25 OCTOBER 1851

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The movements in Germany are suspicious. The frontier sons towards

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France are about to be reinforced, and the of the principal states placed on a war footing. The avowed cause of this is the unsatisfactory aspect of French politics. Professions...

Louis Napoleon has failed in two attempts to form a

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Parlia- mentary Cabinet. It is now understood that he will, as on a former occasion, get up a Cabinet of Ministers who are not mem- bers of the Assembly, and charge it with the...


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Tiq state of affairs in South Africa is one of ever-increasing embarrassment and hopeless entanglement. The Caffres, aware of their inability to compete with disciplined...

Kossuth's reception at Southampton, on Thursday, has been of a

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nature to lighten the darkness of exile. It is one of the sunny passages in his varied and stirring life. Driven from Hungary by the utter prostration of the cause he had...

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As far as outward show goes, the proceedings of the

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Govern- ment of Spain ought to give satisfaction to this country. Some vexatious restrictions on the transport of provisions from the Spanish territory, across the lines to...

The exploits of our Anti-Slavery cruisers in the waters of

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Bra- zil have induced the Ministers of that empire to contemplate a measure which if it do not arrest Lord Palmerston, may be pro- ductive of the gravest consequences. They have...

itt Court.

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THE Queen held a Court and Privy Council at Windsor Castle on Thurs- day afternoon. At the Council, Lord Seymour was sworn in a member of the Privy Ccruncil, and took his seat...

The misunderstanding between the Porte and the Pacha of Egypt,

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arising out of the project of a railway across the Isthmus of Suez, is said to be satisfactorily adjusted. The Pacha has con- descended to ask the Porte's permission to...

Cht 3littrnpnlio.

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In a Court of Aldermen, held on Tuesday, Alderman Wilson, on behalf of the Committee of Privileges, presented the draft of resolutions which they had been directed to prepare,...

A. Belgian paper publishes what purports to be a note

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addressed by Lord Palmerston to the Neapolitan Minister in London. So many apocryphal state papers have appeared of late, that the authenticity of this document may be doubted....

The latest intelligence from California presents a new phasis or

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development of Lynch law. Hitherto that irregular mode of ad- ministerin g justice has been confined in the American Republic to districts which possessed no regular...

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At Bradford, on Tuesday, Mr. Robert Milligan was chosen without opposition to represent the borough in Parliament, in room of the late Mr. Busfeild. Mr. Milligan was questioned...

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farrign auh Colonial.

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Fithwea.—There is nothing of substantial progress to record respecting the reconstruction of the Cabinet. M. Billault at the end of last week gave up the hopes he at first...


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The North British Mail mentions a rumour which prevailed in Edin- burgh on Saturday afternoon, that Lord Rutherfurd "intends to resign his seat on the bench in November, and...


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The Lord-Lieutenant arrived at Dublin from London on Saturday evening. The following statement of the course which the Government means to take in reference to the famine loan...

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The Gazette of Tuesday notified formally the appointment of Richard Torin Kinderaley, Esq., and of James Parker, Esq., respectively, to "the office eta Vice-Chancellor." The...

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The Paris correspondence of yesterday evening affirms, that though the Ministerial crisis was not at an end, some progress had been made towards the formation of a Cabinet. M....

The Lord Chief Justice of England has been at Rome,

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and made his peace with the Pope for threatening, at the Guildhall dinner, last Lord Mayor's Day, to give him only Protestant justice if he should come to this country. Lord...

We have hitherto refrained ft out alluding to the several

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reports which have been circulated regarding the long-expected brevet in the Army ; but we have now the pleasure of stating that we have every reason to be- lieve that the boon...

In our account of the late extraordinary proceedings of Mr.

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Rartishay in the Liverpool County Court, we mentioned that a committee had been formed to obtain redress for Mr. Whiny, and the general correction of Mr. Ramshay's excesses. The...


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The English Stock Market has been very firm, with a glow but gra al advance, until the price of Consols has today reached 971 for Money' The business transacted has not been...


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The Letter of "A South Australian," on the Gold Question, is in type, but, with se- veral other communications, unavoidably postponed. Another Letter by "A. B. R.' on 'Father...

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'60 tOrttrro.

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The farewells for the season, at the various theatrical establishments, have all been indicative of prosperity. Mr. Webster, who took leave of his Haymarket patrons in a...


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JUDICIAL APPOINTMENTS. THE recent law appointments are not a little creditable to the Government. Two better men than Sir Lewis Knight Bruce and Lord Cran- worth could not...


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giving . of the prizes,. and it has -k come; grumbling not only natural but Just. Besides .,a host of smaller murmurs—among them, one who complains that that deli- cate and...

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Mit. M. D. HILL ON DETENTITE POLIC 7 " wi r i 4 rin and Taz Recorder

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of Birmingham has just made his annua' l g; dum on reform of the correctional law ; the subject thi s an d c ar b i d e that which he broached last year—the detention bffenders,...


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A JIETURN obtained by Colonel Dunne goes far th explain the reason why the People's ll'ouse of Parliament habitually makes so little way with the work intrusted to it. The...

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tiwis ° '.... "11TE MODEL THEOLOGICAL CONTROVERSY. night. The Cs possible

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to pass through a polemical conflict without any Drury Ls of the =amiable "odium theologicum." The present week iwmance. yen proof of it. The gentle passage at arms-dialectical...

Ittftr tu tip ilritar.

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REPRESENTITION OF THE 3IEDIC AL PROFESSION. Sin—You have discussed some large principles of Parliamentary Reform in your topic of the day headed "Representation of Minorities,"...

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CARLYLE'S LIPE DP STERLING. * THE domain ' 1 (kf political economy is not unlimited ; the laws of supply and demand are not the only or the strongest forces at work in nature....


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Edinburgh, 20th October 1851. ir Sin—Referring to the article headed "Hungerford Hall," in the Spectator of Saturday last, I beg to say, that as a candid inquirer into the...


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.2Verth Brixton, 20th October 1851. Sin—It is not an exaggeration to say that the history of the Income-tax convicts its authors of political dishonesty. The tax was created to...

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Mr. Gosse in his preface, "natural, history is far too much a science of dead things---e necrology. It is mainly conver- sant with dry skins, furred or feathered, blackened,...

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Tao sea novel is a singular medley of naval observation, maga- zine article writing, satiric reflection upon the conventionalisms of civilized life, and rhapsody run mad. So far...

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On the 15th October, at Cranfield Rectory, Beds, the Wife of the Rey. George Gardner Harter, of a daughter. On the 17th, at the residence of Lord Wemyss, Queen Street,...


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BOOKS. The current week gives further token of reviving publication. Besides the books noticed in preceding pages, Messrs. Longman have issued the History of English Railways,...


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OFFICE or ORDNANCE, Oct. 18.—Royal Regt. of Artillery—See. Lieut, F. C. Griffin to be First Lieut. vice Carden, dec. Corps of Royal Engineers—Sec. Lieut. J. C. Cowell, with...


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Tuesday, October 21. PARTIPERSITTPS DISSOLTED.—Johnson and Ashenden, John Street, Dockhead, corn. dealers—Roberts and Jones, Liverpool, tea-dealers—Martin and Co. Manchester,...

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PRIGU: - 0 TutarvNiwr,..., BRITISH FUNDS. (Circling Priam)

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3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Accouat a per Cents Reduced 51 per Cents Long Annuities Bank Stock, 7 per Cent India Stock, 101,per Cent Exchequer per diem India Bonds 3 per Cent...