25 APRIL 1857

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No political events at home claim to be chronicled this week, although the materials for events are accumulating rapidly 'enough. Such small facts as have come out may be...

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C42 Court.

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THE QUEEN was pronounced convalescent on Monday, and the infant princess well : her Majesty's recovery was deemed so far advanced that no more bulletins would be issued. The...


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At the Court or Aldermen on Tuesday, the Lord Mayor notified the receipt of a communication from Sir George Grey announcing the Queen's accouchement on the 14th instant. The...

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The Town-Council of South Molten, having learned that Lord John Russell was the guest of their neighbour Earl Forteseue, determined to present an address to him, as a testimony...

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The annual cattle-show of the Dublin Agricultural Society was held on Wednesday. In spite of a continuous ram, Lord Carlisle attended the show and staid two hours in the yard....


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The annual Convention of the Scottish Burghs was held at Edinburgh on Tuesday and Wednesday. The Lord Provost of Edinburgh occupied the chair. Some subjects of general interest...

„forrign nut Colonial,

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c franre.—There is little intelligence of general interest front Paris. That gay capital swarms with travelling Russian officers--Dannenberg, Todtleben, Glasenap, Krudener '...

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31ii5rrikilf Bag.

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We have reason to believe that at the meeting of Parliament, on Thursday next, the motion that Mr. Evelyn Denison be the new Speaker, will be moved by Lord Harry Vane, and...

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On the 2Ith March, at Government Rouse, St. Christopher, the Hon. Mrs. Her- miles Robinson, of a daughter. On the 18th April, in Upper Mount Street, Dublin, Lady Burke, of a...

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SATURDAY. 'The dulness of our foreign intelligence is disagreeably broken by the telegraphic news this morning from China. The latest dates are— Hongkong, March 16; Bombay,...


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The Directors of the Bank of England liars made no alteration in the existing terms of discount and interest this week. The demand for money AVM not so great in the first part...

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Though no new performer has been produced at either of the Italian theatres since our last notice, there have been at both houses "first appeafances for tho season" of no small...


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I The Philharmonic Society have begun their concerts, six in number as last year, instead of eight as they used to be. The subscription, we learn ' is very good ; which is the...


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M. Bouffe, who is engaged at the Gymnase, has lately appeared in a new drama, entitled Jean-le-toque, in which he represents a luckless rural swain deprived of his wits by an...

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P.AIMERSTON AND HIS PARLIAMENT. BEFORE many days elapse, Lord Palmerston will have met his new Parliament; and even in the utterances of the first night, the country may have...


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MANCHESTER will become for the summer of 1857 the centre of England and of Europe, as London was in 1851, as Paris was in 1855. The Great Exhibition of Art Treasures will not be...

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IF any one will take the trouble of stepping into the middle of Westminster, he will find himself not very unlike Marius amid. the ruins of Carthage, and he will be edified to...

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THE Edinburgh Review has astonished the world by ventilating the discussions in Paris, from which French intellect will not be debarred, upon the decline of the population in...

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DR, ARMSTRONG'S NORTH-WEST PASSAGE. * NOTWTTHSTANDING the numerous publications on Arctic voyages and Arctic regions, including Captain Osborn's lately-noticed account of this...

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Mn. BESTIt is well known to the reading public as a Roman Catholic gentleman with a turn for literature, who for tfiirty year& and more has occasionally favoured the world with...

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BOOKS. Letters of John Calvin. Compiled from the Original Manuscripts, and edited, with Historical Notes. by Dr. Jules Bonnet. Volume II. Tianslated from the Original Latin and...

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(Or Zrmg.

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THE LONDON GAZETTE, APRIL 24. Wall OFFICE, April E4.-Infantry-25th Regiment of Foot-Ensign F. S. Terry to be Lieut. without purchase, vice II. Priestley, promoted. 2d West India...


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PROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, APRIL 21. Partnerships Dissolesd.-The Stansfleld Printing Company, 'Mansfield and Manchester, calico-printere--Gelley and Co. Felling, Durham,...