24 DECEMBER 1859

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HAVE we not passed the shortest day ? Are not the clouds which have hung over. Europe beginning to break ? Are not the leading intelligences of the political world getting the...

By the ordinary channels of information we have a report

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of the proposal made by General Scott to Governor Douglas for the joint occupation of the island of San Juan. The General pro- poses that each party shall place a small guard of...

Leading members of the Catholic Laity in Ireland are coming

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forward to show that they are not carried away by vulgar and ignorant prejudices. mt. John Ballpthe late Under-Secre- tary for the CdhAfies,lias bet okett'a'meaFrate Ittid fat...

The Spanish army is in Africa. This is almost a

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correct summary of the war in Morocco. Marshal O'Donnell's troops, 40,000 strong, occupy certain wooded heights south-west of Ceuta, having the fortified pensinsula on which...

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The appearance of Lord Palmerston at the annual meeting of

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the Romsey Labourers' Encouragement Association was one of - the most characteristic and interesting of the statesman's minor achievements. At the meeting in the afternoon and...


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The anniversary of the Romsey Labourers' Encouragement Association, held on Wednesday, brought out Lord Palmerston in a character which always suits him. He first gave away the...

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Ties QUEEN and the Royal Family returned from Osborne to Windsor Castle, on Wednesday, for the Christmas holidays ; and on Thursday the Prince Consort, with the Prince of Wales,...

THE VOLUNTEER MOVEMENT. The universality of the Volunteer movement in

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Great Britain renders it impossible to give its details. In the Metropolis new corps are spring- ing up every week, and in the provinces every day. Scotland has shown that the...


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The usual Wardtuotes were held in the City on the 21st to elect members of the Common Council and Ward officers. There were several contested elections, considerable speaking,...

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The Reading Conservatives have determined to bring up Mr. Ralph Benson in opposition to Sir Francis Goldsmidt, and to return him free of expense, in order to prove that en...

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The Ulster folks have taken and they are keeping the lead in a sound course of policy touching education in Ireland. We noticed, last week, the prospectus of the new Association...

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A number of the citizens of Glasgow have adopted a memorial to Lord John Russell praying that in dealing with the Italian question he will stand fast on the principles he...

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Smut —Preparations for the Congress are now proceeding in full vigour. The second Plenipotentiary of France will be the Prince de la Tour Auvergne. The Marquis Antonini has...

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The local rank of Lieutenant-General in China has been granted to Major-General Mansfield. Are we to ;infer from this that Sir William Mansfield and not Sir Hope Grant will...

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SATURDAY AFTERNOON. The papers in anticipation of the Bombay mail of the 26th November arrived in London yesterday. "They contain much interesting intelli- gence. The summary...

Intelligence from Paris yesterday notified to the public dart "

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the French Cabinet has by telegraph informed the Powers concerned that the opening of the Congress will not take place before the 19th January next." The Constitutionnel of...

Tho Times publishes a very remarkable dialogue between a French-

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man and Englishman, apropos of our defensive preparations, and the al leged hostile intentions of the French, in which the Frenchman cate- gorically states the extent and object...

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Mr. Henry Petre, a Roman Catholic gentleman, has published in

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a contemporary a protest against the Declaration, which the Tablet says is the expression of the opinons of the Roman Catholic laity of Great Britain. Mr. Petro maintains, that...

We appear to have given countenance to an erroneous report

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that the Ladies' Bazaar, in Rathbone Place, was under the superintendence of Mrs. Sidney Herbert. A letter from the Secretary of the institution requestsous to contradict the...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. Business in the market for English Securities has been dull, transactions showing a disposition to sell for realization. Consols were first...

Mr. John L. Tabberner, of • Chelsea, has written to

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the Chancellor of the Exchequer, recommending direct in preference to indirect taxation, and suggesting a graduated property-tax, with a grant of the franchise to all persons so...

Mr. Albert Smith, we regret to state, had an "apoplectic

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seizure" yesterday, so severe us to cause " the greatest apprehension to his friends."

BARON LIEBIG ON SEWAGE MANUftg.' n .1 " Baron Liebig has addressed

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a long letter to Alderman Mechi; 1 supporting that gentleman's efforts for the restoration to the a of the elements of production removed from them in the shape of human food....

