24 MARCH 1855

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The business in Parliament, although it has notyet led to

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any important conclusions, has been various, ranging from the Trea- sury explanation on the continued 1,750,0001. Exchequer Bills, through divers foreign and domestic questions,...


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THE very slow method of conducting the negotiations at Vienna precludes any ready answer to the question of the day—Is it peace or war ? As usual in such conferences, the...

Notwithstanding the reverses sustained by our brave allies at Sebastopol,

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the accounts are upon the whole very much more fa- vourable. To a certain extent the repulse of the French from the advanced work before the Malakoff fort is an isolated event,...

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Vtlintr.5 nn Vraurttingo in Varlinnitut.

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PRINCIPAL BIISINESS OP THE WEEK. Room or Loans. Monday, March 19. The Earl of Locus's Case discussed on a motion for Papers. neaday, March 20. The Policy of Prussia ; Lord...

The Sebastopol Committee shows considerable improvement this week in the

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conduct of the inquiry. The last few days have been favourably contrasted with the earlier days, when the questions degenerated into invitations for gossiping, and became even...

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tDr 311rtro3ulis.

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The day appointed for solemn fast, humiliation, and prayer, was ob- served on Wednesday, in the usual manner. All business was nearly suspended, and public worship was performed...

THE QUEEN returned to t9IfIl`yesterday from the Isle of Wight.

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Du- ring her stay at Oshonie, her Majesty walked and drove abroad ; on Monday - f .:":,,,, — i - ed by Prince Albert and the Prince of Leiningen, she :rent to Portsmouth, and...

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The Marquis of Clanricarde has published in the newspapers a set of papers intended as a vindication from the imputations arising out of the Handeock and Delacour case. It...

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The death of Lord Raveusworth having removed his son, Mr. Liddell, to the Upper House, the representation of Liverpool is vacant; and party spirit runs high even in the...

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forrign nut( Gralliallit. Faance.—A military ceremony, attended as usual - with a dramatic climax, took place on Tuesday, in the court-yard of the Tuileries and on the Place...


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The Associated Societies of the Edinburgh University have chosen a successor to Sir Edward Lytton. The candidates were Sir George Lewis and Lord Eglinton; Mr. Thomas Carlyle and...

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The flying squadron left Spithead on Monday, for the Downs, on its. way to the Baltic. This squadron consists of the Imperieuse, 51, the Euryalus 51, the Esk, 21, the Tartar,...

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The Lord Advocate's statement was followed by a conversation rather than a debate, temperate in tone, and not generally unfavourable to the measure. Mr. Emma, the successor of...


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On the 24th November, at Wangai Moana, Wairarapa Valley, New Zealand, the Wife of Henry Robert Russell, Esq., of a daughter. On the 20th January, at Highbury Cottage, Red River,...

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The =Biers in and around Bilston were in a state

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of open riot yesterday ; and the Polk* -were Aompalled to charge sword in hand to disperse the mobs. Six rioters were arrested, end five have been committed for trial. Theriot...

Count Neeselrode has issued, under date March 10, a circular

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to the Ministers of Russia at Foreig n Courts, to inform them of the intentions of the Emperor. Count Nesselrode states that the Emperor, "in a childlike spirit of piety,...

-An interesting meeting was held yesterday, at - Willies Rooms, to

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pro- mote the erection of a testimonial to the memory of Lord Dudley-Stuart. ,Lord Shaftesbury was the chairman : among the speakers were—the Margolis of Breadalbaue, Mr. Vernon...

The following account of the distutbance in - Victoria harem a private

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letter, by a person in a position to -collect the best information, of a character to be :careful in selecting it, And of a judgment to appreciate the facts. The account -makes...


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STOOK EXCHAINGIL, FRIDAY AFTZRZWOX. The possibility of veoeiving important intelligence this week connected with the Vienna Conferences and the seat of war, and the divided...

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Mr. Thackeray's first public appearance for the season was made 'on Thursday, at-the Marylebone Literary Institution ; where he-delivered a lecture on " Humour and Charity,"...

One of the Emperors Otho dug up the body of

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Charlemagne. Fired by his example, Mr. W. Cooke of Astley's has dug up the body of Timeur the Tartar, and galvanized it into new life. The history of the great Tamerlane, as...

