Sir: Dr Bazarov's intemperate abuse of my person (Letters, September 9) can be safely left unanswered as long as it stays just this side of the libel laws. However, he also...

Sir: Dr Bazarov's case against Mr Burg and Mr Feifer

The Spectator

(Letters, September 9) is hardly strengthened by personal rudeness. His belief that Burg and Feifer wrongly interpreted one event two years ago is not sufficient evidence to...

Sniping at Liberals

The Spectator

Sir: It would surprise me if Mr Hugh Macpherson concludes his regular outpourings of anti-Liberal Party venom with anything amounting to journalistic selfrespect. His latest...

Ugandan Asians

The Spectator

Sir: Bernard Levin contributes a two-column article regularly from London, once a fortnight, to the American controlled, Paris based, International Herald Tribune. There is...

Juliette's Weekly Frolic

The Spectator

Juliette is on holiday, basking in success and probably in sunshine. So, perhapi, are those of her followers who went along with her reading of the stars and the form-book in...

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The market, the Governor and Skinflint

The Spectator

Nicholas Davenport This week I have perforce to deal with Skinflint and the Governor of the Bank of England. Skinflint bet me £1 that the FT 'thirty' index would sink to 450...

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Skinflint's City Diary

The Spectator

I HAVE been late discovering Ivor Catt's book The Cott Concept — the new industrial Darwinism which was published in April by Rupert Hart-Davis at £1.25. It is an amusing book....

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The Spectator

Oh! to be in England . . . Nephew Wilde The beautiful thing about going abroad is that it always makes one appreciate home so much more. The verse of Wordworth, "I travelled...

Account gamble

The Spectator

Back into BP John Bull I had the feeling of the man who backs the outsider to win in the Derby when I saw the BP share price stagger under the impact of lousy second quarter...

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The Spectator

An impatient patient's impressions of hospital Robert Dent "Hello, Mr Dent, how are you today?" "Very well, thank you," I — and a dozen or so wardmates — dutifully reply to...

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The Spectator

A cunning technique Bernard Dixon The scientists who work for the US Bureau of Sport, Fisheries and Wildlife are an ingenious crowd. Their latest brainchild, a discovery of...


The Spectator

Success stories Custos During the last seven days, there have been two successes for The Spectator's Welfare State section. Last week's circular on homeless single people...