25 FEBRUARY 1843

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A new weapon against The Poor-law is a godsend to

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the agita- tinction is too nice to be on the instant obvious and unmistakeable. tors, especially in these days when'their vocation shares the general The personal attack on Mr....

of style, and the digression on topics which a judge

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is expected to The attack upon Lord ELLENBOROUGR'S acts having failed, Mr. avoid, but which cannot be expressly forbidden to him ; and the VERNON SMITH will give the carpers and...

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Debates ant lamenting% in laarliament.

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LORD A BINGER. In the House of Commons, on Tuesday, Mr. THOMAS BUNCOMBE, having presented a petition from Bath, praying for inquiry into the conduct of Lord Abinger as a Judge...

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Zbe Oottrt. Zbe Oottrt.

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THE return of the Court to Buckingham Palace has brought an acces- sion of public business to the Queen. Her Majesty held a Court on Monday ; at which the Prince of Tharm and...

Zbe Itittropolis.

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Special Courts of Conservancy of the River Thames were held on Wednesday, to forward the great scheme which is in contemplation for the improvement of the river. Some time ago...

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Zbe 41)robintes.

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An address to Mr. Cobden was circulated among his constituents in Stockport on Tuesday, which says—" We have further witnessed, with feelings of no ordinary indignation and...

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The Morning Chronicle says that "a story it rife that Lord Brougham is to succeed Lord Abinger as Chief Barou." It is understood in military circles that Sir Robert Sale will...


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Dr. Boyd was elected Member for Coleraine, in the room of Mr. Litton, the new Master in Chancery, by a poll which closed on Mon- day; having a majority of 22 over his opponent,...

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A correspondent of the Morning Post states, that a letter

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has been received at Birmingham from Sir Eardley Wilmot, announcing that he has been appointed Governor of Van Diemen's Land ; which creates a vacancy in the representation of...

We have received Cape of Good Hope papers to the

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18th December They mention the movement of Colonel Hare, the Lieutenant-Governor of the Eastern Province, to Colesberg, to coerce the rebellious Anglo- Dutch in that quarter. He...

The Welshman of yesterday states that three of the rioters

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in South Wales, who have joined "Rebecca and her Daughters" in destroying the toll-gates on the parish-roads, have been arrested, and committed for trial : they are, a...

An extraordinary meeting of the League was held in the

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Free-trade Hall at Manchester, on Thursday, to rebut the insinuations made against Mr. Cobden in the House of Commons on Friday last. The hall will hold ten thousand people ;...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. The Navy formed the subject of discussion in both Houses of Parlia- ment last night ; the Estimates being the occasion in the Commons. On the motion for going...


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STOCK EECFIANDE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The Government Securities have experienced a rise of nearly per cent since our last report, the result of considerable purchases of every...

The Crown Prince of Hanover was married to the Princess

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Mary of Saxe Altenburg, at Hanover, on Saturday evening, with a splendid pageant. Twenty-four sovereigns and princes were present at the ceremony, including eight reigning...

The Globe of this evening contains, in the form of

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an advertisement, a correspondence between Mr. Dyce Sombre and the Chairman of the East India Company. Mr. Sombre alludes to some business which he has had with the Court of...

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Seeing that of the few new pieces brought out on

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the English stage scarcely one lives through the season, and that the majority owe their toleration for two or three nights even to the indulgence of manager and audience, while...

The last new domestic melodrama at the Adelphi, Mary Melvyn,

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or the Marriage of Interest, is by Mr. FITZBALL j who appears to have taken the story from that sink of slang, villany, and horrors, " Les Mysteres de Paris," by EUGENE SUE....


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Anitivan—At Portsmouth, 234 Feb. Potentate, Ramsay, from China. At Falmouth, 20th Ditto, Good Hope, Mainland, from Calcutta. At the Cape. 12th Dec. Gilbert Munro, Nicholson,...

" Good entertainment by man and beast" might be the

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motto of the Lyceum ; though the new zoological melodrama, of which Mungo Park is the hero, is rather more tedious than necessary to produce impatience for the appearance of the...


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DRURY LANE has not held so numerous or so delighted an audience this season as overflowed it last night ; when one of those hearty de- monstrations of enthusiastic good-will...

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TO THE EDITOR OP THE SPECTATOR. SIR — The letter of your correspondent Z, inserted in the Spectator of the 14th instant, contains the following passage- " The effects produced...


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We are not without hope of seeing and hearing SPOOR in the course of the present season. He had been applied to by the Directors of the Philharmonic Society to conduct and play...

FANNY ELSSLER, who had been announced at Covent Garden, is

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to appear at the Italian Opera on the opening night, in La Tarentule : the statement that she had entered into an engagement with Mr. BONN is contradicted by the solicitors of...


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CONSIDERATIONS FOR SIR ROBERT PEEL. THE uniform tenour of Sir ROBERT PEEL'S conduct since his last accession to office, and the tone of his speeches, entitle him to the...

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SOME friends of Free Trade have been muttering half-subdued growls at the prospect of corn being admitted from Canada. Will they listen to a friendly caveat ? Either that...


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LORD BROUGHAM has been abused both in and out of Parliament for his condemnation of language attributed to the Reverend Mr. BAYLEY of Sheffield, at a Free Trade Conference, on...


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" Last of his line ! on battle plain That cry shall never rise a g ain." IT is scarcely possible to conceive any thing more pitiful than the position assumed by the followers...

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[BY A CORRESPONDENT.] A NOTICE has been given of another attempt by the present Govern- ment to legislate on the subject of Turnpike Roads. We are not very sanguine in our hope...


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HISTORY. A Memoir of Ireland. Native and Saxon. By Daniel O'Connell. M.P. Vol. I.- 117S-1660 Dolman. TRAVELS. Narrative of a Journey to Kalat. including an Account of the...


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A DAUGHTER who has devoted her talents and energies to the sustenance and comfort of an aged father, and finds herself at his death )verwhelmed with embarrassments in...

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THIS volume forms a kind of supplement to the previous work of Mr. MASSON; and embraces a second journey from Karachi, a port near the mouth of the Indus, to Kalat, the capital...

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PUBLICATIONS RECEIVED, F'rom February rith to February 23d.

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BOOKS. Narrative of a Journey to Kalat, including an Account of the Insurrec- tion at that place in 1840 ; and a Memoir an Eastern Balochistan. By CHARLES MASSON, Esq. Judas ;...

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MODERN PICTURES AT THE BRITISH INSTITUTION. [SECOND NOTICE.] WHEN we look through this exhibition with an eye to the art rather than the subjects of the pictures, it is...

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WAR.OFFICE, Feb. 24.-7th Reg. Drag. Guards-Lieut, J. R. Heaton to be Capt. by purchase, vice Thompson, who retires ; Lieut. R. Bambrick, from the 11th Light Drags. to be Capt....


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THE Queen's visit to Scotland has given rise to a new panorama of Edinburgh, which Mr. BURFORD has painted from sketches made by himself on the occasion. It is nearly twenty...


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Tuesday, Feb. 21. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Thope aunt Co. Brighton, cheesemongers=3Valker and Armitage, Manchester, wool- len-cloth manufacturers -W. and A. Godwin. Market...


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BIRTHS. On the 11th January, at Argaty, Perthshire, Mrs. Burro w+ Holtz, of a son and heir. On the 31st, at Rome, the Lady of the Rev. Farrar MASSINOBERD, of a son. On the 12th...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Saturday Monday. Tuesday. Wattages. Mars. 3 per Cent. Consols 95 95 95} 95} 951 951 Ditto for Account P51 1 95 95} 95} 95} 951 3 per...