A fire, involving the loss of four lives and injury

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to several persons, oc- curred yesterday in Little George Street, Westminster. It so happened that the fire broke out in the lower part of the house. Mrs. Bilson first threw her...

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A long series of theatrical treats is offered this year for the recreation of that large multitude which, differing from the Dean of Carlisle, asso- ciates pantomime and...

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TILE moox's AXIAL MOTION. Sin—Upwards of three years ago, Mr. Jellinger Symons, in a corre- spondence with me regarding some apparatus I had prepared in connexion with this...


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L'Amant Bourru, an old comedy originally brought out in 1777, when it made a considerable sensation, chiefly on account of the celebrated actor, Mole, who played one of the...

The week before Christmas is always barren of dramatic and

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musical intelligence, the purveyors for the public being engrossed with the preparations for their holiday entertainments. Such being the case, the novelty at the Covent Garden...

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28th Nocember, 1&59. San—Your advocacy of an extension of the labour market for women is most encouraging to the friends of that movement, although you do not endorse all the...


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Tottenham, 22d December. khu—Alay1, through you, request Mr. Jellinger Symons to point out the i faulty place i n the following short demonstration. The moon (like the earth)...


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On the 11th of October. at Barrackpore, near Calcutta, East Indies, Lady Hear- sey, of a daughter. On the 12th of December, at the Hague, the Wife of W. Hope, Esq., Attache to...

North Brixton, 16th December 1859.

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Stn — The Manchester " Cotton Supply Reporter" of this day, amongst many interesting papers, has the following, which I hope you will be good enough to republish. " It is now...

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Could statesmen shake off preconceptions which belong pro- perly to the puerile sera of the world's history, the work which just now oppresses the brain and conscience of Europe...


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the question of Italy may be settled in accordance with Christian principles and sound policy is strengthened by the latest manifestation from Paris. Since the foregoing paper...

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IN the midst of so many painful and questionable proceedings now going on, in Ireland, there' is some consolation in the fact that the clear-headed men of one part of the...


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Ii few cases has capital punishment been less questionable than in that of Captain John Brown, at Charlestown. The only doubt that can be urged against it specifically is...

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THE Times having challenged the suggestion of "a good substi- stute for church-rates,"—a "feasible plan which would sustain our parish churches without religious strife and...


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Twene is always danger in any sweeping accusation, and when we say that the commercial public appears at present to be carried away by a delusion of no high order, we must be...

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THE Volunteer movement has now been extended throughout the length and breadth of the island. It is only in a few towns where short-sighted mortals hold sway, like Rochdale,...

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LORD DUNDONALD'S AUTOBIOGRAPHY.. At the close of his eighty-fourth year, but with a mental vigour that shows no sign of age, the Earl of Dundonald is giving to the world the...

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tide of tendency,' says Sir John Bowring,' is giving more and more importance to the oriental world." To • A Visit to the Philippine Islands. By Sir John Bowring, LL.D.,•F.R.S.,...

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A POET, like a flower, should be judged of by. himself, and not by comparison with other poet-3, or by the sectarian standards they and certain critics have set up. Thus we do...

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THE COHNHILL MAGAZUCE. * WE scarcely remember a better beginning than

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that made by the Cornhill Magazine. The issue of such a volume at the price is a wonder ;.- the quantity alone is considerable-128 octavo pages for one shilling: but the quality...

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We have to correct an error in our last issue. Baron Bunsen's " Egypt's Place in Universal History" will be published not by Messrs. Chapman and Hall, but by Messrs. Longman and...


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At Mr. Murray's last trade sale nearly 8000 copies were subscribed for of Captain M`Clintock's NARRATIVE OF rain DISCOVERY OF TDB FATE OF SIM ,TORN FRANKLIN AND HIS COMPANIONS,...

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Iir.asty Faser, Victoria Road, Lower Road, Islington, oilmen-Ross= DAPLTN, Dies, Norfolk, grocer-Isaac Tuomes PERRINS, Dudley, Worcestershire, iron-merchant-Rtenaan CASTLE,...

Mu. MAcIAN OF SKYE.-But my chief delight here is my

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friend and neighbour, Mr. Madan. He was a soldier in his youth : is now very old- ninety and odd, I should say. He would strike one with a sense of strange- ness in a city, and...


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