25 OCTOBER 1834

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Captain LINDENBERG, the Swedish gent'eman who was sen- tenced to

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death for writing a libel on the King, will not petition for the remission of the penalty, relying on the King's humanity to save him from its execution. In this he probably...

There is scarcely any intelligence worth recording from Spain this

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week. The Proceres tacked to their assent to the financial resolutions of the Procuradores, a sort of petitioning clause in favour of the miserable Gucbhard Loan. They kindly...

Attention is again directed to the proceedings of MEHEMET ALI.

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It is stated that he has forwarded to the British and French Governments an expose of the grievances he has endured at the hands of the Porte and of Russia. He maintains his...

It has been resolved, at Munich we presume, to make

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Athens the seat of the Greek Government. Squares, street's, and public buildings have been planned. A French company have under- taken the speculation of building one grand...

Rumours of the final settlement of the Belgic question have

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been inserted in the Continental journals; but no certain or satisfactory intelligence has been received in relation to that stupid, and now rather unimportant affair.

The Duke of PALMELLA has laid before the Portuguese Cortes

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a project of law to insure the responsibility of Ministers; which had not been debated when the last accounts were despatched, on the 1.2.th instant. The Queen had given much...


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THE sittings of the Commercial Council, which M. DUCHATEL summoned to meet in Paris, commenced last week. Their pro- ceedings refer to a subject which excites less feverish...

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The formal prorogation of Parliament, to the 25th of next

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month, took place on Thursday, in the Library of the late House of Lords, which is again partly furnished with books, &c. A gold-burnished chair was amounted at the extremity to...

The Common Council assembled on Saturday ; and a dispute

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arose between the Lord Mayor and several members who were present, as to the propriety of proceeding with the first subject on the list of business, which referred to...

C:br Ccurt.

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THE King and Queen remained at Windsor during the first days of the week. On Wednesday, his Majesty came to town, and held a Court at St. James's Palace ; which was attended by...

On this day week, the Irish clergy, who took part

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of the Million loan, will be called upon to repay the first instalment on their debt. The law is imperative on this point, and Mr. LITTLETON declares that it will be enforced....

The Schah of Persia has nominated M AHMOUD, the son

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of the deceased heir to the throne, ABBAS M1RZ A, as his successor. This step will probably prevent a civil war of succession, and be conducive to British interests in Persia.

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The following is the account of Bank of England liabilities

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and assets, on the average of the quarter, from the 29th July to the `'21st October inclusive. LIABILITIES. ASSETS. Circulation £18,914,000 Securities £27,840,000 Deposits...

Dr. Southey was yesterday elected by the Gresham Committee to

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the situation of Lecturer on Physic. The place is worth, we believe, about 1001. a year; but the duties it imposes are nut onerous.-31orniner Post. A report was prevalent on...

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Int eattntrv.

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About a hundred and thirty gentlemen, the chief of whom seem to have been clergymen and military officers, gave the Duke of Welling. ton a dinner at Ramsgate on Tuesday. The...

The Old Bailey Sessions closed on Tiles*lay. The trials have

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been unusually devoid of general interest. Sentence of death was passed Upon six prisoners, and thirteen were sentenced to fourteen years' trans. portatiou : among the latter...

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The people at Sandgate were alarmed on Tuesday evening, by

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what they supposed to be a great fire at Folkestone: but on hastening to that town they discovered it to proceed from a cliff over:longing the sea, on the road from Folkstone to...

Mr. Littictnn has addressed the following letter in reply to

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ore from the Reverend Mr. Cabbett, of KiIn,a1lock. It shows the clergy what they have to expect the first of next month, " Dula in Castle, 14th October 1834. " Si a -•I have...


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A fourth and last letter from Mr. O'Connell to Lord Duneannon has made its appearance. It is written with bitterness and vigour; but, though headed " Hurrah for the Repeal!" has...

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Cipiniand of OK Vrr.

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LORD BROUGHAM'S POSITION Wall IllS COLLEAGUES. TIMES—It is a received maxim that the acknowledgment of a fault is half way to the correction ; and it is certain that where...


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The preparations for the dinner at Glasgow to Lord Durham are very spirited. Seats will be provided in the pavilion erected for the purpose to accommodate Aunt 11100; SOO will...

