24 APRIL 1847

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ALTHOUGH our Ministers have minimized discussion in Parlia- ment on their Education scheme, they have not altogether suc- teded in evading it : although their course of...

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The position into which the Premier has finally settled on

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the Short-time Bill is one among the many signs of irresolution and weakness. The Cabinet is divided on the measure, for and against it : so is the Premier himself. He is for...

King Frederick W il liam prepared far himself a pageant in his

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Prussian Diet; but the newly-created body can speak for itself. His puerile attempt to concede a Rep tative Legislature to his country, and yet to frustrate it, bas excited a...

The Morning Chronicle discloses a curious piece of Ministerial mismanagement

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in election affairs. The Liberal electors of Lon- don City had arranged a list of four names for their candidates at the general election : they were, Lord John Russell, Mr....

Brbates ant Wroctoings in giariinnwnt. •

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EDUCATION. That on the " orders " of the House of Commons fbr Monday, stood the application of Lord John Russell for the Educational grant, to be pre- faced by a statement. An...

The external turmoil on the Education question has passed its

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climax. It has never been of a very real character. One sign of this is the mass of petitions which loads the table of the Commons, and fills the Votes with whole sheets of...

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g bt eourt.

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THE Royal history this week has been barren of incident. The Queen has' continued at Buckingham Palace; and the Dutchess of Kent visited her on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday....

tray filttropolfs.

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The United Wesleyan Committees of Privileges and Education have issued to the members of the connexion throughout the country a narra- tive of their proceedings in reference to...

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itbt Vrobintes.

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The Liverpool Standard has published an account of the Irish immigra- tion into Liverpool. From the 1st of January to the middle of April, as many as 138,528 Irish have landed...

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The appearance of proclamations in the Gazette, convening Extraordi- nary Presentment Sessions for the 26th and 29th April, gives colour to the rumour that the cessation of...


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We have high authority for confirming the report of an early dissolution, of Parliament. The event may be looked for about the middle of JULLI4, and it is intended that both...

_foreign anti Colonial.

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Paussia.—The United Prussian Diet proceeded on the 15th to consider the address in answer to the King's speech. The discussion was very ani- mated; and the language used was...

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On the 11th April, In Scotland Street, Edinburgh, the With of John Hill Burton, Bet., Advocate, of a daughter. On the 15th, at Bennington Vicarage, the Wife of the Rev. George...

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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY APTERNOOK. A considerable amount of business occurred on Tuesday; the demand for Con- sols for investment being so great that the jobbers found...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. Another amendment on the Education scheme formed the chief subject of discussion in the House of Commons last night. Lord Joust RUSSELL having moved the order...

At a meeting held the other day in Limerick, to

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thank Captain Forbes and the American people for their active sympathy in furnishing supplies of food, a Mr. Cullen attacked Lord Lansdowne for not contributing towards a fund...

The packet-ship Rainbow has brought accounts from New York to

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the 3d in- stant. Vera Cruz was invested by General Taylor's forces, both by sea and land, on the 15th of March. The operations were conducted very quietly; hardly a shot being...

Lord John Manners has issued a farewell address to the

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electors of Newark, retiring from Parliament, on no political grounds 4 but for some unexplained reason: "The motive which induces my retirement, he says, "forbids me to say...

The Grieco-Turkish affair is growing more involved. Diplomatic relations with

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Greece had ceased at Constantinople on the 7th instant. At Athens, on the 10th, a Ministerial crisis was going on, but little about it was publicly known. Meanwhile, there have...

Advices from Naples mention the death of Lord Rokeby, in

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that city, on the 7th instant. He was an Irish Peer, and unmarried. He is succeeded by his brother, Colonel John Montagu. Dr. W. A. Shirley, the recently appointed Bishop of...

Letters from Rome, of the 9th instant, report that the

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French Ambassador had detected a plot to assassinate the Pope. The conspirators were to draw lots; the one thus selected to crave audience, and strike the fatal blow. M. Rossi...

