24 JANUARY 1846

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The ante-sessional agitation of Free-trade and Protection may be said

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to have closed. Meetings may still go on ; but the Peers and Members who have graced them hitherto are drawn to Lon- don ; and the valour displayed in skirmishes has been trans...


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ONE of the most important sessions that Parliament ever held opened on Monday ; and the proceedings of the first day took all the world by surprise—even those who expected much...

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Debates anb Vroreebings in Varliantent.

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OPENING OF THE SESSION. UNUSUAL interest being felt in the opening of this session, large crowds collected in the line of the procession from Buckingham Palace to the Houses of...

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ibt Court.

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THE Queen and Prince Albert left Windsor Castle on Wednesday, fbr Buckingham Palace, in order to the opening of Parliament on Thursday. They reached town by the Great Western...

21Lbt Sfiltttopolis.

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A Court of Aldermen was held on Tuesday. The sitting was wholly occupied with a discussion on the right of Visiting Magistrates to take the evidence of one convict against...

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gbe thobtncts.

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Colonel Hall, of the Second Life Guards, a high Protectionist, was nominated and elected for the borough of Buckingham, on Tuesday, with- out opposition. There was a good deal...

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§oreign ant( eolonittl.

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Fitairca.—The discussion on the address, in the Chamber . of Peers, ter- minated on Friday evening: the address was carried by 120 to 23; a result which was understood greatly...


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The latest accounts from Dublin represent the fears on the score of the potato crop as increasing rather than otherwise: it is apprehended that the actual effect of the scarcity...

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The Ministerial leaders in both Houses of Parliament gave the custom- ary dinners on the day previous to the commencement of the session. On Wednesday the Duke of Wellington...

Both Houses assembled today, and after disposing of some routine

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busi- ness, proceeded, at two o'clock, to Buckingham Palace to present their res- pective addresses to the Queen. The Lord Chancellor was accompanied by Earl Howe, Lord...


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SATURDAY NIGHT, Only the House of Commons sat last night. The proceedings formed an interesting appendix to those of Thursday; though they may, and must, be briefly described....

Summonses were issued this morning to all the Ministers, (by

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direction of Sir James Graham ) to attend a Cabinet Council at the Foreign O ffi ce on Monday next, at one o'clock precisely.—Standard. Mr. Archer Gurney, of Rock Vale, Devon,...

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We are indebted to the courtesy of the Morning Chronicle for being made aware of a very lengthy and elaborate attack on the Spectator—a whole columnfnl of well-contrived...


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1st Month 1846. RESPECTED FRIEND—I am a subscriber to the Spectator, and a reader of some other weeklies, London and local; and what I am about to state is perhaps no news to...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. There was a marked change for the better in the market on Monday and Tuesday: upon which days prices advanced 1 per cent. This improvement was...


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The Florist, barque, loading at Tutocoreou, was dismasted and driven on shore on Hare Island on the 2nd Dec., during a gale, and It is feared will go to pieces. The Caledonia,...

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THE French plays have lately received an unexpected accession of talent of a remarkable kind, in the person of M. Laferriere, of the Gymnase. The new star was visible for the...

With the exception of comical concoctions with culinary titles,—the Phantom

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Breakfast, a version of L'Omelette Fantastique, at the Adelphi; and Too many Cooks Spoil the Broth, at the Princess's,—there have been no changes in the Christmas bills of fare...


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THE MEASURE. SIR ROBERT PEEL'S position is one of proud but terrible respon- sibility. He is admitted by universal assent to be the only man from whom the nation can expect the...

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A MOST important resolution has been adopted by the governing body of the Middle Temple. It has long been matter for general and just censure, that the Inns of Court—in theory...


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ACCORDING as our statesmen treat it, the failure of the potato crop, whether that be in itself real or imaginary, may prove a blessing to the country. Potatoes are a bad staple...

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POLITICAL BIOGRAPHY, The Life and Times of Henry Clay. By Calvin Colton. Author of the " Junius Tracts," &c. In two volumes Wiley and Pubsams. TRAVELLING SKETCHES, Notes of...

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CAIRO. IN the autumn of last year, (August to October,) the Peninsular and Oriental Company projected a two months' tour by means of their steamers, which should carry the...

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A CONTINUOUS perusal of these Poems leads to the conclusion that Hood excelled most writers in the external forms of poetry, but that, though possessing poetical powers, he...

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From January 16th to January 224. BOOKS. Notes of a Journey from Cornhill to Grand Cairo, by way of Lisbon, Athens, Constantinople, and Jerusalem : performed in the Steamers of...

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FINE ARTS. THE world of art, acknowledging the influence of

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the seasons in the world of fashion, already gives signs of unfolding its pictured beauties; and in artists' ateliers, print-shops, and exhibition-rooms, the business of showing...


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An entertainment intended to exhibit Negro life, music, sentiments, and manners, was given privately at the Hanover Square iooms, on Monday evening, in the presence of a...


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MADAME DULCKEN'S SOIREES MUSICALES. A SERIES of three performances of classical music was opened by Madame Dulcken, in Harley Street, on Wednesday evening. If the quartet...


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WAR-OFFICE, JAN. 23.-3d Li g ht Dra g s— Cornet R. Hod g son, from the 16th Light Dra g s. to be Cornet, vice Bruce, who exchan g es. 5th Light Drags .-- Capt. B. T. Hop- kins,...

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Tuesday, Jan. 20. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. W. and J. Bagley, Fulham, market-gardeners-Willis and Co. St. James's Street, vroollendrapers ; as far as regards J. Pesterre-Pierson...