25 OCTOBER 1845

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THERE is every prospect of dearth in Ireland at least : the ac- counts of the wheat-harvest do not improve; but the potato-crop appears to be a failure throughout potato-eating...

It excites some curiosity in England to know what the

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Irish patriots by profession are doing, in this time of approaching trouble for their countrymen. Ireland is likely to be a whole nation of " sans-potatoes —what have the...


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suggests a doubt whether it s not they alone that can help themselves — whether they do not make their own worst difficulty—are not themselves "their own fever and pain." They...

There are rumours also of a " split " in

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the Cabinet. One tale lS that Sir Robert Peel and the Duke of Wellington do not agree About Irish affairs, and that the Duke, eager for stern ma- [LATEST EDMON.] sures, will...

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OE Court.

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THE principal events at Windsor Castle this week have been the arrival and departure of visiters; whereof the Queen Dowager was the chief. her Majesty, attended by Viscountess...

be Ittetropolis.

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A strange ceremony was performed at Christ's Hospital on Wednesday. In order to ° assert the right of the Chief City Magistrate to be the head of the City Hospitals, the Lord...

Marshal Soult threatens to retire; and, although it is said

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that he has been persuaded to remain in the Cabinet for the present, there are circumstances which make his speedy retirement pro- bable. His health fails. Age does not modify a...

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Zbe Vrobintes.

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Lord Ashley has addressed the following letter to his constituents, to whom it was published in the Dorset County Chronicle. " To the Gentry, Clergy, and Freeholders of the...

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The Scottish Guardian states, that, improbable as the fact may appear Glasgow University is about to be converted into a railway-station! The closing remark of our contemporary...


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An adjourned meeting of "Protestants" was held at Belfast on Friday. It was attended by several noblemen and gentlemen connected with the province of Ulster, and others sent...

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Iforeign antr

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FRANCE.—A report has been revived, with increasing confidence, that Marshal Soult has expressed a determined intention to retire from office. These reports have been...

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The reports of the potato-crop have varied, but upon the whole they continue to be of a complexion as gloom/ as they were last week. • The most important, of course, relate to...

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Azar/ED—At Gravesend, 20th Oct. Thomas Worthington, Valentine, from Chins; and Bombay, Farley, from Bombay ; 23d, Isabella Watson, Henderson, from Adelaide. In the Downs, 22d,...

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Report says, that Mr. Newman has purchased several acres of

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land at Little- more; and that an important institution is likely to arise there for the promotion of the objects of the Puseyite and Romanist party. For the present, Mr. Newman...

The members of the Manchester Athenseum held their third annual

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&Arlie, in the Free Trade Hall, on Thursday. It was a brilliant evening, though there were some serious disappointments. Mr. Charles Dickens was detained at home by the delicate...

Last night's Gazette announces that the Queen has appointed 'William

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Winniett, Esq., Commander in the Royal Navy, to be Lieutenant-Governor of her Majesty's Forts and Settlements on the Gold Coast; and Henry Duncan Dodgin, Esq., to be...

It is rumoured that the Banks of England and France

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are about to make arrange- ments for the reciprocal remittance of railway deposits, BO as to obviate derange- ments in the currency.—Morning Chronicle.

The Paris papers of Thursday confirm the belief that Marshal

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Soult will resign the portfolio of War, and retain the Presidency of the Council. They contain a series of despatches from Algeria, which show that the French were able to...

The accounts of the potato-crop received in Dublin on Thursday

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are as conflicting as ever; but we notice that from Cork, Tipperary, Mayo, and Connaught generally, the reports are favourable. The Waterford Board of Guardians have adopted a...

The fever has again broken out on board the steamer

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Eclair, at Sheerness: two of the White seamen have been seized, but both are doing well. We regret to observe that Mr. Boteler has died from the effects of his injuries on the...

Lord Ashley has been personally called to account on the

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subject of his Free-trade leanings, and he has observed a silence as curious as his out- speaking. He is making a tour of Short-time agitation in the factory-dis- tricts; and at...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. The work of agricultural enlightenment goes on bravely. Mr. Bick- ham Ese,ott, the Member for Winchester, has before now astonished slower people by the...


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STOCK EECTIANGE, FRIDAY' AFTERNOON. The heaviness noticed as prevailing in the English Stock-market at the close of last week was continuedon Monday; when Consols for the...

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The French Plays at the St. James's are to commence

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on Monday week; with M. Lafont and M. Cartigny, and two new ladies, Mademoiselle Mar- telleur, of the Theatre Francais, and Mademoiselle Eugenie St. Marc, of the Theatre du...


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Tim new opera, The Fairy Oak, produced at Drury Lane on Saturday, appears to have been brought forward by the manager to occupy the stage until the greater preparations...


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This pretty exhibition of mechanism applied to the representation of animated scenic effects is worth a visit to the Concert-room of the Prin- cess's Theatre from all who admire...

The engagement of Miss Helen Faucit and Mr. Anderson at

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the Hay- market is a consequence of Mr. Macready's appearance at the Princess's : but the combined attraction of these two asteroids did not counterbalance the preponderating...

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RAILWAY TRIBUNALS AND JUDGES. AMONG the multitudes possessed by the common madness of speculating in Railway Shares, some few may take thought of the actual works which are the...


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THE principal objections to the Government plan of retirement are, first, that though it may produce some good to the service, it will not secure an effective list of Captains ;...

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POLITICAL cant is nowhere more dominant than in the United States of America. Wanting truly great men to embody great convictions and lead the people, the Republic furnishes...


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Apritrirrow has been drawn in this country to complaints of op- pressive taxation made by the merchants of Bombay. As yet, the Directors of the East India Company have offered...


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Mew is a strange animal, but that complex animal a public meeting is stranger. Its vagaries are surprising, and baffle analysis. It al- ways seems to have more force than sense....

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MIOOKAPUT, The Diplomatists of Europe. From the French of M. Capefigue. Edited by major. General Monteith, K.L.S., F.R.S., &c lackissort. Titavma, Wanderings of a Pilgrim in...

Pousot CouNTs.—What in Belgium, as well as other lands, excites

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astonish- ment, is the monstrous number of Counts that are found among the emigrants. * * * The more so, as the Committee, which has been sitting at Warsaw for some years, for...

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not a book of travels, or of the results of travel, except in so far as matter derived from sojourn in a foreign country must of nece ss ity par- take of one character or the...

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Da. COOMBE, about a dozen years ago, in his Physiology applied to Health and Education, first drew the attention of the public to the influence of the skin upon the health, in a...

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From October 17th to October 23d. BOOKS. A Clinical Introduction to the Practice of Auscultation, and other modes of Physical Diagnosis: intended to simplify the Study of the...

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Tuesday, October 21. PARTNER5111113 DISSOLVED. Rolley and Co. Sheffield, typefounders ; as far as regards D. Rolley-Garton and Hall, Texan, Cheshire, bleachers- Morton and...

BIRTHS On the 14th September, at Adrianople, the Lady of

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William Willshire, Esq., her Majesty's Consul, of a daughter. On the 15th October, at Aberdeen, the Wife of Professor Gray, of Marinchal College, of a son. On the 16th, at...


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WAR-OFFICE, Oct. 24.-3d Drag. Guards-Vet. Sur. T. Browne, from the 6th Drag. Guards, to be Vet. Sur., vice Isaac almm, who retires upon half-pay. 6th Drag. Guards-Vet. sun. G....

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Priem.) 3 per Cent Consols.. Ditto for Account . 3 per Cents Reduced 3* per Cents Long Atumities Bank Stock, 7 per Cent. India Stock, 10* Exchequer...