25 JUNE 1859

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taken a decided step in admitting the one philosophical but

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titled At the hasty sitting on Wednesday, Mr. William Owen Stan- Radical, Sir William Molesworth. . ley brought before the House a Breach of Privilege. He had The Addresses of...

to the German Confe()nation ; Piedmont to retain Lom- hatt'y

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; Venet,31; *sing *met into a separate Croverumeirt- probably under some -Cardinal. Whatever the proposals are, they have of course been.imbniitted to the British Government in...

men that accept office under the Crown ; but this

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time the ap- date. V . ., vernment does not comprise a sufficient number of men represent- There are sOme, however, which offer at least exceptional ing the business classes of...

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Mutiny is a very ugly thing ; and mutiny in

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the European portion of the Indian army is a very ugly fact. It is so because the acts which have led to this second mutiny at Meerut compel the whole of the rank and file and...

Dtkatti anh xurubing in orlinnitut.

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A short sitting of both Houses of Parliament was held on Tuesday. In the House of Lords nothing was done, and it was arranged that no pub- lic business should be done until...

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THE ELnermsts.

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The new Ministers have gone; to their constituents' for reelection ; and have issued their addresses, some of which only are worth notice. Lord Palmerston's address, the last to...

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The chief telegrams that have arrived from the seat of war will best enable the reader to understand what his taken place since last week. Movements of the greatest interest may...

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Lord Mayer Wire entertained a large party of bishops and clergymen at the Mansion House on Tuesday to commemorate the founding of the Association for the Propagation of the...

Cbt Cart.

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THE Quetst has been busily engaged in transferring power from the Members of the late to those of the present administration. The bulk of the late Government had audiences of...

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Lord Chancellor Chelmsford has carried out to the last his Tory addi- tions to the magistracy in country towns. During the last few days his Lordship has appointed three more...

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A lawsuit for some years pending in the Court of Session in reference to the use of the piers at Gareloch by passengers landing from steamers plying on the Clyde on Sundays has...


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The Limerick paper publishes an address to the Irish liberal members, signed by Archbishop Leahy (Cashel) and 105 of his clergy, railing upon them to unite in demanding a...

• fintigu nut tannin!.

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frairrt.—Political news from Paris there is none. The Empress Regent performs her duties with exemplary assiduity, living at St. Cloud and going to the Tuileries to do business....

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The new Ministry held its first Cabinet Council on Monday, at the official residence of the First Lord of the Treasury, in Downing Street. he Ministers present were, Viscount...

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A Vienna telegram states that "Prince Esterhazy's visit to London

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is unaccompanied by any official mission whatever." A Vienna telegram states that "Prince Esterhazy's visit to London is unaccompanied by any official mission whatever." The...

It is in no spirit of boast if we ask

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leave to remind our readers of the more important points on which we have been able to supply them with the ear- liest and most accurate information. We are taking great pains...

" Paris, Friday. Notwithstanding the denials of several newspapers, Prince

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Esterhszy, after an interview with the King of the Belgians at Brussels on Saturday, arrived in London on Monday night ; the Petrie says that it was at the re- quest of the late...


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SATURDAY AFTERNOOK. GLORIOUS VICTORY FOR ITALY. A French telegram reports a great victory by the Allies over the Aus- trian army. The Binperor to the Binprest. " Cavriana,...

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The Government have ordered some trials to be made of a new priming apparatus which, if successful, will be of very great importance, not only to the army but to sportsmen. The...


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(From our own Correspondent.) it is so much the custom to go out of Paris at this time of the year that we are gradually losing all our fashionable women. They disappear with...

astfirl 3rts, efasiints, traitt, &r.

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A cnacumsn has been addressed to the wholesale houses of London, bear- ing the signatures of nearly the whole of the ribbon manufacturers of Coventry, in which they state that...


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STOCK Exclution, Pam*: Arrzavoox. The position of affairs in Prussia and Germany in connexion with the present war, caused a considerable amount of uneasiness in the Stock Ex-...

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THE MINISTERIAL RE-ELECTIONS. THE result of the appeal which each of the newly appointed Ministers makes to his own constituency is almost beyond doubt. In each case the...

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American diplomacy is its frankness, and the address publicly delivered by Mr. Reed, the American pleni- potentiary in China, on his return, is a useful contribution, not only...


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KING LEoroen has arrived in London. He was preceded by Count Paul Esterhazy, whose coming was so confidently denied before the fact. Prussia has sent communications embodying...

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ZBEERE being a vacancy in the representation of Marylebone by the elevation of Sir Benjamin Hall to the peerage, some of the eleetors who appear to wish to have a man of mark...

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The Earl of Shaftesbury, as president of the Young Men's

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Christian As- sociation, supports the application to the Trustees of the National Gallery, for the public to be admitted to the several collections of paintings during suitable...


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WHO WAS 7u JUS? * A WEEK'S reflection, and a second reading of Mr. Symons's book, have strengthened our conviction that he has proved his case. " Stet nominis umbra " seems to...

nanwev um:Duras.

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THE Railway Commissioners compute that within the last twelvemonth the number of killed by railway accidents was 276, the number wounded 556, to say nothing of those who have...

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the useful and interesting little volume just pub- lished by the Dean of Westminster, is to trace in a popular man- ner and for general readers, the ch anges of meaning which...

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sooRs anour DRILL. * A CROP of books on drill, field

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evolutions, and rifle practice, was to be expected when the Government gave the signal for the forma- tion of rifle regiments. In. the nature of the case such books were sure to...

CONITDENCES. * Tan now novel by the author of " Rita."

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will not disappoint the expectations raised by his first effort in fiction. It displays the • Confidences. By the Author of "Bits." Published by Smith, Elder, and ce. same...

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Of a book of such mark as Professor Masson's BRITISH NOVELISTS AND THEIR STYLES it is enough for the present to say that it is worthy of the writer's reputation, and that we...

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331 n 51t.

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The HANDEL Tharrrvet, has been the musical event of the week. In England, where the name of Handel stands in rank and honour, on a level with those of our greatest -statesmen,...


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The late Prince Metternich is said, by the Vienna Press, to have left three volumes of autograph notes, relating to important political events, and written at the time of their...

SIF tOratrts.

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We have no past event to record under this head, but before this num- ber is in the hands of all our readers, a novelty of some importance will be produced at the Haymarket;...


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La ric de BoUsne, the drama founded on M. Miirgu's celebrated novel of the same name, and written by M. Milrgu himself conjointly with M. T. Barriere, has been revived at the...

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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, JUNE 21. Bankrupts.—Sainm. CARTER, Fen Stanton, Huntingdonshire, corn-merchant- CHAALES FREEMAN CcerruEEE, Chichester Street, Marrow Road, linendraper-...


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BRITISH FUNDS per Cent Console Seined. (Closing Monday. Prices.) Wanes Thurs. Friday. shut 941 911 shut Ditto for Account 92 ex d. 821 921 921 921 921 per Cents...


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On the 8th of June, at Charlton, the Wife of Montague Darling, Esq., Deputy- Commissary-General, of a son. On the 11th. at Crawley House, Bedfordshire, the Wife of 0.R. if....