Or 'Antra.

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,After flaming up for a moment with a short original drama, which, ex- cellent in idea, and performed with a degree of finish that could scarcely be surpassed, might have gained...


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"The tents are turned to gardens "—sweet spring-flowers Like children gaze for the first time on death : They start in smiling wonder from beneath The thunderbolts piled up by...


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M. Dupe, the great concocter of dramas for the Ambigu-Comique, who in his Priere des Nailrage's forcibly exhibited all the unpleasantness of sinking through melting ice, has hit...

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CAUTION FOR THE TIMES. Tae gradual improvement of institutions—whether the correc- tion of positive abuses, the abolition of worn-out usages, the sub- stitution of more...

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IT has been a fashion to laugh at " the Quarter-Sessions Cabinet," and of that Cabinet perhaps the most Quarter-Sessions member was Sir John Pakington ; yet it has been his...


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COULD the condition of London be presented in a map, it would exhibit a state of corporate sin which many a day of humiliation could not expiate. To those who live in some...

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The opinion called forth by our Government administration is -very

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different. That the brave -army •should be " decimated" by 'disease, neglected wounds, -undue privation, unsheltered exposure, ...and overwork, scandalizes our neighbours as...


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ibTin being a favourite just now with public writers, Mr. John -Bright has no favour for them, and amongst other means of offence he has undertaken to disabuse the public as 'to...

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trtt>'-r to tht elan.

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SAN.ITAIty REGULATIONS FOR THE SEAT OF WAR. Folkestone, 18th 'March 1855. Bra—I should think it the moral duty of every person,.and the professional duty of any person employed...


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London, 19th March 1855. Sua—The reply of your correspondent "A Layman" proves the existence of impressions which I was very anxious to disturb. He regards my com- plaints as...


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Sin—Those who do not join in the clamorrr against the men , who Willa misfortune to be called to direct the first operations of the disastrous war in -which we are engaged, must...

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WA.THEN'S VICTORIA IN 1854. ° THIS volume is not only the last but about the best view of " the Golden Colony " that has appeared. The matter is the result of actual...

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a Knownothing," is of course an American book, but not of a kind which the title implies. Our World is not an exposition of Knownothing politics, but a novel with the same...


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Or all sporting pursuits, that of angling, trifling as it seems, is the most fruitful in books of an elegant, didactic, belles lettrea cast. Hunting and shooting may equal it in...

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Booze. A History of Modern Italy, from the first French Revolution to the year 1850. By Richard Heber Wrightson. .Rig-Veda Sanhita. A Collection of Ancient Hindu Hymns,...

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THE NATIONAL AL INSTITUTION. [sEcoxis zioncs..] Shakspene, with whom we recommence, has his batch of illustrators in the National Institution. Mr. Egley's " Hamlet and Ophelia...

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The works to be delivered to every Art-Union subscriber for the year ending with this month have reached us : they consist of Mr. 1 more's engraving after Mr. J. J. Chalon's "...


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A picture which is described by the exhibitor as "Van Lerius's great original work, Adam and Eve," has been soliciting the shillings of visit- ors this week, at No. 57 Pall...


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A report by Messrs. Cole, Playfair, and Redgrave, dated the 15th in- stant, "on the results of the preliminary measures adopted for transmit- ting works of industry and art to...


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BREVET. WAR-OFFICE, March 20.-Tbe undermentioned officers to have the local rank of Captain while employed upon a particular service in Turkey : Lieut. C. Hinde, of the Bengal...

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Tuesday, Mardi 20. PARTNERsairs DissoLvEn.-Ayre and Hewitt, Hull, commission-agents-G. W. and J. Bayldon, Calder GroVe, Wakefield, brewers-J. and C. Allen, Newport, Isle of...


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— Mexican 1 p.Ct 94 New York 9 — Peruvian 41 1011 Portuguese 6 531 Ditto 3 Russian 6 Ditto 41 — Sardinian 6 Dutch (Ex. 13 Guilders)...21 - 63 Spanish 3 - Ditto 4 941 Ditto New...