25 JULY 1846

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LORD JOHN' RUSSELL has expounded his plan of settlement for the Sugar question, and it is now before the public in detail. We regret that we can neither praise norsupport it as...

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The Indian news relates principally to disastrous casualties, The sole

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military incident is the continued holding-out of Kote Kangra, in spite of endeavours on the part of the Sikh authori- ties to procure its cession to the British. But the latest...

Debates anti Vroutbings in glarliantent.

The Spectator

Tun SUGAR-DUTIES. In the House of Commons, on Monday, Lord JOHN RUSSELL propounded his plan for the settlement of the Sugar-duties. He began by setting forth the necessity of a...

Government have sustained a defeat in the House of Lords,

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on the Earl of Powis's bill to prevent the union of the sees of St. Asaph and Bangor. That measure, however, is not a party one, and the defeat would have been quite as likely...

A movement is made in this country to intercede with

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the Aus- trian Government on behalf of Prince Adam Czartoryski, who has suffered most unjust treatment. The Prince resides in Paris : during the late revolt in Poland, a body of...

The schism among the Repealers proceeds as well as could

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be expected. Mr. Smith O'Brien has made a decided move to- wards "Young Ireland." He is too simple for Mr. O'Connell, and it seems that he has all along been acting in good faith!

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Vlbt Gourt,

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ON Monday, the Queen, 'Prince Albert, and the Royal children, left Osborne House for Buckingham Palace; where they arrived in the afternoon. The Dutchess of Kent visited them,...


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A Court of Common Council was held on Tuesday, to discuss Mr. An- derton's motion- " That it be a standing order of the Court that the Chamberlain shall not pay out of the...

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Zbe Vrobintts.

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The reelection of Lord Morpeth for the West Riding of Yorkshire took place on Saturday, in the Town-hall at Wakefield. After being duly nominated by Lord Milton, and seconded by...

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Mr. Smith O'Brien has more ostensibly than before espoused the Young Ireland schism. A tea-meeting at Kidrush, last week, was the occasion on which the avowal was made. In...


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Mr. Maitland, the Solicitor-General for Scotland, was reelected for the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright on Friday last week. The Reverend Charles Wordsworth, son of the late Master...

jortign anti frolonial.

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FRANCE. — The Paris papers are still absorbed in discussing the pro- spects of the election; a majority being anticipated for or against Ministers according to the predilections...

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Lord John Russell has been called from his public duties

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by the death of an older brother—Lord William Russell; who died on the 16th instant, at Genoa, where he was residing as an invalid. The intelligence reached London on Wednesday...


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The limit of six nights set to Mademoiselle Rachel's performances has already been broken through. The Queen ordered a representation of Andromague on Monday—when she did not...

At Her Majesty's Theatre, the manager has made one of

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those grand coups with which he delights to startle his spectators just as the season begins to decline and the people are beginning to grow weary of London amusements. The new...

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SATURDAY NIGHT. A trap was laid for Ministers in the House of Commons last night. The House being in Committee on the temporary Sugar Bill, Lord GEORGE BKNTINCK submitted an...

Under the head of "Intolerable bigotry," the Times quotes a

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petition about to be presented to the House of Commons, praying the House to use its authority for the removal of three pictures from the National Gallery, of a kind never...

At the Haymarket, an anonymous " lady " has been

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acting the Widow Behnour, in Murphy's dull and disagreeable comedy The Way to Keep Him. The impression made by her may be summed up in the seeming paradox, that considered as a...

The infant Princess is to be baptized this evening, at

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the chapel in Bucking- ham Palace. The company assemble at six o'clock. The Gazette of yesterday notifies the following appointments:the Earl of Mor- ley, Earl Dude, and Lord...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY ATTESWOON. In the early part of the week, sales of stock to the extent of about 200,0002. were effected on the behalf of several of the London...

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LETTER IV. TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. The first section of the second chapter of the Code, "Of Homicide and other offences against the person," is headed—" Of what...

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THE ANTI-SLAVERY THAT MIGHT SUCCEED. FREE trade in sugar must at first act as an encouragement of the slave-trade—there is no doubt of it. The opening of so important a market...


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WHEN the prince of profligates, Don Juan, is accused of vio- lences to Zerlina, he takes to thrashing his servant Leporello, by way of shifting the accusation : when certain...

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A CORRESPONDENT, who writes in an argumentative spirit well calculated to advance opinion, takes exception to a view recently promulgated in our pages. TO THE EDITOR OF THE...


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THE London Corporation has been talking about its own gluttony: it cannot swallow morally what it swallows bodily ; moreover the Lord Mayor proposes to, go out of town to eat,...

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LAw, The Equitable Jurisdiction of the Court of Chancery ; comprising Its Rise, Progress, and final Establishment. To which is prefixed, with a view to the elucidation of the...


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A BALLAD The sun is setting red, And the sky of a murky hue.— Then a cheer we'll give for the dead, And a cheer for the slaver's crew. She speeds o'er the green sea-wave,...

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COMPLETES the trio of fictions in which Mr. Cooper designed to paint the manners of the Americans in various texas, and to illustrate the principles and practices of the...

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SOON after he had joined his regiment as an Ensign, Mr. Whittingham got leave of absence, and set off for Berlin ; where he remained ten months. His main object was to study...

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MB. LANE, the eminent lithographic artist, was bled within an ace of his life, at the age of nineteen ' by some "active practitioner"; and his habits ever since appear to have...

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PORTRAITURE AT THE ROYAL ACADEMY. AFTER seeing the fine collection of portraits by deceased painters at the British Institution, we had the curiosity to look at the portraiture...


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PUBLICAT/ONS OF TER HARDEL SOCIETY. Israel in Egypt, edited by Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy. THE object of the Handel Society has been beautifully accomplished in this edition...

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On the 19th June, at Moroon Town, Jamaica, the Lady of Lieutenant-Colonel Sr alm Campbell, Bart., Thirty-eighth Regiment, of a son. Iffsethe 16th July, at Calmere Rectory,...


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WAR-OFFICE, July 21.-11th Regt. of Foot-Assist-Surg. IL Dane, M.D., freln the 29th Foot, to be Sing. vice West, dec. 12th Foot-Ensign G. R:Littlehales to be Lieut. by purchase,...


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Tuesday, July 21. PARTNEIUMUNI DISSOLVED. Pratt and Co. Eccleston Place, Pimlico, carvers-Eillston and Eade, Ipswich, wine- mercbants-Bains and Stains, Louth, Lincolnshire,...


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The Achilles, Goble, from Calcutta to Liverpool, was burnt at sea on the 24th alt. Crew saved. The Maria !tomes. King, from Ceylon to London, with troops, has put into the Mau-...

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051 931 951 97* 101 2083 11 FOREIGN FUNDS. (Last Official Quotation during the Week ending Friday Evening.) Alabama (Sterling) 6p. Cc. — Matuathusetta(Sterling)...5 p. Ct....