24 MARCH 1838

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Tgo proceedings in Parliament have been of a miscellaneous de s cripti on ; :elating to subjects not in themselves unimportant, • I r e . :ter el in a great measure the reverse...

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It was mentioned in our second edition last week, that

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the w ar between Chili and Peru was at an end. It appears that when the Chilian army landed on the Peruvian coast, it was reduced by sickness to 2,500 men; and completely in the...

The Continental news possesses more interest than has charac- terized

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it for some time. The Continental news possesses more interest than has charac- terized it for some time. An insurrection of a formidable nature broke out in Lisbon on the 13th...

The continued payment of the interest on the Belgian as

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well as their own share of the debt which remains as a memorial of the late "kingdom of the Netherlands," has at length become intole- rable to the Dutch; and it is believed,...

The passage of the Ebro by a portion of the

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Carlist army, is the last report from the seat of war in Spain. The chief topic of conversation at Madrid, was an intended duel between TORENO and MENDIZABAL ; which was...

A "Ministerial crisis," as it is called, has again commenced

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in Paris. It is usual for such a "crisis" to last about six weeks. The King sends for one great man after another ; they are all impracticable; the country is without a...

Late accounts from New York confirmrviousts, that a body of

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Canadians and American adventurers intended to make descent upon the Western part of Upper Canada, on or about the 22d of February. It is said that some 800 men were collected...

A " Report from the Select Committee of the Legislative

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Council of Upper Canada, on the State of the Province," was re- ceived by the packet arrived this week from New York. Bearing in mind that the Legislative Council is composed of...

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Debated ruin Protecting:0 in parliament.

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OPERATION OF THE POOR LAW. The discussion of this subject occupied the Peers for several hours on Tuesday. Earl STANHOPE moved for a return stating the number of petitions...

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bt airtropoTiO.

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The great cause of Small and Attwood mune on for final adjudite Lion in the House of Lords on Thursday. The Peers present wen Lord Chancellor Cottenhain, the Earl of Devon,...

A large party of Lord Teignmouth's friends celebrated his Lola-

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ship's triu itpli in AIarylebone, by a dinner on Thursday, in the cote* room of th • Colosseum. About 700 persons were present; arid atoll them Sir Francis Burdett, Sir George...

er be Court.

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THE Queen and the Dutchess of Kent nttended divine service at te New Palace on Sunday ; and in the evening her Majesty had asmill dinner.party. On Monday, the Queen rode on...

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A subscription to the amount of 3601., has been entered

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into by the nobility, geatry, and clergy, in the neighbourhood of Sedgley and the surrounding district, for the purpose of presenting a testimonial of re- spect to the Reverend...


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Lord Mulgrave has been seriously unwell ; but being the representa- tive of Rosalty, some mystery has been observed as to his complaint. Otte account says, be has suffered from...

CrIO Countrn.

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Captain Deans Dundas, appointed Clerk of the Ordnance, has up. peered before his late constituents at Devizes, with every prospect of' Captain Deans Dundas, appointed Clerk of...

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The Coronation is fixed for June, which will be more generally en. venient than if it were postponed to a later period of the year.—Mont. ing Chronicle. The Emperor of Austria...

Old Judge Moore, in a recent charge to the Grand

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Jury of Tip- perary, spoke in terms of strong disapprobation of the practice common among Irish Magistrates, of committing persons accused of man- slaughter, and even trivial...

The Duke of Norfolk's dinner-party on Saturday last consisted wholly

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of the Al blisters. Covers were laid for sixteen.—Plernieg Posts LA‘lion, wadded by the Court, Ministers were wont to mske a little slam. of Isiberalistn, they were afraid the...

It is melancholy to witness the present state of the

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game, owing to the severity of the weather : dead hares are lying scattered over the fields in all directions; whole coveys of partridges have disappeared ; and even in...

A correspondence has been published between Lord Douglas Gor- don

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Hallyburton and Lord Ramsay, relative to an alleged breach of faith on the part of the former in voting against Lord Sandon's amend- ment on Sir William Molesworth's motion,...

Informations were received in Dublin on Tuesday, that a casket

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of jewels, the property of the Dutehess of Leiester, valued at 4,000/. was stolen in the following extraordinary manner. Her Grace left -Carton on Monday, accompanied by some...


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The requisition for a public meeting to call upon Sir Henry Parnell - to resign his seat for Dundee, wits signed by eighty-eight electors, of whom fifty-six voted at the last...

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In a recent debate in the Lords, Bishop Philpotts quoted

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Lord Winchilsea as his authority for utttibuting to Mr. O'Connell declara- tions in his evidence before the Committee on the Catholic (luau iii 1825, to the effect flea Mr....

The Dutchess of Orleans has become a Catholic ; and

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before her expected confinement, will " go to church and receive the sacrament tmostentatiously ;" no solemn recantation will be required. In retie truce to t his subject, the...

In consequence of the lute period at which the service

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companies of the Fwelfth Regiment embaiked for the Mauritius, they arrived is that colony in the warmest month ; the result has been an unusually large number on the sick list...

MISTAKES ABOUT TUE POOR.—We are of opinion—an opinion which we

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believe was promulgated in print by a very wise observer in such matters, namely, Benjamin Franklin—that the people who are habituated to depend upon their own exertions, and...

