25 OCTOBER 1856

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A memorandum has issued from the Horse Guards, announcing the

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system upon which regiments of infantry will be formed into service and depot companies, on a plan which we have already explained,—the eight service-companies with a strength...

A feeling gains ground that the next session will be

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the last of the present Parliament ; and the feeling betrays itself not only in the solicitude which Members show for the good opinion of their constituents, but in the current...


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A MOVE has at last been made by France towards Naples ; but at present the most tangible evideuoe of the fact is an " article " in t.6 Moniteur of Sunday last, explaining the...

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We have this week the report of a meeting which

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took place at Birmingham towards the close of last week, to promote the objects of a society for the aid of discharged criminals, adults. It will be recollected that the...

The proceedings in the case of Ditcher versus Denison were

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expected to close this week, with the judgment of Dr. Lushing- ton upon the pleadings. Before the Archbishop's Commissioner delivered judgment, however, a new plea was advanced...

t4E Yiittrufulio.

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The Corporation of London is reforming itself apparently, anticipating the broom of the Home Secretary. Last week, the Town Clerk inti- mated far and wide, that all persons on...

The frightful accident at the Surrey Gardens last Sunday evening

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is a painful comment on the course of proceedings which led to it. In this country there is always a demand for a certain kind of preacher, of whom Whitfield is considered the...

qt Court.

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AT a Privy Council held in Windsor Castle on Wednesday, it was ordered that Parliament should be further prorogued from the 13th No- vember to the 16th December. The Queen gave...

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According to Mr. Disraeli, there is a legion of agricultural societies in the county of Buckingham—" they exist in all parts of the shire." One of these local societies held a...

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In August last, the Court of the Archbishop of Canterbury, sitting at Bath to try the suit instituted by the Reverend Mr. Ditcher against Arch- deacon Denison, adjourned after...


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The Dublin Crimean banquet to 3500 soldiers took place on Wednes- day ; and although so many were entertained, " the whole proceedings were conducted with a degree of order...

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Artigu out( Cutpuittl.

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,f raurf.—The Emperor and Empress have gone to Compiegne, there to hunt and recreate themselves and their guests. Before he started from Paris, on Sunday, the Emperor received...


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Several Scottish Members have recently been enlightening their con- stituents,—Mr. Craufurd at Ayr, and Mr. Dunlop at Greenock, viva owe ; Mr. Laing, Member for the ,"Northern...

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A circular memorandum, chiefly relating to the administration of de- pot battalions, was issued last week from the Horse Guards. It con- tains some paragraphs illustrative of...

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We regret to believe that there may be too much

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truth in a report, newly-revived, "that Dr. Hinds, Bishop of Norwich, had intimated to the Archbishop of Canterbury his desire to resign his see ; trusting to the liberality of...

Among the heroes of the war, few have excited greater

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sympathy and admiration than the youthful Captain Thompson. It was his fortune to escape the balls and bayonets of the enemy, and to die of the sufferings induced by his...


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SATURDAY. The Moniteur of yesterday published the following general attack upon the English press- " For some time past different organs of the English press have endea-...

The Irish Privy Council assembled on Thursday ; when the

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Archbishop of Dublin, the Lord Chancellor, and the General Commanding the Forces in Ireland, were sworn Lords Justices, in the absence of the Earl of Carlisle. There were...

The inquest on the bodies of the persons killed in

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the Surrey Music-Hall terminated yesterday in a verdict of "Accidental death." The evidence taken by the Coroner was of a conflicting kind. Several witnesses stated that there...

Mr. William Miles, presiding over the annual dinner of the

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Evercreech Agricultural Society, on Thursday, stated with much emphasis the views which he as a member of " an almost extinct party—the old Tory party " —takes of the Neapolitan...


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An Account, pursuant to the Act 7th and 8th Victoria, cap. 32, for the week ending on Saturday, the 18th day of Oct. 1856. ISSUE DLIVOLTXENT. Notes Issued £23,700,185...

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The morning . journals announce that Mr. Clarkson the barrister died

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yesterday, at Brighton. He had for some weeks suffered from carbuncle in the neck ; an operation was performed, from the effects of which he did not recover. Mr. Clarkson was...

By his performance of Rover, in Wild Oats, which was

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revived at the Haymarket on Monday last, Mr. Murdoch, the American comedian, has somewhat disappointed those who witnessed his debfit in The Inconstant. That he would display...

