24 APRIL 1841

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Ireland, says Mr. O'CoNNELL, is enjoying a longer interval of

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tranquillity than ever she knew before: and her rulers are not to be denied some credit for having, in whatever way, broken the spell of perennial rebellion. Yet the boasted...


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BOTH Houses of Parliament have met after the Easter recess ; and That the members of both immediately began their London busi- ness with zeal—that is, their dining and...

The journals of the week record more public meetings in

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the country than have occurred in any one week lately. A few Tory Members of Parliament have gone to meet their friends and exchange speeches with local orators at "Conservative...

Another vote of the "working majority" is in jeopardy. Whigs

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are not immortal; and though the appointment to the Stewardship of the Chiltern Hundreds might be denied, the fiat of the grim tyrant cannot. Gallant General FEaotrtion has been...

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Debates an 113roteenings in Varliantent.

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OPENING THE REGENT'S PARK. On Tuesday, Mr. EWART moved an address to the Queen, praying that the propriety of the whole of the Regent's Park being thrown open to the public...

By some fatality, or by some extraordinary luck for the

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lover of open questions, every success in the East is sure to be accompanied by defeat. The Ministry opposed to MEHEMET Ail at Constan- tinople has been turned out, and a...

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Int Tourt.

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THE close of the Easter bolydays has broken up the retirement of the Court at Windsor. The Queen and Prince Albert arrived at Bucking- ham Palace soon after five o'clock on...

Zbe Metropolis.

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At a Court of Aldermen, on Tuesday, a petition was presented from Mr. Scales, whose election as Alderman for Portsoken Ward had been successfully contested at law by the Court,...

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Zbe Vrobincts.

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The town of Nottingham is in a ferment with the pending election of a Member in the room of Sir Ronald Ferguson. The friends of the two candidates, Mr. Walter, the Anti-Poor-law...

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The Galway Advertiser and the Evening Mail both state that "Lord Ffrench has resigned his office of Deputy-Lieutenant for the county of Galway, because Lord Ebrington declined...

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On Wednesday, Prince Albert inspected the Sixtieth Regiment of Rifles, in the Home Park at Windsor. Before quitting the ground, he expressed his satisfaction at the discipline...


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The great Free Trade dinner at Glasgow, which has been for some weeks the subject of preparatory announcements in the news- papers throughout the country, took place on Tuesday,...

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The newest of the many fallacious reports about the President

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is that. it has actually been heard of at Bermuda. A letter was received last night, by Mr. Green, a merchant of London, from his brother at Bris- tol; on the outside of which...

The Lord Chancellor has been indisposed this week ; so

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much so, that he was absent one day from his court. He is now better ; and last evening his Lordship and Lady Cottenham gave a grand ball and assembly, in Bruton Street :...

According to the Courier of this evening, it is reported

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in the City, that the shareholders of the British Iron Company, of which Mr. Lae- pent, the candidate for Nottingham, is chairman, are about to stare Major Richardson as a...


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STOCK EXCITANGIC, FRIDAT AYTtaff0011. The business of the week has not been extensive, neither have the fluctua- tions of the English Funds been considerable. The Money-market...

The same party of Members of the House of Commons

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that met on the 20th of February at the Thatched House Tavern, to consult upon the revision of the Tariff, assembled again today at the same place, to the number of about forty....

The Times of this morning concludes an articles on the

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subject of Lord Cardigan's recent exhibition at Hounslow, and the rebuke con- veyed to him in the General Order from the Horse Guards, with a recommendation of Parliamentary...

Commodore Napier was entertained at Manchester, on Wednesday, much as

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he had been at LiverpooL His speech at the splendid dinner' which the Corporation gave him in the Town-hall was generally a re- petition of the Monday's speech ; but it contains...


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The private view of this most delightful exhibition, today, was a coni plete jam of artists and amateurs; Sir Roamer PEEL being the most distinguished among the latter. From the...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. The House of Commons last night went into Committee on the bill for transferring the Equity business of the Court of Exchequer to the Court of Chancery. On the...

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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. 8th April 1841. SIR—Reform of the medical profession is very much needed; but it seems that we cannot get the Legislature to pay attention to...


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THERE needs no other proof of the present incompetency of the Eng , - lish people to appreciate the merits of a musical work of high eminence than the fate of WEBER'S Oberon....


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, Arrived—At Gravesend, April 18th, Carnatic, Vies, from Bengal; 20th, Ida, Pass- more, from Madras; Emu, Howard, from Van Diemen's Land; and Richard Mount, Lougridge, from...

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WHEN Mr. HENRY PHILLIPS withdrew abruptly from the English Opera-house, which he and some other performers had opened under the management of Mr. BALFE for their mutual...

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THE FIVE-POUND FRANCHISE FOR IRELAND ABANDONED. TIIE bubble has burst : the five-pound net rating qualification of Lord MORPETH'S Irish Registration Bill is to be raised to...


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Wisnom has been drawn once more from Egypt ; this time not in myths or mysteries, or in Arab versions of the Greek philosophies, but from a newer school. Three of the greatest...

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COLERIDGE in one of his works expressed regret that the science of casuistry had fallen into neglect—that branch of moral inquiry to which huge tomes were devoted by the divines...


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Yous most telling humour is that which flows spontaneously, without being forced by the unconscious utterer ; and there was something very amusing the other eight in the serious...

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MANNERS AND CUSTONIS. TheZiucali ; or an account of the Gipsies of Spain. With an Original Collection, of their Songs and Poetry, and a copious Dictionary of their Language. By...


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THE pressure from without, reinforced by the Marylebone Vestry, and directed in Parliament by the persevering efforts of Mr. Ewairr,, has caused the barriers excluding the...

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THE Society for the Promotion of Popular Instruction, under whose auspices this and some other volumes have been published, is a body that seems to rely more upon the works it...

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Tworow scarcely the size of the smallest pamphlet, this little poem is too pretty a bit of pastoral painting to be passed without some words of welcome. Of the various...


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Booxs. Selections from the Despatches and General Orders of Field-Marshal the Duke of Wellington. By Lieutenant-Colonel GURWOOD, Esquire to his Grace as Knight of the Bath. A...

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NEW WATER-COLOUR SOCIETY. THE exhibition of the Junior Water-Colour Painters opened to the public on Wednesday, at their gallery in Pall Mall, next to the British Institution....

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Tuesday, April 20. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Greening and Courtier, tailors—I. and A. J. Davis, Bull Head Court, Newgate Street, wholesale-furriers—Brindley and Walters, Leek,...


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WAR oyster, April 23.—CohLstream Regt. of Foot Guards—Eusign J. Halkett, from the 29th Foot, to be Ensign and Lieut, by purchase. vice Woodford, who retires. 14th Foot —Ensign...


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BIRTHS. On the 19th inst., in Great Cumberlaud Place, the Lady of GEORGE ROBERT SMITE, Esq.. M.P.. of a son. On the 13th inst., at Stonehouse, Devon, the Lady of Lieutenant...

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BRITISH Saturday FUNDS, Monday. (Closing Tuesday. Prices.) Widnes. Thurs. Friday. aver Cent. Cousols 901 901 901 901 90* 901 Ditto for Account 904 90* 90k 901 90* 90* 3...