25 AUGUST 1855

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The news of the week presents a curious contrast in

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the posi- tion of two public men, which is full of political instruction. Mr. Duffy retires from the Irish stage, and from his association with the Irish people, to seek an...


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No new events are reported from the Black Sea or the Baltic ; but we have corrections of the reports which we received last week, and are better able to estimate the real effect...

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Very full accounts of the Queen's visit come daily from Paris ; but they are all supplied by those who view the scene from a dis- tance as it were. The history of the visit has...

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The Railway meetings of the week call for comparatively little

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remark, except in filling up a confirmation of the points that we advanced last week, when we noticed the two most striking in- stances of loss from false policy. Certain...

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Tim Queen left Osborne at half-past four on Saturday morning, and arrived off Boulogne about half-past one. The Victoria and Albert car- ried the royal standard at the main, the...

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A week has passed over the great Metropolis without a conspicuous event. True, these are the waning days of August, and London, always dull then, is now duller than it is wont...

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C4t Vruniurro.

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The Duke of Cambridge presented colours to the Swiss Battalion at Dover, and the Foreign Legion at Shorncliffe, on Wednesday. The latter incident took place in Sanding Park, the...


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Mr. Gavan Duffy, Member for New Ross, has issued a farewell address to his constituents, announcing at the same time his withdrawal from public life and his proximate departure...

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furrigu out t

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THE CRIMEA.—Some additional details, but no regular narrative of the battle of the Tchemaya, called by the French the battle of Traktir, have been received ; and these...


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Mr. Bouverie was duly refilected for the Kilmarnock Burghs on Thurs- day week. His constituents intimated to him, that, having so recently heard him personally state his views,...

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The officials of the Great Northern Railway have received instructions to hold in readiness their train of state carriages for the conveyance of the Queen and the Royal Family...

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"Paris, Saturday ifornitig.—The Itoniteur, publishes a despatch from. General Pelissier, dated Crimea, August 23d,:one in the afternoon, in which he announces that the enemy,...

Lord Stanley has forwarded a sort of circular to the

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morning papers on "the season and the session." In common with many others, he pointa. out the social inconvenience of spending the summer in London and the winter in the...

The authoritative official account of the Queen's visit to Paris

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appears'- in the Gazette of last night, under the hand of her Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, holding the pen of the ordinary. writer of the Court...

A telegraphic message from Dantzie states that "all the mortar-vesseLs

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went home on the 19th. Admiral Seymour had relieved Admiral Baynes off Cronstadt." The White Sea squadron have captured two Russian ships and a steamer, say the Norwegian...

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At the Bow Street Police Court, yesterday, Sir John Dean

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Paul was bailed out. His sureties were Mr. Thomas Graham, of Reading, and Mitre Court Chambers, Temple; and Mr. John Woodhull, of 28 Orchard Street, Portman Square,...

We have great satisfact; ,n in being enabled to state

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that a great Mili- tary Hospital, on a scab Jefitting our Army establishment, is about to be built on the banks of the Southampton Water. In the beginning of this summer the...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The improvement in the English Funds at the close of last week has been succeeded by a reaction, arising principally from a demand for money ;...

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The Hereford Musical Festival—or the annual meeting of the Three Choirs of Worcester, Hereford, and Gloucester—has been held this week. These meetings are of venerable...


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THE PEOPLE AND THE PEACE COMBINATION. THE great aggregate mind of a people is stronger than the indivi- dual mtelleots which appear at certain periods to command and direct it;...

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TWICE bath Queen Victoria been kissed by a French Monarch— namely, by Louis Philippe, and now by Napoleon the Third. The latter is the more surprising event ; for Louis Philippe...

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ness of the costume for action. A. cricketer desires to

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make as comely an appearance as possible before the spectators ; but he would no more think of bowling or batting in a "busby " than the "long-stop" would of wearing jack-boots....

Ittttrs In tht

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THE FIBRES OF JAMAICA. [The following paper is from the pen of a gentleman practically and intelligently ac- quainted with the West. Indies. The subject it treats of is one of...


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London, 17th August 1865. Six — Until today I have not observed the letter of " G." in your paper of 4th August ; for which I crave his pardon and yours. If he and you will do...

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Sni—/ii one of your leading articles of last Saturday, you tell us that "Prance and England have invaded Russia in defence of national independ- ence " ; in another, you speak...


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Manchester, 21st August 1855. SIR-I have for many years been in the habit of carefully perusing those calm and statesmanlike reviews of the Parliamentary campaign with which...

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HEATIIMAN'S SWITZERLAND. * A_LTECOUGH Switzerland and the routes to it have been over much written upon already, Mr. Heathman's volume may be read with advantage through two...

A proposal has been made to raise a testimonial to

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Miss Nightingale. What should it be? It was known that Mrs. Sidney Herbert was not the least of the admirers of the lady, and persons naturally applied to her. Mrs. Herbert's...

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TUE matter of this volume was originally delivered at the London - Institution ' as lectures on substances used for writing upon, and the art of adapting them to that purpose,...

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NEW NOVELS. * IN point of distinct and powerful conception, literary

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ability, and artistical treatment on the author's own plan, Paul Ferroll is en- titled to considerable praise. The fundamental idea of the story is not judicious ; for it turns...

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On the 15th August, at Stoke, Devon, the Wife of

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Lieutenant Royer, R.N., et H.M.S. Implacable, of a daughter. On the 16th, at the Rectory, Ingestre, Staffordshire, the Wife of the Rev. John Finley, of a son. On the 17th, at...


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BOOKS. Memoirs of _Lieutenant Joseph Bend Belief, Chevalier of the Legion of Honour, Member of the Geographical Societies of London and Paris, &o. With his Journal of a Voyage...

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AtorrEltrr, Aug. 17.-Corps of Royal Marines-To be Second Lieutenants-Gent. Cadet A. Fonblanque, Gent, Cadet M. A. H. J. Heriot, Mr. J. G. Edwardes, Mr. J. R. Leeds, Mr. B. D....


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BRITISH 2 per Cent Consols UNDS. Sassed. (Closing Monday. -- e• Prices.) Tuesday — — Wednes. -- 918 Thurs. Friday. 91 Cl Ditto for Account 91 9 1 911 91 911 91 91...


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Tuesday, Aug. 21. PARTNEPEUIPS Dissomm.-Bradshaw, Wanklyn, and Jordan, Manchester, mer- chants-Bradshaw, Wanklyn, and Sons, Manchester, merchants-Twist and Morris, Birmingham....