24 MAY 1856

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Lord Colchester invited the House of Lords to pronounce a

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Modified Censure on the British Plenipotentiaries at the Paris Conference, for having agreed to the principle that the neutral Slag covers an enemy's goods ; and he based his...


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kralionaw the Midget continues the irir-texes for the purpose of winding up the war-account, it has given very general satisfaction; in part because the public discovers that...

Law-amendment continues to move in both Houses, though rather languidly.

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On the default of the Lord Chancellor's Church Discipline Bill, Mr. Phillimore has introduced into the House of Commons a bill to transfer judicial• appointments in pertain of...

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The appointment of Sir Henry Barkly to be Governor of

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the colony of Victoria is as great a triumph to the principles of co- lonization which we have uniformly supported, as was the ap- pointment of Sir William Molesworth to a seat...

A delicate question has been raised by one of the

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subjects of otir faithful ally " d'outre Manche." In the beginning of 1855, M. Fortoul, Minister of Public Instruction, sent a certain Baran de liammcourt to the Crimea, in...

Watts out rurtgaugn in Vaxliamtut.

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PRINCIPAL BTEIHESS OF THE WEEK. limas or Loans. Monday. May 19. Central America; Lord Clarendon's State- ment—India ; Lord Albemarle's Motion—Marriage-Law Amendment ; Lord...

The completion of the loan was an affair so perfectly

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facile that it scarcely gave an occasion for a remark in the process, and it affords none in the record.. The City gentlemen were punctual to the hour appointed at the Treasury...

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Or (unit.

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THE sojourn of the Queen at Osborne has not been without its public incidenta. On Monday, accompanied by Prince Albert and the three elder children, her Majesty embarked in the...

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At a special Court of Common Council held on Monday, -the freedom of the City Mae presented to Admiral Sir Edmund Lyons. The Court was fully attended, not only by City...

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Lord Waterpark has retired from the representation of Lichfield, It is thought that Lord Bandon, the Earl of Harrowby's eldest son, will be returned for the borough without...

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The vacant chair of Professor of the Celtic languages in the Queen's College Galway having been thrown open for competition, four candi- dates were subjected to a public...

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,f UHL—The Emperor has been entertaining two guests—the Aus- trian Archduke Ferdinand Movimillian, who arrived in Paris last week ; and Prince Oscar of Sweden, grandson of...


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The General Assembly of the Church of Scotland was opened on Thursday, with due ceremony, by Lord Belhaven, the Queen's High Commissioner. The Moderator elected by the Assembly...

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THE CRIMEAN INQUIRY was brought to a close last Monday. The last officer heard was Captain Heath : he replied to some statements of Colonel Gordon, imputing to him neglect of...

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In the House of Commons last night, a marked progress was made with the Oath of Abjuration Bill and the Police Bill. In Committee on the Oath of Abjuration Bill, Sir FREDERICK...

The Select Committee of the House of Lords on the

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Appellate Juris- diction of the House have made their report. - They have examined leading counsel at their own bar, the . Lord Justice Clerk and Lord Jus- tice-General of...

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The fourth meeting this week on the Sunday Music question

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was held yesterday, in St. Martin's Hall ; Sir John Shelley in the chair. The hall was crowded, and several ladies sat in the galleries. Among the speakers were the Chairman,...


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1863-June. For Mr. Berkeley's Mo- )172 - Brains' t 232 • ma'ority 60 tion to bring in a Bill, , - " i ' 1854-June. Ditto. 167; --- 194; -- 87 1855-May. Ditto. 166; - 218; - 52...

The trial of William Palmer is still going on, with

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every prospect of en- croaching upon next week. The business of yesterday was the examination of medical witnesses. Among them, Dr. Wrightson, a pupil of Liebig, said he had...

The King of Prussia and his sister the Dowager Empress

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of Russia met at Konigsberg on Thursday. They are expected to reach Potsdam today. The Grand Duke Michael accompanies his mother. A telegraphic despatch from 'Vienna makes the...


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STOCK EXCHANOP, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. On Monday there was a numerous attendance of capitalists at the Treasury, interested in the biddings for the new Loan of 5,000,0001. The...

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Mr. Wright and Miss Wyndham amuse the Adelphi audience by

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a scene of love and jealousy, entitled A Bottle of Smoke. The lady uses a cigarette to restore the health of a favourite plant; and the gentleman, sniffin g the fumes of...

_Benedict's annual concert is generally of the " monster "

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species ; presenting an enormous bill and a host of performers. But this year Benedict has had the aid of his steady friend Madame Goldschmidt Lind, herself a host ; and her...


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A piece in three acts, entitled Le Chemin k plus long, which has been brought out at the Vaudeville, and represents the conversion of a young gentleman from a professed contempt...

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Alboni's performance of Amina in the Sonnambrcla, at Her Majesty's Theatre on Tuesday, was received with the applause which every effort of this great vocal artist cannot fail...

The principal attraction at the Lyceum has been Madame Bosio

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in Il Comte Ory and in Rigoletlo. The first, though a stupid opera, con- tains some of Roeeini's very finest music ; and it was delightfully , sung, both by Bosio and Gardoni....


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THE NIGHT OF THE TWENTY-NINTH. Tint public is threatened with an attack as disagreeable as it would be wanton. The suggestion of illumination has been so put, that householders...

