25 APRIL 1846

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A good deal of the indignant eloquence, oral and written, which politicians of both the " services " have expended upon Sir Robert Peel for standing by the Government Coercion...

The victories in the Punjaub have been duly followed by

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the pro- clamation of peace and the pageant of reconciliation. Dhuleep Singh confessedly holds his throne under a British suzerain ; and a great escort of honour, which...

Another candidate for infamous renown in history his aimed at

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the life of King Louis Philippe. One Lecomte, an old forest- keeper—a man on whom kindnesses had been heaped—has at- tempted to shoot the King, on his way, with the Queen and...

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Debates anb 113rotetbings in parliament.

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RAILWAY LEGISLATION. On Thursday, Sir ROBERT PEEL moved the adoption of the following resolutions, to constitute a sessional order for the guidance of the House in -disposing...

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%FN. eourt.

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THE Court left Windsor Castle for town on Monday afternoon. On ar- riving at Slough, the Queen, Prince Albert, and the four children, entered the centre compartment of the state...

• Int filettopo[ts.

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A Court of Aldermen was held on Tuesday. A motion for a congra- tulatory address to King Louis Philippe on his happy escape from assas- sination gave rise to a hearty expression...

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Mr. George Tomline, M.P. for Shrewsbury, has presented 1,0001. to the Provost and Fellows of Eton College, as the foundation of an annual ma- thematical prize. At a numerous...

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A number of persons residing in Inverness and its neighbourhood visited the field of Culloden on the 16th instant,—the centenary of the battle which put an end to the last mad...


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Conciliation Hall was thinly attended on Monday. Mr. Caughy, a bar- rister, was in the chair; but he made no speech. Mr. Thomas Steele was anxious to make one; but he had a sore...

fforeign an Colonial.

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FRANCE. — The attempted assassination of the King of the French, at Fontainebleau, on Thursday the 16th instant,* has cast all other occur- rences into the shade. We now subjoin...

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The Earl of Erroll died at Portman Square on Sunday, after a protracted ill- ness. William George Hay was Baron Hay of Stains, in the Peerage of Scotland, Baron Kilmarnock of...

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The Gazette of last night notifies that the Earl of

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Aberdeen has been appointed Lord-Lieutenant and Sheriff-Principal of the shire of Aberdeen, in the room of the late Earl of Erroll. It now appears that the accident at Cashel,...

The Madrid Gazette of the 17th instant publishes despatches from

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General Conchs, who was then before Lugo. From the General's account the Clinician insurrection was nearly at an end. Some threatening symptoms had shown themselves in Madrid....


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The appearance of the market has been better for the last few days than for some time before. A general disposition for investment has been...

A subscription has been commenced—originating, we believe, in York- shire—with

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the view of offering a "national tribute" to Mr. Wilderspin, the amiable and indefatigable founder and promoter of Infant Schools. Most sincerely do we regret to say, that the...

Mr. Braille Cochrane was unseated as Member for Bridport today,

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by the Election Committee appointed to try the merits of the petition pre- sented against his return. It was proved that a vote given for Mr. Romilly had been recorded for Mr....


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SATURDAY NIGHT,. The House of Commons entered yesterday upon the work allotted for last Monday; and, 1Bre other procrastinators who stave off difficulties in- -stead of meeting...

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BY a perverse consistency, the French no less than the English law applies to the most criminal acts precisely that punishment which is the least calculated to deter the...


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SINCE Tragedy has been supplanted by her lyrical sister Opera in the favour of the town, and Grisi and Lablache have become popular idols in- stead of Siddons and Kemble the...


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ENGLISH REPEAL OF THE IRISH UNION. THE Irish Members seem resolved to convert the English people to be Repealers. They do their best to show that progress in the business of...

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THE privilege of the Pulpit appears to be as knotty a point of law as the privilege of Parliament. The four Judges of the Court of Exchequer talked at it for some good hours on...

BEAUTIES OF ENGLISH LAW. • THE law of England, as

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we have it pronounced by the Judges in the Superior Courts at Westminster, is, no doubt, of excellent quality : who could wish for better law than "the perfection of reason ' ?...


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A LECTURE from Wilderspin on Infant Training, illustrated by an exhibition of his pupils, is among the things which those who have heard and seen them cannot forget. It was...

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Bzooasewr, Memoirs of the Jacobites of 1715 and 1745. By Mrs. Thomson, Author of "Memoirs of the Court of Henry the Eighth," &c. &c. Vol. III Bentley. Frcnott, Pericles ; a...


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Assort° the registered projects for incorporated joint stock com- panies, in a list lately published by order of the House of Corn- pions, is one for the manufacture of a...

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THE object of this fiction is to exhibit the writer's view of the true cha- racter of Pericles and Aspasia, and the general features of Athenian so- ciety in their age. The...

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THE author of this book is an American, who left Boston in 1828 for the coast of California, and resided there a dozen years or more, in the capacity of factor or vent; bringing...

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From 4pn7 12th to April 23d. BOOKS. America, its Realities and Resources: comprising important details con- nected with the present Social, Political, Agricultural,...

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THIRD PHILHARMONIC CONCERT—MONDAY, APRIL 20. PART I. Sintbnia in D, Op. 49, (composed expressly for, and dedi- cated to the Philharmonic Society) Spahr. Duetto, " caprice],"...


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THE removal from the Princess's Theatre to this new locale had its effect upon the music produced on Tuesday morning; which was beauti- ful, and no longer injured by excessive...


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THE remains of the great artist were consigned to the vaults of the Roman Catholic Chapel, Moorfields, yesterday morning, with the ceremonies of the simple Gregorian service for...


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On the 12th April, at Melkleour House, Perthshire, Mrs. Murray, of a daughter. On the 13th, at Boulogne - eur - Mer, the Hon. Mrs. Henry Graves, of a daughter. On the 18th, at...

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Anarvee-At Gravesend, 18th April, Pandora, Cothey, from China ; Renown, Wood, from Hobart Town ;and Cashmere, Sherman, from Sydney; 19th, Juliet Erskine, Smith, from Calcutta;...


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Tuesday, April 21. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Watson aud Osborne, Leeds, woolstaplers-J. B. and T. Summers, Low Newton. Dur- ham, farmers-Smith and Blacks, Birmingham,...


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WAR-OFFICE, April 21.-11th Light Drags-Cornet T. Y. Dallas-to be Lieut. by pm- chase, vice Somerville, who retires ; L. Alexander, Gent, to be Cornet, by purchase, vice Dallas....

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FOREIGN FUNDS. (Last Official Quotation during the Week ending Friday Evening.) Alabama (Sterling) 5 p. Ct. — Massachusetts (Sterling)...6 p. Ct. Austrian 9 — Mexican .... ......