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" A young lady," not yet publicly named, appeared at

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the Princess's on Thursday, as Amino in the Sonnambula. We had not the pleasure of being there; but if we may trust the consentaneous reports of other journals, the young lady's...

At the St. James's Theatre, Mademoiselle Rose Cheri continues to

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bask in the light of Royal patronage. Irene, ou Is Magnetism, an English ver- sion of which utterly failed at the Princess's, has proved her greatest suc- cess, from the...

CONCERTS AND MUSICAL MEETING& The Royal Society of Musicians held

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its hundred-and-ninth anniversary festival on Monday, in Freemasons HalL This festival consists of a dinner, numerously attended by professional persons and dilettanti; and the...


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Aisatvzo—At Gravesend, 20th April, Barham, Gimblett ; and Southampton, Bowen, from Calcutta. In the Channel, 21st, Competitor, Hyde, from Australia; Amiga, Penny, from China ;...


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The Italian Operahouses have produced no novelty this week. But Mario's first appearance, since his transfer of allegiance from King Lumley to the new monarchy, or oligarchy, or...

An amateur theatrical performance is announced to take place at

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the St. James's Theatre on Tuesday next, for the benefit of the distressed Irish and Scotch. The attractionevnt forth in the programme are, Mrs. Butler as Julia in the...

We have now, literally and bond fide, got " Jenny

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Lind at last." " The Swedish Nightingale" arrived a week ago. She has several times been seen in public; at both Italian Operas, and the ALcient Concert, where she produced all...

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THE NEGATIVE AND THE POSITIVE. TVE existing paralysis, the delusive quiet, which seems to favour those who have the present conduct of public affairs, seduces them to the...


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fallacious to apply the voluntary principle which. has been successfully established in the corn-trade to education, not only is there no analogy between the cases, but in fact...

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r. TM: vacuum created by emigration would be soon filled up ; and after a few years we should have nothing to show for the cost. This is - an objection of reasonable political...

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HISTORY, Byways of History. from the Twelfth to the Sixteenth Century. By Mrs. Percy Sinnett. In two volumes. Longman and Co. TRAVELS, Recollections of Malta, Sicily, and the...


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Ocra law-courts furnish illustrations of manners which will amaze posterity, and may even amuse contemporaneity. Inter &list, one of the most entertaining is the finikin...


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'" THE parish " is insurgent, and begins to triumph over the fears of the legislators, insomuch that the Health of Towns Bill is threatened. This would be a curious victory of...

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MRS. WILLIAMS having been recommended to winter in a milder climate on account of delicate health, Mr. Williams determined to carry his fa- mily to Malta. The Oriental Steam...

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Brows of History, from the Twelfth to the Sixteenth Century. By Mra. Percy Sinnott. In two volumes. Twin Years Ago; a Tale. By the Author of " Letters to my Unknown Friends."...


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TALE authoress of Letters to my Unknown Friends appears as a reli- gious novelist in the book before us; perhaps without exhibiting so much of the " tares atque rotundas "—the...

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We have received some further statements and correspondence respecting the

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dispute between the Royal Institution of Scotland and the Royal Scot- tish Academy of Paiuting, Sculpture, and Architecture. The Institution has formally withdrawn the personal...


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Tuesday, April 20. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Eden and Denton, Hartlepool, ship-brokers-Chlnnock and Co. Piccadilly, patentees of self-acting furniture -..T. and J. Heaton,...


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THE NEW SOCIETY OF PAINTERS II WATER COLOURS. Tim annual exhibition of the New Society of Painters in Water Colours is one of the most agreeable collections in town, to look...


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OFFICE OF ORDNANCE, April 19.-Royal Regt. Artillery-First Lieut. G. Wilder to bo Second Capt. vice the Hon. F. Settle, retired on half-pay ; Second Lieut. W. H. Blair to be...

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F U ND S. (Closing Prices.) Bawd. Monday. Tuesday. reebsee. Thurr. — 8 4 87 fin 87 87 861 871 814 661 661 :S 67 i 8,51 87 85 871 881 88 871 s 9 9 9 9 194 — 193 193 195 —...