The Postmaster-General, finding that " much confusion is created by

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let- ters marked registered' being deposited in the letterboxes instead of being given in at the windows of the post-office, and proper receipts obtained, notifies, that " on...

Femme?? Timex - racers.

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A new drama entitled L'21voeat des Pattyres has recently been pro- duced at the Grille. The scene is laid in London during the protector- ship of Cromwell; and the principal...

tOt t4tatrts.

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Mademoiselle Piccolomini—who almost ever since the end of the Lon- don opera season has been making the tour of the Three Kingdoms, playing her round of parts and singing at...

The promised Dred, founded on Mrs. Stowe's novel, has at

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length been produced at the Surrey Theatre. By rendering the hero of the swamp less scriptural and more pugnacious, and by making Tom Gordon manifest his brutality in a more...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY Arms:coon. s of returning confidence have been apparent this week in the Eng- lish S tock Market, owing principally to a cessation of the withdrawals of...

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POLITICAL CONFESSIONS. 4 , The present Parliament is drawing towards an end ; and it is possible that a general election may take place even sooner than its natural...

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By the appeal against the judgment in this case, the question raised at the trial has been taken out of the hands of the Primate and referred to the Privy Council. The manner of...


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IT is not in the dismissal of Lord Ernest Vane Tempest and Cornet Birt that we see the best promise for a reform in the morals of the mess-room, but in the well-timed warning of...


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No maxim is more indiscriminately used in this country than that you should not complain of an evil until you can point out a remedy—should not object to something bad until you...

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Tux frauds on the Great Northern Railway of France are far less interesting as a romance of crime than as a contribution of evi- dence to the manner in which the haut commerce...

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fetus tg. t4t etitor.

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"LORD TORN." 14th October 1856. Sm—I beg to thank you for your article in last week's number headed " Lord John" : and I take it as a sign that your sense of fair dealing is...


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SEVENTEEN years ago, Mr. M. D. Hill was elected Recorder of Birmingham. He found a practice commenced by the Warwick- shire Magistrates, of restoring juvenile offenders to their...


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Sm—Now that the improvement of the Metropolis i s beginning to attract some of the attention it deserves, may I be permitted to submit through your columns a few ideas on the...

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London, 23d October 1856. Sni—I have just read-the article on " Spain!: in your valuable journal for this week ; and, although acknowledging its ability and general truth-...


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OSBORN'S NARRATIVE OF M'CLURE'S DISCOVERY OF THE NORTH-WEST PA.SSAGIE." SHERARD °snow; is known to the world, not only as an Arctic explorer, but as a natural and vivid...

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VAUGHAN'S HOURS WITH THE MYSTICS. * BEE/GI017S mysticism is rather a

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mood of mind than a theological creed: it may exist in almost any form of belief when fancy and enthusiasm run riot over reason. The profession of Pantheism or Polytheism may be...

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BAILEY'S RECORDS OF LONGEVITY. * IN the form of an obituary

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alphabetically arranged, Mr. Bailey has brought together all the notices he could collect of persons living to a hunlred years and upwards, with a few remarkable individuals who...


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OF GOD. * `Pals Essay is rather a complete though brief exposition of a sys- tem of natural religion and Christian theology, than (as the title would lead one to infer) an...

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NEW NOVELS. * Tin framework of Stories by an Archmologist and

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Ids Friends consists of a temporary society sojourning at Naples, whose mem- bers are of various . countries, and with different scientific objects or hobbies. They agree to...

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CO to

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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, OCTOBER 24. Foot-Capt. G. W. Bunbury to be Instructor of Musketry. 52d Foot-Brevet-Col. J. L. Dennis, from the 94th Foot, to be Lient.-Col. vice...


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PROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, OCTOBER 21. Partnerships Dissolved.-A. and W. H. Maclean, Port Natal, merchants-Pal - lant and Bradley; Halkin• Street West, Belgrave Square, ladies'...


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On the 14th October, at Lemore House, Herefordshire, the Wife of W. Y. Peel, Esq., of a son. On the 17th, at Stobo Castle, the Lady of Sir G. Montgomery, Bart., M.P., of a...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) &turd. 3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account 8 per Cents Reduced New 3 per Cents Long Annuities Annuities 1885 Bank Stock, 9 per Cent India...