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In the Chronicle this morning, an attempt is made to

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defend Mr. POULETT THOMSON from the charge of negligence in allowing the Fisliguard Harbour Bill to pass. The subject was noticed in the Spectator of last Saturday ; and the...


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SATURDAY. There was some interesting conversation in the House of Lords last night on the subject of Negro Emancipation. Lord BROUGHAM pre- sented more than a hundred petitions...

On the chance of there being a new election for

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Hull, the indefati. gable Colonel Thompson hits offered himself as a candidate. Sir John Welsh has offered himself for the borough of Sudbury, in the room of the bite Sir E....

The winter Palace of the Emperor of Russia is to

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be rebuilt pre. cisely as it was before, only with some additions that bud been proposed and approved by his Majesty, and with some changes in the arrange- ment of the inner...

The Gazette of last night announces that the honour of

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knighthood has been conferred upon " Allan Napier M'Nub, Esq , Colonel of the Militia of the Province of UpperCanada." This is intended to soothe the angry Orangemen of the...

The Election Committees now sitting are the Shaftesbury, Dublin, and

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Hull. The decisions of the Shaftesbury Committee have been hostile to the sitting Member, Mr. Poulter; who, last night, was ten votes be- low his competitor, Captain Matthew....

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THE second concert, on Monday evening, consisted of the following selection. PART I. Si iambi , No. 8 IHEY.THoYrIr. Quel sepolcru," MiSs Bitten and Mt. E. Sretrus (Aysese)...


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Arrived—At Gravesend, March 21st, Iliad:I, Lowthian, from Singapore; 22J, hinitia, Robinson. front 4 'Ilion ; and l'ortsea. Sm'th, front Bombay. Ott Whit s t a bl e , 12.1 Alas,...

The wrath of the Orleans family has lighted with much

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un- becoming severity upon a Parisian publication. In an article, headed, eCouronnement de Joas, dedie au Due &Orleans," the Mode bad com- mended the lithography of a picture...

There k beginning to be a good deal of conversation

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in the higher monetary circles of the City about an important letter which bus been received at the Bank of England from Mr. Biddle. and which is said to contain a decided...


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STocit ExcHANDE, FRIDAY ATTFRNOOlt. The Money Market has evinced a firmer appearance this week, and the prices of English Stocks have all advanced, although they do not range...

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THE HILL COOLIES AND THE GLENELG ORDER IN COUNCIL. A GREAT deal has been said of late on this subject, both in Parlia- ment and in the newspapers, and generally with most...

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THE importance, nay, the social necessity of the diffusion of know- ledge through all classes, is now so generally felt and acknow- ledged, that event be Tories (who have the...

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WDEN a shout of " stop thief" is raised in streets, the chances are a thousatal to one that it proceeds from a pursued pick- pocket : frail ones are the that to cry " fie; " and...


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ftINDAY-BILLS become "Small by degrees"—we cannot add beautifully less;' for even in miniature the productions of' Mr. PLUMPTRE (Sir ANDREW AGNEW'S successor in this department...

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ANCIENT EGYPTIANS. THE extensive power, and the great mei early advance of the Egy peens ii) all the arts iif civilized life, is a theme of the oldest writings both sacred aml...


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Doss anybody imagine that Mr. PETER BORTHW I CK %1 as unseated by a Tory Committee for the sin of bribery ? The notion is absurd—incredible. Besides, PETER'S offence was...

SPEC'1ATOR'S LIBRARY • ANTIQUITI18, ;Manners and Curtoms of' the Ancient

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EJ*ptians; itteludthe Prirate Lif e , 1,4A-emine n t, L t ** a, Arta, Matnt , aettares, R.digioss. nod Earl. it b.tor ; derived from a Corn u arls.n of the Pailitho e s, sculpt...

The directors of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway have dis-

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tributed nearly 3001. between two charitable institntious in the former town, as being part of the receipts arisieg from Sunday travelling on the line, which certain of the...

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AmoNnqr the numerons adventnrers who contrived during the reigns of the Fat:viol, and Sixteenth Lonisas to dupe the cre- dulous Parisians, and procure a species of mountebank...

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How far the alphabetical arrangement of a lexicon is well adapted for the exposition of a science, is questhemble. No doubt, as Mr. KEITH observes, it has its advantages in...

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TA secret and often the fearful character of the crimes brought home to the criminal by circumstantial evidence—the singular, and sometimes the almost providential nature of the...


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sOCIFIN OF BRITISH ARTISTS. THE exhibition of this Society, at their Gallery in Suffolk Street, opens to t I.. public on lIonday. The private view is to-day; but sic °bud: ed a...

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PROM', HARDING, LEWIS, ROBERTS, and STANFIELD,• having given to the world lithographic fac-similes of their sketches in handsome folio volumes, Mr. Halm 1VissoN must needs fall...


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ALFRED CHALON has made another drawing of the Queen, in water - colours; which LANE received the Royal command to lithograph. Both the original sketch and the copy on stone are...


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WE have been highly gratified by the inspection of a most extraordinary and beautiful specimen of the art or chasing, of embossing metal hi high relief, that in point of size,...