25 JANUARY 1834

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Intelligence from Lisbon has been received to the 14th instant.

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The differences between Don PEDRO and his Peers had been made up; and the Duke of TERCEIRA had been despatched to take the command of the army before Santarem, while SALDANHA...


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IN the last Spectatot it was stated, from recent information which we relied on, that the relative strength of parties in Spain had been for some time systematically...

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The Legislative Assembly of Jamaica was prorogued on the 18th

The Spectator

of December, to tho 7th instant ; having in the course of their ten weeks' sitting adopted, with some alterations, the bill for Negro emancipation. Lord MULGRAVE'S...

Cbe Court.

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THE King takes advantage of every interval of fine weather to ride into the country. The Dutchess of Gloucester, Lady Mary Fox, the Countess of Mayo, and Miss d'Este, have been...

Charleston newspapers have been received to the 19th Decem- ber.

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From them we learn, that a bill has passed both branches of the South Carolina Legislature for the military organization of the State. The effect of this bill is to substitute...

Commercial distresses of a very serious nature have arisen from

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the measures recently taken by General JACKSON relative to the United States Bank. Heavy failures have occurred in New York and Philadelphia, one of them to the amount of...

The debates in the French Chambers have been confined al-

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most entirely to domestic concerns, of little interest to foreigners. Spanish politics engross the thoughts of the Parisians, and form the subject of nearly all the letters...

erbe airtropotiO.

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A Court of Common Council was held on Thursday. After some preliminary business had been disposed of, The Town Clerk said, that he had now to lay before the Court a printed...

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At the 1VIansionhouse a few days ago, Mr. Mayhew, late

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Member for Colchester, charged a person named Boswell, with carrying about a petition for pecuniary aid, which he suspected to contain some false statements. Boswell was...

Mr. Platt spoke at some length for the defendant, and

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made some sarcastic remarks upon the .Earl of Durham's conduct in prosecuting him. Sir John Campbell, for the Earl of Durham, said the affected re- tractation of the defendant...

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be Country.

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A meeting of the gentry and yeomanry resident in the Eastern divi- sion of Cornwall was held at Liskeard on Thursday week, for tire purpose of petitioning Parliament to pass a...

About ten days since, two officers of Excise proceeded to

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the house of a man named Belt, a German, situated in a retired part of Totten. ham, about a mile from the high-road, for the purpose of searching for private and illicit stills,...

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The anniversary of the establishment of the Lambton Collierios As-

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sociation was celebrated on Tuesday week, at Lambton Castle ; when the Committee of management, amounting to fifty in number, vere entertained at dinner by Lord Durham. The...

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Lord Althorp's tithe circular has elicited some singular letters from

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several of the parties to whom it has been addiessed. The Rev. J. Giles Powell, Vicar of Hilmortoe, Warwickshire, after replyieg to the noble Lord's queries as to the value of...

The prosecution against Sir John Jeffcott, who shot Dr. Hennis,

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in a duel, at Exeter, is virtually dropped ; the relations of the deceased geutleman, after a full and patient investigation, being fully satisfied of the reluctance manifested...


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Sir Hugh Purees Campbell was clecZed Member for I3envickshire on the 13th instant ; aid in his address to his constituents, declared his determination to pursue a perfectly...

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The Madrid correspondent of the Times says, in allusion to

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the con- duct of the British and French Ambassadors on the recent change in the Spanish Ministry, that although M. RAYNEVAL, who was never accused of being a man of the...

It appears from a paragraph in the .Augsburg Gazelle of

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the 19111 instant, that the inhabitants of the Western provinces of Prussia were making exertions to obtain a general representation of the kirgdom. It is also stated, that two...

The Congress of European Despots and their Royal vassals held

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its first sitting at Vienna on the 12th instant. The business transacted was merely of a preparatory nature.

A letter, dated Pest, January 1st, published in the Romberg

The Spectator

Cor- respondent, speaks of disturbances in Transylvania. The people have been disappointed in their expectations of having a Diet assembled last year ; and it is feared that...

General QUESADA'S memorial or exposition, addressed to the Queen of

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Spain, is stated to be of a much more violent description than that of LLANDElt. It ends, says the Standard, with the significant threat that "the criminal must tremble before...

• dwell upon the interest and value of what proceeds

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from his pen. We have only one additional remark to make. We do not in the smallest degree pledge ourselves to the correctness of' the statements of facts, or to the opinions...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. Serious dissensions are said to exist among the members of' the French Cabinet. The Duke DE BROGLIE and M. GrizoT are men- tioned as likely to retire, to make...


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PARIS. Yrs."—It 'tumid be more convenient were our Correspondent to memion some place to which a letter might be sent for him, iu ease we Should have occasion to write.

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STOCK lis.enAtenr, FRIDAY ATTERNooN. The Matey Market has shown great firmness mincing the past week. The business in the English Funds has not been very extensive. Consols for...


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LAPORTE. has issued the usual circular announcing the commencement of the Opera season ; the preparations for which, he ssys, have been de- layed by legal questions. The Kirg's...


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. astings,13th January 1834. Sta—I have to thank you for so promptly inserting my letter of the 6th instant, en the subject of the British...


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The editor of the Spectator will find upon inquiry, that Lord AUCKLAND does not receive any salary as President of the Board of Trade ; and that, by an Act of Parliament brought...

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CHURCH REFORM—CLERICAL PATRONAGE OF THE OLIGARCHY. Tux Whig Ministers have mortgaged their future resources in order to provide the means of present subsistence. They have...

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LAST week, we called attention to the oporati MI of the Corn-laws on our foreign commerce. We stated our belief that the subject was beginning to be understood in our...


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Mucti has been said of the bribery practised by the United States Bank in the abortive attempt to procure a renewal of its Charter. The application of similar means by the Bank...

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ONE of the most accomplished Hindoos who ever visited England was the late Rajah RAMMOHUN ROY. He was a clear-Leaded man of business in his own country ; and, for a foreigner,...


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LET the gormandizing portion of the Aldermen and Common- Councilmen uf the City of London eat and spare not, for verily evil days are at hand for all such. Feasting and excur-...


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THE Morning Herald has been lately making such a prodigious outcry against the removal of City Churches, that we began to think that nothing short of the destruction of the...

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MATHEWS, in one of his entertainments, tells a story of a matter- of-fact person, whom he calls Felix Fact, going to "see the sea;" and, after looking at the waves for some...


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isr the Herald of Thursday, appeared accounts of two public en- tertainments, that were given in different parts of the town on the two preceding evenings, at which a great many...


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WE went, on Wednesday night, "for sold lang sync," to the City of London Tavern ; where our ears and eyes were regaled with some re- miniscences of the great master of the...

During the performance of Robert is Diable at the Italian

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Opera, in Paris, one night last week, the machinery which forms the vault of the cathedral gave way, and fell with great force upon the head of Nourrit, who was playing the...