24 JULY 1858

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Born Houses of Parliament have been engaged in pursuing the process of winding-up with a view to a release for the season, and they have promoted that object in the main by...

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE WEER. House OP Loans. Monday, July 19. Massacre at Jeddah ; Lord. Stratford's Questions—State Services - T h e Duke of Marlborough's Motion —...

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THE QUEEN continues those outdoor exercises by laud and sea, which characterize her stay at Osborne in fine weather. She has, accompanied by the Prince Consort, cruised in...

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The seat vacated by Lord Glencorse has not been filled up by the elec- tion of Mr. Bernie as was anticipated. Stamford has not been requested to elect another Lord Advocate. On...


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At a meeting of the Scottish bar on Saturday morning, Mr. James Moncrieff, Lord Advocate of Scotland under the Aberdeen and Palmer- i on Governments, and Member for the Leith...

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The Great Northern Hospital held its first annual dinner on Wednes- day. This institution has expended 792/. more than it has received, and now its friends appeal to the public...


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it The Lord-Lieutenant returned last week from his visit to the South. On Tuesday he was gratified by the arrival of a large deputation of his Scotch tenants to present an...

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The House of Commons, or rather-certain members thereof, mindful of the horrors they endured at the naval review at Spithead in 1856; have chartered a steamer of their own to...

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,fratre.—The fetes at Cherbourg still furnish the topic which absorbs attention. On the 3d August the Emperor and Empress of the French are to he at Evreux, Whence, alighting at...

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On the 30th April, at Beaulieu, Hobart Town, Tasmania, John Swan, Esq. ; in his 63d year. On the 8th May. at Banda, whilst serving with General Whitelock's column, from the...


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On the 2d June, at Mhow, Bombay Presidency, Lady (Lionel) Smith, of a daugh- ter. On the 15th July, at Morden Lodge, Surrey, the Wife of Colonel D. Lysons C - •, of twin...


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On the 16th March, 1858, at Lyttelton, New Zealand, Robert Heaton Rhodes, Esq., of Puran, to Sophia Circuit, youngest daughter of Robert Latter, Esq., of Lyttelton. • On the 4th...


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SATURDAY. A great deal of business was transacted yesterday in both Houses, but the larger part was formal in its character. In the House of Peers Lord GAGE moved the second...

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g4t gOtatIP5. The Lyceum was reopened on Saturday last under

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circumstances of no great promise. A version of La .Dame aux Cantinas, rendered dreary Pertly by a very indifferent ensemble, partly by the staleness of the subject, partly by...


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" The season" at Her Majesty's Theatre terminated last Saturday night, with the usual formality of singing our loyal song, absurdly called the National Anthem. The "cheap nights...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTER.NOON. There has been a great deal more activity in the market for public se- curities during the past week, although the real amount of legitimate...

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" IT is always presumptuous to decide hastily between man and nature," says the Colonial Minister, in vindicating the right of our race to colonize any lands within the range of...


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OUR RELATIONS WITH FRANCE. THE French alliance is becoming one of the most remarkable of practical paradoxes. It is an alliance in which there is to be de- tected the maximum...

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MR. CRAWFORD'S motion calling for compensation in the name of certain British subjects, whose property was destroyed during the Russian war in the Gulf of Bothnia, has had the...

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LORD ELLENBOROUGII descanted, the other night, on the import- ance of having the gentleman in the highest official and political position. He asserted this proposition...

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WREN any article is more often adulterated than genuine, the commerce in that article is almost sure to decline ; and when once the traffic has decayed, it can seldom be revived...

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THE question of the Thames is in a position more discredit- able to the governing class and the public of this country than ever, and it will land us in a slough worse than that...

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POPULAR EDUCATION. 15th July 1858. Sin—In a former letter, I addressed to you some remarks on the means by which the education of the working classes might be continued after...

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COOPER'S CRISIS TILE PUNJAUB--RAIIES'S REVOLT IN TILE NORTH-WEST PROVINCES. THE two books before us differ from the other publications on the Indian mutiny, not only by the...

CHEnnoLlt0 aamx.—The other day the Moniteur de la Ylotte put

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forth its views on the meaning of Cherbourg. The Moniteur de Armee has now followed suit. " We have not hitherto noticed the inconceivable attitude assumed with regard to France...

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BEYOND all question words are the province j- of Richard Chevenix Trench. He has written some good poetry; but rather from that " turn " which is experienced by most men of...

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BAILEY'S AGE, A SATIRE. * A Pour like the author of

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Festus, whose reputation rests upon the darkly mystical, should never emerge from it into plain day- light. " Omne ignotuna pro magnifica ' When we do not catch the drift of a...

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PHILIP PATERNOSTER. * Ix .a religious novel, we require earnestness if

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we cannot get art. No doubt zeal has its evils in fiction as well as in diplomacy. It leads to exaggeration and onesidedness—often very gross. The Evangelical romaneist combines...


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Boo's. The Private Journal of the Marquis of Hastings, KG., Governor-General and Commander-in-chief in India. Edited by his Daughter the Marchioness of Bute. In two volumes....

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Military Train--To have the rank of Lieutenants—Ensign and Adjt. J. Sweeny; Ensign and Adjt. W. Shackleton ; Ensign and Adjt. W. Thompson ; Ensign J. Briggs to be Lieut. without...

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3 per Cent Cons o l s Ditto for Account 3 Per Cents Reduced New 3 per Cents Ling Ann ui Annui ties 18 ti 85 es Bank Stock, 11 per Cent India Stock, 10k per Cent Es...

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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, JULY 20. Bankrupts. - JOnx FurrOCE. Upper Marsh, Lambeth, timber-merchant-Josaen Cox, William Street, Camden Road, Holloway, berlin-wool-dealer-Semura....

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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, JULY 20. ADMIRALTY, July 14.-Cbrps of Royal Marines-Capt. and Brevet-Major W. H. March to be Lieut.-Col. vice Elliot, retired on full-pay ; First Lieut....