24 NOVEMBER 1866

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The West Riding and part of Lancashire and Derbyshire have

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been visited with the severest flood known in this generation. Inces- sant rain on Thursday and Friday week swelled the rivers and streams and " becks" of the districts round...

The Kaiser opened the Hungarian Diet on the 18th inst.

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in a very feeble speech. He recognizes the draft prepared before the war by M. Desk as a fitting basis for reconciliation between Hun- gary and the Empire, but demands that the...

Mr. Bright at the Reform dinner at the Manchester Free

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Trade Hall on Tuesday, at w 'ich 900 persons dined, told an admirable story of a typical Conk 'valve. There was an old gentleman, he said, near Rochdale, ye wealthy, but...

Tho Reform Conference at Manchester on Monday was saved by

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Mr. Forster, M.P. for Bradford, from the folly of preparing a Reform Bill of its own. The obviously wise policy now for Liberals is to listen and criticize, not offer...

The Queen has delighted the good people of Wolverhampton by

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promising to go there on Friday, the 30th, to unveil a statue of the late Prince Consort by Mrs. Thorneycroft. The statue is in bronze, representing the'Prince in his...

There seems to be no doubt that though English officers,

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naval and military, may hang negroes with impunity, they may not with impunity act like snobs. Lieutenant Brand, R.N., who was the President of the Morant Bay Court-Martial,...


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A LL eyes in Italy are now fixed on the Roman question, and Baron Ricasoli ha.s issued a circular permitting all Bishops who have fled or have been banished to return to their...

In the same speech Mr. Bright was rather happy in

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a com- parison for " the great middle class." " I cannot help saying that it reminds me very much of the language which the ancient Hebrew patriarch addressed to one of his...

The Queen of Spain has, it is said, announced that

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she will make no concession, but will " sacrifice her body, if thereby she may save her soul." This is what Her Majesty says, but what she means is that she will sacrifice for...

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The report of the Recruiting ComMission ' Was published 'eztenso

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on Wednesday, but the text does not differ from the analysis we published last week. As a whole; it is, we shcluicl imagine, the weakest report ever presented to Government. Its...

The Fenians are evidently on _ the alert again. GoVeintnent is

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increasing the garrisons in - the West, seizures have been made of cases filled with Enfield rifles,- and Ameriean Irish are again making their appearance in Cork. • Stephens...

A great demonstration of Loudon workmen 'favourable to Reform has

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been organized for the 3rd of December next. A host estimated at 200,000 men, consisting chiefly of the meinbers of the Trades' Union Sodieties, is to assemble in the and march...

The King of - Denittaik Opened the new RigSdagnontlie 12th, and

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was grattifultoPruSsia byanticipation, on the grtiand - that ;she is going to give him back Northern Schleswig, and he declared with what satisfaction he should establish with...

The shareholders of the London, Chatham, and Dover Railway , have

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made their proposal, which is, of course, to right the Com- pany by sacrificing the debenture-holders. A lam of 1;500,000/. is to be raised on bonds taking precedence of every...

Massachusetts has elected two " negroes," that is, fair men,

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With a drop of dark blood in them, to the State Legislature. They should have elected pure blacks, and so struck prejudice at the toot ; but even this is a great advance. The...

It is said-that Mr. Kerslake, Q.C, is to be the

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new Solicitor- General, vice Sir W. Bovill, promoted to the Chief Justiceihip-of Common Pleas, and that the Administration hope to secure a'seat forMr. Kerslake somewhete before...

The report that Government intended to create Sir Hugh Cairns

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and Sir Pitzroy Kelly Peers, in order to increase the strength of the Lords as an appellate tribunal, has been semi- officially denied. We do hope when the next creation -...

A decision of some importance was given by Sir Wool

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on Wednesday. Mr. Ross took shares in the Estates' Investment Company (Limited) ; 'on the-faith of a prospectus stating, among Other things, that the Company was in possession...

The New Ycirk and•Paris papers haveteen - ConiPeting all the mien - th in - the

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mantifaettire Of false news froth. bttt 'it now appears certain that the Arehdukeliaidmilian has created Mar- hhal Bazaine Regent; has made" for Veia Cruz under an'escort of 800...

It has been officially asserted that the Government do not

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at present contemplate the submission of the Alabama claims to any commission or arbitration, the time proper for which, they say, Wottid have been; at-ail; long ago. What they...

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The - Archbishop of Canterbury has been criticized by the Times and

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defended with its usual acumen by the Pall Mall Gazette, for speaking in his thanksgiving prayer for the removal of the cattle plague , of those cattle which were not...

What is the use of the Royal Society ? This

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question is suggested by the discussion which is now raised with reference to the person entitled to the credit of the invention of the Electric Telegraph. The claimants are Mr....

Mr. J. Pope Hennessy was beaten in Wexford by a

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very large .majority, 761-2,642 for Mr. Kavanagh, to 1,881 for Mr. Hennessy. Mr. Kavanagh is a Protestant Tory and Mr. Hennessy a Roman Catholic Tory, so that even out of Ulster...

The transactions in national Stock this week, both for money

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and time, owing to the appearance of a new Russian loan of 6,000,0001., in a 5 per cent. stock at 86, the whole of which has been taken up, have been on a very moderate scale...

Contractors seem terribly out of luck just now. Mr. William

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Dargan, the greatest in Ireland, who, if we mistake not, guaranteed the Irish Exhibition, has just assigned his whole estate to his cre- -ditors, and it is only •hoped that it...

Sir C. Domvile has written a curious letter to the

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editor of the Evening Post as to the principles on which -he manages his Irish -estates. Principle 1 is " the strongest determination to uphold• the rights of the owner and his...