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STANDARD—The schism between the Lords Brougham and Durham has txtended to the Weekly Press; and we are sorry to see the two most able menu- hers of that department of our order...


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On the 11th inst., at Rosana, in the county of Wicklow, the Lady of DANIEL num Esq., of a daughter. On the IMIt inst., at Menested Lodge. Hants, Ltulv CATHERINE BUCKLEY, of a...

0 1 1idaRAIMRd.

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We were correct in our belief that Lord Brougham's statement in the Edinburgh Recite' respecting Lord Durham's advocacy of the twenty-pound franchise was a virtual...

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A VERY agreeable little musical piece, called Cramond Bri2, has been brought out at the English Opera-house this week. It is new in London, though it has been for some years a...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. There has been a learth of Foreign news for several days past, owing to the prevalence of contra!' winds. Next week, we shall probably be deluged with...

We have heard, not certainly from authority, but from a

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well-informed quarter, on which we believe every reliance may be placed, that the propos;.l made by the Earl a DURHAM in the Cabinet Council for iestrierirg the elective...

There is a great clamour at Court and the Inns

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of Court on the singular circumstance of Lord BROUGHABI'S running away with the Seal in his pocket, in his speechmaking expedition to recover his character in Scotland. The...

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The Chronicle of Tuesday announced that the Colonization Com- missioners for South Australia were on the point of being named ; but the promise has not been fulfilled. The Act...

We have elsewhere pointed attention to an article in the

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Scotsman of the 18th, which is devoted to the depreciation of Lord Dolmas!. The following passages will serve more fully to illustrate the envious and malicious intent of the...


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STOCK EXCIIASC•11. PlIDAY AFTZtRooN. A , w1; has been given to reviving confidence, by the occurrence of several conitn , reial failures ; and though the houses which have been...

EAST INDIA SHIPPING. Arrived.—At Gravesend, Oct. 20, Neva, Peake, from

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Singapore; 21st. Royal William, Smith, from Bengal. OR Falmouth, 16th, Diana, Hawkins, from Bombay. OIL DA 23d, Frances Charlotte. Smith. from China. Sailed—From Gravesend, Oct....

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Tile important duty now devolves upon the Government of' providing buildings for the assembly of the two Houses of Legislature. Circum- stances must determine the temporary...

Oscar the Bandit, or the March of Crime, is the

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attractive title of the new melodramatic Durletta at the Adelphi. The incidents are of the most approved description for this species of entertainment. Oscar the bandit...

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THE OBJECTS OF TRUE REFORMERS : LORD DURHAM AT GLASGOW. IT has been suggested that Lord DURHAM will find himself lea somewhat embarrassing position at the Glasgow Dinner; and...

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• At an election which occurred not very long ago in a Yorkshire borough, a voter took the long oaths, and was afterwards thus addressed by a Quaker gentleman, who saw through...

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IN a stunt letter fr m Ireland, Mr. COBBETT called the attention of the English latallools to the alarming fact, that fine wheat was selling in Kilkenny at twenty-seven...


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TILE promotion of Dr. ALLEN to the see of Bristol has excited the indignation of the spirited and independent Member for Gates- head, Mr. CUTHBERT RIPPON; who has addressed a...

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BESIDES an equivocal compliment from the Perthshire Pledge- breaker, Lord BROUGHAM has, since our last notice of his ma- noeuvres, enjoyed the advantage of Conservative sympathy...

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MR. PARRY has addressed a letter to the editor of the Musical .Library, to correct what he is pleased to call a mistake of ours in reference to the pecuniary result of the late...


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THE commercial and manufacturing districts of France have been once more thrown into a state of violent commotion, by the cir- cular recently addressed to the various Chambers...

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2.3(1 October 1534. Sin—In your last week's Paper my attention was directed to the fol- lowing statement. We are authorized to say, that whatever may have passed between Mr....


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THE titlepage tells us that this work is only " edited" by the author of Granby. The preface, with an earnest seriousness, more explicitly assures us that this is the fact. It...


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FICTION, Anne Grey. A Novel. Edited by the Author'of "Granby." In 3 vole. Saunders and Utley. Tar ANNUM.% Jennings Landscape Annual, fur 1835—The Tourist in Spain, Granada....