24 JULY 1841

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'THE political event of the week is Lord JOHN RUSSELL ' S address to his London constituents. Till now he was the only one of the Representatives of the City who had not in...

The uneasy state of France is again betraying itself in

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popular disorders : this time the crisis is brought on by the most untoward of causes, the condition of the finances. An emeute has broken out at Toulouse, and it proves to be...

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ELECTED IN JULY 1841. No. L—THE WHOLE MEMBERS. Bsoms or rassrsans. CoNsrtrusoorm. I Abercromby,Col.Clack. t i Kinross. r Acheson, Visct. .Anna g h County 1 A•Court, Capt......

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gbt _Metropolis.

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A Court of Aldermen was held on Wednesday. The dangerous. condition of the temporary pier at Blackfriars Bridge was the only sub- ject discussed. The Lord Mayor stated that he...

Zbe eourt.

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No remarkable events have diversified the Royal rustication at Wind- sor. The Queen and Prince Albert, and the Queen of the Belgians, have taken out-door exercise in walking and...

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Vlbt Pobinces.

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During j oin the week there has been a great influx of visiters into Liver- pool, - to oin the annual meeting of the Royal Agricultural Society. The regular proceedings began on...

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The marriage of the Lord-Lieutenant with Lady Somerville, says the Globe, is fixed for the 30th of this month ; other accounts name Monday next as the day. Lord Fortescue,...


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The prospect of a change of Ministry has excited the utmost inter- est among the gentlemen of the law at Edinburgh ; and places are already disposed of in the imaginations of...

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Lord John Russell has again entered the married state. His bride is Lady Frances Anna Maria Elliot, the second daughter of the Earl of Minto. The ceremony was performed by...

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In presenting our readers with the complete list of the

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new Parlia- ment and the tables exhibiting the chief characteristics of its compo- sition, there is some necessary difference from the plan which we fol- lowed in 1837. It...

The Liberal electors of Stroud gave a dinner on Wednesday

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to cele- brate the return of their Members. A fatality attends these worthy electors—their Members are doomed to treat them with slights : Mr. Stanton was kept away from this...

The West India mail, with letters from Jamaica to the

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18th June, brings intelligence of the death of Sir Evan M`Gregor, the Governor of Barbados, on the 10th.

Royal ordonnances appear in Thursday's Moniteur, dated Tuesday, creating Peers

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of France the Comte de Latour Maubourg, Ambassador at Rome ; the Marquis de Gabriac, the Comte Anatole de Montesquieu, the Comte Mathieu de la Redorte, (an adherent of M....

Mach sensation was created in Belfast on Wednesday, says the

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North- ern Whig of the following day, when the Reindeer steamer arrived from Liverpool, by the announcement that Lord Dufferin and Claneboye had died suddenly on board. He...

The long duration of cloudy and squally weather makes all

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turn an anxious glance at the crops. At present the general impression seems to be that they are in good condition, and of average quantity ; but in some quarters they have been...

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POSTSCRIPT SATURDAY NIGHT. The last of the elections, that for Wexford county, closed on There day, with the return of two Liberals, Mr. Power and Captain Hatton, by a large...


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Arrived — M Gravesend, July 20th, Bland, CaBam, from Bengal; and 22d, Ida, Bosustou, from Mauritius. At Deal, 20th. Caledonia, M'Cutcheou, from New South Wales; and Wave....

Reports are renewed in Hanover, that the Crown Prince is

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to be married to the Princess of Anhalt Dessau, his cousin. The Prince is indisposed, and is daily visited by his father.

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STOCK EXOHANOZ, FRIDA; AFITRNOOK. The weather - glass has during the week been the prisium mobile of our specu- lators, and the price of Stock has risen or fallen as bad or...

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THE FREE-TRADERS IN PARLIAMENT. THE question of Corn-law Repeal and Free Trade in general, which has for some time back been agitated by appeals to the public, has aiow been...

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THAT this would be the most corrupt election that ever took place in England, we ventured to predict before it began. The predic- tion has been verified. The "new constitution"...


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NOTWITHSTANDING the lecture read to us by an evening paper, distinguished by the zeal and often by the talent of its advocacy of Corn-law Reform, we remain of opinion that the...

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TRAVELS, A Summer in Western France. By T. Adolphus Trollope, Esq , B.A. Edited by Frances Trollope„ Author of 'S Domestic Manners of the Americans," &c. In two volumes...


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COMPLAINING is in vain, otherwise we would say that we are very ill-used people. Nobody will call us by our own name, or allow that we are what we are and profess to be. All the...

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Tnis is a peculiar, and, properly conducted, will turn out to be a useful and instructive speculation. According to Mr. KNIGHT'S prospectus, the Store of Knowledge is to give as...


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BIRTHS. On the 18th inst., in Groscemz Square, the Marchioness of EXETER, of a son. On the 16th inst., in Somerset Street, Portmau Square, the Lady of Dr. Rums Dunsroao. of a...

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WAR-OFFICA, July 23.-1st Regt. Drag. Guards-Lieutenant William Warner Alleu, tram the 14th Light Dragoons, to be Lieutenant, Vice Gray, who exchanges. 7th Re- giment of Dragoon...


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Tuesday, July 20. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Dares and Sowards. New Street, Covent Garden, victuallers -Coxon and Moore junior, Sunderland, merchants-Fr and Douglas, Bridge...


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BRITISH FU \ Saturday - N DS. Atonday. (Closing Tuesday. Prices.) Wednes. Thurs. Friday. —• 891 891 891 891 891 S pec Cent. Consols 891 ex d. Ditto for Account St) ex d....