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in-chief has been conferred upon that ennobled soldier whom, after

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briefly exhausting the several claims, we had concluded to be the most eligible—Lord Hardinge. Acting as a statesmannot less than as a commander, the Duke of Wellington would...

The marine portion of the expeditionary army in the Rangoon

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has stolen a march upon its own commander : sent to reconnoitre, it has temporarily occupied Prome, and won a victory over a land force. It is strange that a subordinate should...

The New York Journal of Commerce has startled our journalists

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out of their propriety, by asserting that there has been no settle- ment of the Fishery dispute, no negotiation, no encroachment, no concession—it was all a mistake : certain...


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THE date for the funeral of Wellington is now fixed proximately : the funeral is not to take place until after the meeting of Parlia- ment, in order that Parliament may...

Continental politics are not of a first-rate importance for the

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week. Louis Napoleon is still parading in the South, proclaimed by well-arranged officials and peasantry as "the Emperor," " Na- poleon the Third"; at Cherbourg he is proclaimed...

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T4t 1)ukt of Wttliugtun.

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The information which was generally received and printed last Satur- day, respecting the return of the Earl of Derby from Balmoral, and the removal of the body of the Duke from...

44t 311rtropolio.

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Defective bridge accommodation formed the topic of debate in the Court of Common Council held on Thursday. It was moved that " the report recommending the rebuilding of...

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itt Vtnniurto.

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Agricultural associations and agricultural shows are; now popular in- and the dinners which invariably follow the latter afford a in its character, where political antagenista...

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Lord Naas has written to inform Mr. Roney, the Secretary of the Dub- lin Exhibition of 1853, that he will "submit to Parliament, early in the ensuing session, a bill to extend...

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fortigu auli tutorial. .

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Fnarres.—Pursuing the career of President Bonaparte through the provinces, which we are told is no longer a tour but a triumphal march, we fi nd Lim leaving Nevers on the 16th...


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The Queen remains at Balmoral. The news of the death of Welling- ton reached her Majesty and Prince Albert on Thursday sennight, as they were going to the Dhu Loch, West of Loch...

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In accordance with public opinion, the Queen has appointed Lord Hardinge Commander-in-chief. His first " general order" is published in the London Gazette, as follows. " Horse...

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After all the contradictory rumours, the latest report of Mr.

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Macaulay' is, that the air of Clifton is really restoring "his accustomed health and strength." Reports were current on Thursday that Mr. Albert Smith and his bro- ther had...

An announcement of some interest, if correct, is made today

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by the Morning Chronicle—" We hear that it is the intention of the Government to issue a Commission to inquire into the condition of the Cathedral Chap- ters." But the Chronicle...

Some gossiping discussion is going forward as to the appointment

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of the Chairman of Committees in the House of Commons. The Derby Government is said to have in its eye Mr. Matthew Talbot Baines ; but with what view that concession is to be...


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SATURDAY. The annual meeting of the Suffolk Agricultural Society was held at Framlingham yesterday. The Earl of Stradbroke presided over the usual banquet, and Sir Edward Gooch...


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On the 23d August, at St. Ann's, Trinidad, the Lady Harris, of a daughter. On the 14th September, at Springkell, Dumfriess-shire,the Lady of Sir John Heron Maxwell, Hart., of a...


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Our correspondent of Lincoln College will perceive that we had anticipated him in the expression of similar sentiments. Among the communications unavoidably postponed for...

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For several days past, the Atholl bills have been capped

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with snow. Ice was on the ponds, and snow en the hills, in Strath-Tay last week. The Aber- deenshire hills, especially around Balmoral, were covered, in the beginning of the...

President Bonaparte's tour continues to present the same incidents; but

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at the Bonapartist town of Grenoble his reception was really enthu- siastic. From this town he passed on to Valence, whence he departed yesterday for Avignon, by the Rhone. His...

Eight British soldiers of the Thirtieth and Forty-first regiments in

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Cepha- lonia and Zante have been convicted of striking their officers in order that they might be transported to gold-bearing Australia : one of them has been shot and the rest...

The emigrants of Tripe and Montague who suffered by the

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swindle waited on Sir Robert Carden yesterday, to receive their respective shares of money which has been subscribed by the public for their benefit ; but Sir Robert stated that...

t 4tatrro.

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Although in re op ening his establishment for the season, Mr. Charles Kean, now sole ruler, does not attempt to dazzle the public by one of those startling novelties which cause...


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The Birmingham Musical Festival, of which we have already given an account, has been followed by those of Hereford and Norwich. The former was held last week, on the 14th, 15th,...


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STOCK EXCHANGE. FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The English Funds have presented very little change of character from that recorded in our report of last week. The fluctuations have been of...

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THE PROSPERITY OF THE COUNTRY. NOTWITHSTANDING the indifferent harvest, the country seems to be advancing in a stage of industrial prosperity almost unpree dented. While...

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AMONG the many and various offices of dignity and power with which the respect and gratitude of the country invested the late Duke of Wellington, perhaps the one least...

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WarrE Louis Napoleon is canvassing the South of France for Im- perial suffrages, the police have orders to carry out a more searoh- ing and strict disarming of the people....


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Ir needs all the genuine respect for the memory of Wellington to prevent the mass of - writing, about the past, present, and even the future, which floods the journals, in...

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Ova correspondence on the Convocation question was threatening to grow upon us, to the exclusion of matter of immediate and pressing interest. We have therefore been compelled...

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TEE newspaper organ of the present Government continues to imagine the existence of a conspiracy to oust the Derby Cabi- net, by a coalition of Whigs and Peelites. The...


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AMONG us there are strange events; Continental revolutions, the ups and downs of empire, the flight of vast numbers across the Atlantic and Pacific in search of gold : but an...

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VICTOR HUGO'S NAPOLEON THE LITTLE.. IT would seem as though the human mind were incapable of feel- ing, or even from mere reasoning of fully perceiving the truth, in the...

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MARCH'S WALK INTO NORTH SPAIN. * IT is a principle that

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cannot be too constantly present to the mind of writers, especially with a lively fancy and fluent style, that a book of tr avels should consist of what is seen abroad, not of...

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THIS picture of life in the Slave - States of America undoubtedly owes some of . its interest to the novelty of its subject. Manners, domestic economy, sketches of scenery, and...

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POSTHUMOUS PRINT OF WELLINGTON.* The chief interest attaching to this print is not that of the " Royal An- niversaries," but, now more than ever, of an heroic anniversary—that...


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Booxs. Memoirs of the Baroness d'Oberkirch, Countess de Montbrison. Writ- ten by Herself; and edited by her Grandson, the Count de Montbrison. In three volumes. Fanny...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Priem) Saud. Mentay. Tuesday. Wed..., Thum Friday, 3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account 3 per Cents Reduced 31 per Cents Long Annuities Bank Stock, 8...


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WAR-OFFICE, Sept. 21-2d Drags.-R. Parry, Gent. to be Cornet, by purchase, vice Buchanan, promoted. 12th Light Drags.-A. Fletcher, Gent. to be Cornet, by pur- chase, vice Elwes,...

COMMERCIAL GAZETTE, Tuesday, September 21. PARTNERSHIPS DissoLvern.-Pearsons and Whaley, Thorne

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Quay, Yorkshire, rope- nudiers-Payton and GiUender, Aston, Warwickshire, brick-makers-Dear and Warrener, Bishopsgate Street Without, toy-warehousemen-Priest and Cooper, Bedford,...