25 JANUARY 1851

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TirE relative positions of the contending powers in Paris have been considerably changed during the week ; whether the solution of the question at issue between them has been...

The progress towards a solution of the German difficulties is

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ex- tremely slow. Prussia and Austria are still at odds on the ques- tion of the Presidency in the Diet. These two powers are under- stood to be agreed as to the constitution...

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Turning to home affairs, our survey of an uneventful week

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still claims a section for the Papal controversy. An address from the Prelates of the Established Church in Ireland to the Queen, asserts their right to equal consideration with...

There has been a Ministerial crisis at Madrid ; the

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origin of which is still enveloped in obscurity. Thus much seems oertain- Narvaez has not only abdicated the Premiership, but left the country : Bravo Murillo has been appointed...


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The Court of Common Council assembled in great strength on Thurs- day, for the first time since the election on St. Thomas's Day ; but no business Of importance or interest was...

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Tan regular walks - and drives of the Queen have been diversified by horse exercise this week. On Thursday her Majesty rode out on horse- back with her son Prince Alfred. The...

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At the Monmouthshire Anti-Papal meeting, on Thursday, the Earl of Pelvis moved the main resolution with a speech of vei7 guarded tone ; and 'the resolution itself expressed the...

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The inaugural banquet of the first and unanimously-chosen Lord Mayor of Dublin under the new regime, Mr. Arthur Guinness, was given on Tuesday, in a style of splendour which the...

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Mr. George Loch has addressed the electors of the Falkirk district of boroughs as a political and commercial reformer ; but political opponents have stigmatized his address as...

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FRANCE. —The debate on the resolution submitted to the Legislative Assembly by M. de Remusat's Committee was maintained till Saturday, when it ended in a division fatal to the...

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We have reason to believe that the address in reply to the Speech from the Throne will be moved by the Marquis of Kildare, and seconded by Mr. Pete, M.P. for Nornich.—Tirnes....

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WAR.OPPICE, Jan. 24.-2d Regt. of Foot—Lieut. J. R. Jackson, from the 20th Foot, to be Lieut. vice Grant, promoted. 3d Foot—Capt. J. Floyd, from the 54th Foot, to be Capt. vice...

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The United States mail steam-ship Atlantic, which left Liverpool for

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New York on the 28th December, has been driven back to Cork harbour.- She met with-uninterrupted gales from the West, but sped her way with power and safety till the 6th...

The morning journals give great space to the report of

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"an important meeting" at Manchester on Thursday night, under the designation of a social soirée, "at which was put forth," by Mr. Cobden, says the re- porter of the Times, " a...

Letters from Berne, of the 21st, state that an "insurrection"

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had broken out at Intorlachen and that a band of insurgents had attacked the Government House. The insurrection is more probably a mere mob resistance to an order lately given...


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SATURDAY. The Ministerial crisis in Paris remains unmitigated. • M. Leon Fau- cher had made the attempt to form a Ministry from the minority of 286, and had failed ; and the...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FarnAy AFTERNOON. The English Stock Market, though rather firmer than at the commence- ment of the week, continues heavy. On Monday, a large and influential...

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The appearance of Mr. Macready as Benedick in Muds Ado about 210- 4 is the sole theatrical event of the week. Benedick is one of Mac- B eady's rarest, and also one of his most...

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THE REFORM THAT THE UNIVERSITIES NEED. Sin—May I be allowed to make a remark or two on the excellent and aenaible letter of Mr. James Cecil Wynter, on the subject of University...


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On the 7th January, at Cheshunt, Lady Roberts, of a daughter. On the 13th, at Naples, the Hon. Mrs. John Gellibrand Hubbard, of a daughter. On the 15th, at Dover House, near...

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TB's is the title of an admirable treatise, of little bulk, with which Mr. Adderley, the Conservative Member for North Staffordshire, has occupied a portion of his autumnal...


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ALIFVFLEBONE is coming forward on the Windew-tax with gallant bearing. At the meeting in the Workhouse Court on Monday last, the parishioners took up a very uncompromising...


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THE YEAR 851 AND THE YEAR 1851. IF the first half of the present century has done so much for us, what great gifts may not lie hidden in the second half of the mu- tury ; but...

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THE Morning Post has obtained possession of a patent invention in political economy, which has been as lon g in the window as the genuine Bear at the celebrated haircutter's in...

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MRS. BROWNING'S POEMS.. IT is no easy task to read through Mrs. Browning's collected poems ; and the accomplishment of it is not likely to result in a h - eightened sense of...

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MILITARY EVENTS IN ITALY. * Tills volume contains the most complete

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account that has been published of the late campaigns between the Austrians and the Piedmontese. In the narrative, however, it is rather technical than historical. The author is...

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DR. NICHOL'S PLANETARY SYSTEM. * DR. Mellor, may take the same

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place in astronomical as South- wood Smith and the late Andrew Combe in medical science. If he has not himself advanced astronomy, he has extended its know- ledge and its study,...

THE BRIDAL AND THE BRIDLE. * Faom some occasional remarks in

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the course of this volume the author appears to be a military man, who has served in India. In April last he was married, in Belgium, and proceeded to Paris to spend the...

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Tins is a various, aneedotical, and readable volume ; though the design is better than the execution. The Reverend Erskine Neale selects a number of persons, for the most part...

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LOUIS PHILIPPE AND THE COMTESSE DE NEUILLY. Yet one more portrait of Louis Philippe is now published—probably the latest authentic likeness. The artist, M. Dubuffe, whose...


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A new diorama bearing this title has been opened at the Gallery of Il- lustration in Regent Street, where that of the "Overland Route" has so long drawn nightly admirers. The...


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Dealings with the. Inquisition ; or Papal Rome, her Priests, and her Jesuits. With important Disclosures. By the Reverend Giacinto Achilli, D.D., &c. The Golden Horn ; and...


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Tuesday, January 21. PART - immures DissoLvEn.—Crowe and Co. Colombo—Crowe and Co. London— Smith and Co. Aston, vinegar-makers—Joseph and Co. Wigan, cotton-spinners ; so far as...

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BRITISH FUND S per Cent Console Ditto for Account 3 per Cents Reduced 31 per Cents Long Kanskiell Bank Stock, 8 per Cent India Stock, 101 per Cent Exchequer Bills, 114. per...