25 JUNE 1842

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,There are renewed and increasing rumours of what the Whig

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newspaper slang calls a " split " among the Conservatives : that party, as well as the country, have found out that Sir ROBERT PEEL is not a Tory of the old stamp, and they are...


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THE Income-tax is law : the bill was read by the Lords a third time, and passed, on Tuesday ; and on Wednesday it received the Royal assent. The two debates on it in the Upper...

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Debates anb Thottebings in Vadiantent.

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THE INCOME-TAX. The order of the day having been moved in the House of Lords, on Tuesday, for the third reading of the Income-tax Bill, the Marquis of CLANRICARDE rose to move...

France is preparing for a general election, and parties are

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in search of professions to win the suffrages of " the country." Some of the trades are in a state of great depression—as the wine-trade and the import sugar-trade ; the...

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gbt (rOUtt.

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THERE have been no great events at Buckingham Palace this week. The Queen held a Court on Tuesday ; at which All Effendi, the Am- bassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary from...

gbe Vrobintes.

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The meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science was opened at Manchester on Wednesday ; when the General Committee for the arrangement of the proceedings...

`one latiropolis.

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A Privy Council was held on Wednesday, at the office of the Comp- troller-General of the Exchequer, for the purpose of empanelling a Jury of twenty-four members of the...

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The Dublin correspondent of the Morning Chronicle says that it has latterly become a question whether Lord De Grey or Lord Eliot should resign ; and that Sir Robert Peel and the...

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Tuesday's Gazette announced that Major Graham, private secretary and brother of Sir James Graham, had been appointed to the office of Registrar-General of Births, Marriages, and...

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The Waterford Chronicle states that the Marquis of Waterford has

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intimated his intention of forgiving the whole of his agricultural tenan- try an entire year's rent. This generous act was determined upon by the Marquis immediately after his...

The father of the traitor Francis had an interview yesterday

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with Major Graham, at the Home Office. We understand that the case of this miserable individual has been several times under the considera- tion of the Cabinet Ministers, but up...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. In the House of Commons last right, the question of the Poor-law was reopened. The order of the day having been read, Mr. LAWSON moved, " That it be an...

The Southampton Election Committee, in commencing the actual in- quiry,

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yesterday, decided on admitting " strangers ;" so there are reports of its proceedings. Mr. Baker appeared as agent for the petitions by the " electors " and "inhabitants" of...

Intelligence has been received this evening from Lisbon to the

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20th instant. The elections for the Cortes began on the previous day ; Government calculate on a small majority. Verbal difficulties in the transtation a the commercial and...

Last night's Gazette contains the proclamation announcing the issue of

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the copper coinage of half-farthings. The proclamation declares that they will not be a legal tender for any sum above the value of sixpence. There is also a notice to all...

Our Paris collaborateur assures us that the royal ordinance for

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the increase of the duty on imported linen-thread will appear towards the end of next week. We learn also from the same quarter, that the general impression in well-informed...


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canes ExaHANG., FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The decline of the French Funds, which appears to have originated in the scarcity of money in Paris,produced a momentary effect upon our own ;...

The Leeds Mercury reports that 4,025 families in Leeds, one-fifth

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of the population, are now dependent on parochial relief. The Stockport Chronicle states that the pauperism in that town is increasing ! De- legates from the manufacturing...

The Leeds Mercury of this day makes a very untoward

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announce- ment, following very unpleasantly the promulgation of higher duties on our manufactures in France and the United States- " On Wednesday, the intelligence reached...

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A COUNTY MEMBER OF THE OLD SCHOOL. SIR RICHARD VYVYAN has penned a letter to his " friends and neighbours," his constituents of Helston, which contains matter for history. Not...


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Arrived—At Gravesend, June 19th, Earl of Hardwicke. Voss, from Bengal; 20th. Plantagenet, Boma. hum ditto; Mary Ann. Tarbutt, from Madras ; 21st, Ea Prance, Malterley, from...

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THERE is a melancholy difference between the recent field-day of the Niger Association and that which was celebrated when the scheme was first presented to receive the homage of...


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"Clown,. We wits will be flouting." SHARSPERE. THE pitcher that goes too often to the well comes home broken at last. The Reverend SYDNEY SMITH, who has enjoyed a forty-years...


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IN the debates on the public finances, the new Postage has very often been alluded to in a spirit of unfairness. Before it was seen how the revenue would be affected by the...

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" IT will end in smoke" has been often said of a public commo- tion which men foresaw would lead to nothing ; but " it began in smoke " is something new to hear predicated of a...


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MEYERBEER'S opera of The Huguenots was produced at Covent Garden Theatre on Monday night, and has been repeated every acting night of the week. With the active search after...


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GARRICK between Tragedy and Comedy, as pictured by REYDOLDS, is a type of the present position of John Bull between the two great French performers : on the one hand,...

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The stage business of the week requires little to be

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said. At the Haymarket, Bubbles of the Day, with FARREN and Mrs. NasaErr in their original parts, alternates with the Rose of Arragon. At the English Opera, 0. SMITH has joined...


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THE attention of persons passing along Knightsbridge has been lately attracted by a Chinese house, resplendent with gold and bright colours, its roof and veranda turned up at...


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WE have lost the last of the Adelphi—those three buffo brothers MATHEWS, REEVE, and YATES—a triad of comic talent that kept the house in a roar : FREDERICK YATES is dead. The...

In connexion with this subject, it may here be mentioned

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that a French artist, Monsieur BORGET, has recently returned from China with a numerous collection of spirited sketches made at Hong Kong and Macao. We were gratified by a sight...

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Theroae. History of Europe from the Commencement of the French Revolution in 1789 to the Restomtiou of the Bourbons in 1815. By Archibald Alison. F.R.S.E., Advocate. Volume the...

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THE object of this work is to furnish a general view of Bel- gium, especially in topography and statistics, and to answer the purpose of a guide-book through the country. The...

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Da. LONSDALE is an Anglo-Indian ; and having read in very early life " The Nabob," and two other fugitive poems of Miss BLAMIRE, " the Muse of Cumberland," his mind was so...

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PUBLICATIONS RECEIVED, From June 16th to June 23d.

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Booxs. History of Europe, from the Commencement of the French Revolution in • 1789 to the Restoration of the Bourbons in 1815. By ARCHIBALD Arasos, F.R.S.E., Advocate. Volume...

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BIRTHS. Ou the 18th April, at Purneala Bengal, the Lady of the Hon. ROBERT FORBES, Com- pany's Service. of a sou. On the 12th June, at Copenhagen, the Lady of the Rev. ROBERT...


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Tuesday, June 21. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Wyllie and Co. Conduit Street. tailors; as far as regards Plambly-Critcbley and Co. Birkenhead. teachers; as far as regards Copeland...


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WAR-OFFICE, June 24.-4th Regt. Drag. Guards-Lieut. G. T. Jacob to be Adjt. vice Ibbetson, who resigns the Adjutancy only. 4th Light Drags.-Brevet Lieut.-Cel. F. D. Daly to be...

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371 104 75 1 74 22} 1 37 14} 1 211 4} 10 04 Dutch (Ex 12 Guilders) .24 - 524 Ditto 5 Ditto (Ditto) 5 - 100/ Ditto (New) 5 French 3 - - Russian 5 Ditto s 119f Spanish 5...