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THE explanations of the Government are calculated to create un- easiness, if it did not exist before, respecting the actual state of our rel ations with Italy and with Austria....


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THE war in the East has lasted for two years. The bulk of the charge will be borne by the finance of this country for those two years and one year more. The total amount es...

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Ting Sunday question is adjourned, not settled, nor, with all de- ference to our great contemporary, "compromised." For present purposes, indeed, the Times is practically...

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THE peace will be an unwelcome event to many, almost irrespect- ively of any political question involved, while in some cases the political feeling will be heightened by the...


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LORD CAMPBELL charges Lord Brougham with introducing a new element of doubt as to regular and irregular marriages in Scotland, because Lord Brougham has proposed to place a...

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LONDON CITY has really clone good service in its time ; an earnest correspondent is anxious to convince us of the fact. Well, every body body knows and is prepared to admit as...

On Tuesday evening, at the Civil Engineers' Institute, a paper

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was read by Mr. Robert Stephenson, going into considerable detail on the suliect of the discrepancies of views between the Post-office and the ways as to the rate of charge for...

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Vnlitirat eltanings. Loan DERBY AND "THE SUN or ENGLAND."—Lord Derby

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may be CAA- sidered the most fortunate or the most ingenious of orators, when we take into account the very rare and apparently unique character of the topic that shows him most...


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Clereden Court, 20th May. Bra—The opponents of Lord John Russell's Education measure seem to be in a state of jocose exultation at its downfall. Yet that measure was designed...

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DOCTOR JOHNSON AND MACAULAY. Allenby, Cumberland, 20th May 1856. In tracing the character of George Fox, founder of the Society of Friends, Macaulay, in the 4th volume of his...


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The Library, Cheltenham 21st May 1856. Sat—In your review of the " Memoirs of the late M r. Thomas Moore " in your last week's paper, you say—" The following is one of the...

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ir4t .Matti.

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ADMIRALTY, May 23.—The following promotions; dated the 19th instant, have this day taken place, consequent on the death, on the 18th instant, of Bear-Admiral of the White the...


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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, MAY 20. Partnerships Dissolved.—C. J. and W. Hubbick, Durham, veterinary-surgeons- Moreton and Taunton, Birmingham, japanners—Van Praagh and Albert,...


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On the 11th January, at Wellington, New Zealand, the Wife of Colonel McClever- ty, Deputy Quartermaster-General, of a daughter. • On the 17th May, at Brixworth Hall,...


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the Official Return.] HEALTH OF LONDON DURING THE WEEK ENDING MAY 17. [From the Official Return.] Tea Weeks Week Zymotic Diseases 44 2 1 1 4 2 4 . : - . 35 • • ..•...

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BRITISH FUNDS. 3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account 3 per Ceuta Reduced New 3 per Cents Long Annuities Annuities 1885 Bank Stock, 9 per Cent India Stock, 100 per Cent Exchequer...

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London Printed by Josses CLAYTON, of 320, Strand, in the

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County of Middlesex, Printer, at the office of Jose's CLAY - ToN, Na. 10, Crane Court, in the Parisi) of St. Dunatairs is the - West, in the City of London ; and Published by...

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B 0 0 S.

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SIR ROBERT PEEL'S MEMOIRS. * AMONG the moral characteristics of the late Sir Robert Peel, hiS sensitiveness to the opinion of others, especially of his friends and those who...

,piettafor *up/pinned.

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MAY 24, 1856.

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a young Swedish sportsman and naturalist, who accompanied Mr. Galton in his South African expedition, both to the corn-growing country of Ondonga towards the North, and in his...

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RYLAND'S MEMOIRS OP DR. RITTO. * Tin late Dr. Kitto was,

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in a certain way, as remarkable a man as any in theof science or literature. Except a desultory attendance for ra a n g e w years at the cheapest day-schools, such as country...

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NEW NOVELS. * WHATEVER else may be thought of Perversion, or

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the Causes and Consequences of Infidelity, it is powerful as a composition. There is a good deal of matter derived from an observation of society and an interest in the...

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Booms. THE week has not been distinguished for the number or promise of its publications. Perhaps " The History and Antiquities of St. David's " may turn out to be the most...

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itur arts.

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THB ROYAL ACADEMY BXHIBITION—SECOND VISIT. Continuing our survey of the Middle Room, we come, in the North- east corner, upon one of those miracles of delicate completeness...

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The Giotto and the two Rubenses which were bought at

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the Rogers sale for the National Gallery are now to be seen there ; but the space left for the Bassano above Titian's Bacchus and Ariadne was still vacant when we visited the...

Mr. Lewis Gruner, the engraver and author of the work

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" Fresco De- corations and Stuccoes of Churches and Palaces in Italy in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries," whose approaching return to Germany has been announced, leaves...

Mr. Seddon, the artist of whose Oriental pictures we had

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occasion to speak last year, and who has sent throe of the number to the Academy Exhibition, has collected the remainder, and placed them on view at his studio in Conduit...

Two picture-sales of some mark take place today. Messrs. Foster

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and Son sell a number of Italian, Flemish, Dutch, and French pictures, from the collections of the Earl of Coventry, Lord Somerville, Sir Thomas Baring, and Mr. Lake ; including...