Mr. Hughes, member for Lambeth, addressed his constituents -on Monday,

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in a speech which has excited a good deal of attention - from its courage. We have noticed two of the out-spoken sen- tences elsewhere, but must add here that Mr. Hughes...

The Dean of Carlisle is about to commence a good

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work. He has' recently buried a son, and had a tombstone prepared, headed, as usual, "'Sacred to the memory." The Burial Board, however, being at ohce Calvinistic and ignorant...

We believe we are correct in stating that a requisition

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very powerfully signed by Fellows of University College, London, of all faiths and the highest standing, as well as by many of the most influential proprietors, will be sent in...

The following table shows the closing prices of the leading

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Foreign Securities yesterday and on Friday week :— The following table shows the closing prices of the leading Foreign Securities yesterday and on Friday week :— Frills', Nov....

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L IEUTENANT BRAND is not, we take it, likely to be in the pay of the Jamaica Committee. The Committee seems respectably constituted, and not the kind of body to be guilty of...


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THE COMING CRISIS IN ROME. T HE Continental papers, English Tory journals, the Morning Advertiser, and most old women in Islington, are busily speculating on what Mr. Gladstone...

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R. HUGHES is being praised all over. .the country, by 11 Tories and Radicals alike, and it is very discreditable. If political courage were not almost extinct among us, he would...

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WTE trust, it, is not too late to save the Church and the V. University. of Oxford, one_ may almost say the entire nation, : from such a serious calamity as the proposed. Keble...

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T HE Pall Mall Gazette, in one of the most striking articles it has ever published, complains bitterly that the nation will not even discuss the advantages and disadvantages of...

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T HE true point of Dr. Mary Walker's defence of herself—for, when all is said, it is after all a defence of herself—is very easily stated. "She is one of those who think it...

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f!A iRTEMUS WARD -is; , as , a -true ”humtniciat'shotild even -.A. better than -his books. - Whathis personal influence'actdato the humour of his stories is • not of course ,...

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OF THE• SEVERN :- ERRI:T LTISTORY DOWN TO THE 'ROMAN' COR4bitsr. yr , have already 'spoken in a general manlier of 'the evidence as to the early inhabitants and history of...

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BER OF CONGRESS. [Fuoss OITR SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT.] New York, November 9, 1866. THE elections of this week have gone in favour of Congress and the Constitutional Amendment,...

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" SPECTATOR."] SIR,—Might I venture to trouble you with a word or two about the recent rejection of Professor Martineau for the chair of Mental Philosophy and Logic in...


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" SPECTATOR.") SIR,—I have often wondered, with your correspondent " Jr. V. N.," at the " perplexity hanging over the notion of the Iafinite " in the works of such writers as...

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MR. ROSSETTI ON MR. SWINBURNE.* Fon a criticism friendly by bias, as the author freely admits, as well as by the force of sincere critical admiration, this essay of Mr....


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COLD Winter, art thou come ?— With all thy savage blasts and shortened hours, With nothing in thine eyes but starved gloom, And sad forgetfulness of Summer flowers, With little...


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" SPECTATOR."] " With equal results few would care to emulate the success of the late Mr. Assheton Smith, whose habitual brutality was such, that his favourite horse shook for...

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fact patent to all men which, as it seems to us, believers in pedigree are bound in self-justification to explain, and that is, the intellectual and moral position of the Royal...

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THIS is a book which, popular as it is, few men could review, in the sense of criticizing it from the point of view of larger know- ledge. From us, at all events, such criticism...

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The - agrarian aoquisitiona and tramisietibfebr the 'nianks - of St. Saviour's of 'Bermondsey - have merited ` frepient attention from local historians, 'especially thdee Of...

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..Religio Anima and Other Amts. By Alfred B. Richards. (Moion.)—

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Mr:Richards is a man of generous impulses and warm sympathies. Ile denounces selfishness Wherever he finds it, whether amongst kings, or poor-liw guardians, - or piditiCal...

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History of Joseph. (Routledge.) History of Moses. (Routledge.)— We recommend

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these shilling toy-books, as they are called, to the notice of those who have little folks to cater for. The engravings are printed in colours, and are decidedly calculated to...

The Scientific and Literary Treasury. By Samuel Maunder. New edition.

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By J. Y. Johnson. (Longmans.)—This is one of the useful repertories published by Messrs. Longman, in which the greatest amount of information is condensed into the smallest...

An Essay on Pantheism. By Rev. John Hunt, curate of

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St. Ives. (Longmans.)—The curate of St. Ives has redeemed the credit of his order. The Church of Rome has awarded him its most distinguished honour of the Index in company with...

Priest and Parish. By Rev. Harry Jones, M.A., Incumbent of

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St. Luke's, Berwick Street. (Rivingtons.)—This is a reprint of papers that originally appeared in Fraser's Magazine. Mr. Jones is essentially a practical man, and his volume...

The Universal Church. (Trubner.)—This is a bold work by an

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anonymous author, who is quite in earnest. He aspires to be the founder of the Church of the future, and he invites sympathy and co-operation from all who are dissatisfied with...

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Varia. Readings from rare books. By J. Hain Friswell. (Samp-

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son Low, Son, and Marston.)—Mr. Friswell's extensive reading naturally brought him in contact with much out-of-the-way literature, and with authors who are to the general public...

A General Survey of the Canon of the New Testament.

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By B. F. Weatcott, B.D., late Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. (Macmillan.) Second edition.—We are glad to see the second editon of this very useful work. Mr. Westcott...