26 DECEMBER 1846

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In Ireland itself, the rumour of the Ministerial intentions has

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not provoked anything like the shout of opposition that might have been elpected from some parts of it ; and Mr. Trevelyan's letter has been very complacently welcomed. The...

Rumour and the unexpected successes of the Progresista party in

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Spain foreshadow some approaching change in the Peninsula. Queen Christina's influence is said to be yielding to that of King Francisco, M. Bresson's to that of Mr. Bulwer. The...


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A PROCLAMATION by the Queen summons her Parliament to meet on Tuesday the 19th of January next, "for the despatch of divers urgent and important affairs, —a phrase which this...

We have said that the Three Northern Powers have not

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yet finally disposed of Cracow ; for the ulterior consequences of the annexation are only beginning. There is every sign that the French Government merely bides its time to...

Occasionally, amid the Irish turmoil, is heard the still voice

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of poignant distress in the North and West of Scotland : there the Celtic race is suffering equally with the cognate race in Ire- land, but not like them with forgetfulness of...

Occurrences here and there in our wide Colonial empire remind

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the politician of the extensive interests at stake. An outbreak at Norfolk Island confirms the views which have induced Lord Grey to break up that establishment of concentrated...

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Zbt GLourt.

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THE unfavourable weather in the early part of the week interfered with the Queen's out-of-doors exercise. On Monday and Thursday, Prince Al- bert took the exercise of shooting....

ZEbt ffietropolis.

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Monday being St. Thomas's Day, the election of Common Councilmen for the ensuing year was opened in the various Wards. In most of them the representatives of last year were...

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gbe glrobintes.

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The amicable arrangement between the friends of Mr. Hodgetts Foley and Captain Rushout, for disposing of the representation of East Worces- tershire at the next general...

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A Treasury minute, dated the 7th of December, sanctions a modifica- tion of the system originally laid down for the drainage of the land. After a review of all the enactments,...

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A public meeting was'. held in the Music Hall at

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Edinburgh, on Friday last, to devise means of mitigating the distress in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. The Lord Provost presided. The Reverend Norman M'Leod, of...

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iforeian anti QColonial.

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Seeseer.—The news from Madrid has reference principally to the elec- tions. Up to the 16th instant, the total numbers returned were 289; of whom 203 belonged to the Ministry,...

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It is stated that her Majesty will in all probability honour the Duke of Beaufort with a visit, at Badminton House, at an early period after Christ- mas. We have heard that the...

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A meeting was held in the Town-hall at Oldham on

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Monday, in compliance with a requisition signed by two hundred and twenty persons, comprising many of the neighbouring magistrates, gentry, and clergy, to consider the proper...

The Times of this morning has an interesting paper on

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the bearing of railways in respeet to the political relations of Austria and Italy. A rail- road is in progress, which, starting from Ostend, is to pass into Italy by means of a...

A report has prevailed in Paris, that King Louis Philippe

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is ill, exhibiting decided symptoms of breaking up; and we see that the report was renewed on Thursday. As often as it is made it is contradicted. The truth it is im- possible...

The Journal des Debuts of Thursday quotes from two German

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papers letters written at Berlin on the 13th and 18th instant, concerning the arrest of several persons accused of promoting Communist opinions. "The affair," says the Nuremberg...

An important educational meeting at Exeter, on the 16th instant,

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is re- ported in the Morning Chronicle. It was a conference of gentlemen from most of the towns in the county, principally in the Dissenting interests. The conference adopted a...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. Out-door relief has virtually begun in Ireland. The Dean of Achonry represented to the Commissary-General that it was absolutely impossible for many persons...

The Irene' of the Volume for 1846 will befound is

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a Supplement which accom- panies the Spectator of the Week: being stamped, it is tra ns miss ibk by post to every Subscriber free of charge.'


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STOCK EXCIIANCIE, TKONSDAT ANTIKKOON. The English Funds have improved nearly per cent; our closing quotation to- day being to that extent above those of last week. The...

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While at the Lyceum we find in full action the

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tendency to turn a book of the day into a play, we perceive at the Haymarket a retrogression to a state of the drama that existed at the old Lyceum some twenty years ago. There,...


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Far from the period immediately preceding Christmas being a theatrical holyday, managers have been of late more than usually productive. The Lyceum, as was the case last year,...

We may assume that those of our readers who take

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an interest in French plays are acquainted with the admirable comedy of Bertrand et Raton, It is worth while to bring forward this masterpiece of dramatic art every now and...


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. Lincoln's Inn,16th December 1846. Sin—I troubled you a few weeks since with a letter suggesting a scheme for relieving the titles and...

The banquet of theatrical recreation for the holyday people consists

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of Harlequin St. George and the Dragon ' at Drury Lane; The Invisible Prince, a burlesque by Mr. Plancho, at the Haymarket; a new drama, called Co- /urriba, at the Adelphi,...


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Atuurvxo—At Gravesend, 18th December, Beulah, Smith, from Calcutta ; 20th, Margaret, Courtney, from Sydney ; 21st, Caroline, Hughes, from Mauritius; 2231, Mary Sparks, Brishby,...

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TO THE EDITOR OP THE SPECTATOR. Mincing Lane, 24th December 1846. ant—I have again to seek the favour of apace in your columns for a rejoinder to the strictures of " Economist...

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THE SOCIAL AND THE POLITICAL. THE excitement about social questions at present will have one important and salutary effect—to mark out more clearly- than hitherto the...


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SOMETHING is in preparation for Ireland. Its scope has been indicated ; but whether it will fulfil the promise or fall far short, dwindling into so many separate measures, no...

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AN uninitiated reader in the next century, when he meets the relation of the events of the last four months, will think the pages of his book misplaced. The contrast from the...


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A PA.RTY in New South Wales have conspired to pass a libel on the community to which they belong, by invoking the public name for a very disgraceful act. Sir George Gipps and...

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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. Sin—Several papers in the Spectator during the last few months will have led your readers to think of the expediency, if not of the necessity,...


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A VERY important discovery has been brought to perfection, and is about to be carried into extensive practice. It is a plan for putting modern and ancient art upon an equality....

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HISTORY, History of Europe, from the Commencement of the French Revolution, in 1789, to the Restoration of the Bourbons, in 1819. By Archibald Alison, F.R.S.E., Advocate....

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CHILDREN. THE first of these handsome volumes, with its handsome frontispiece in the form of a portrait of the authoress, contains a selection from the fugi- tive poetry of...


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Ma. DICKENS'S present publication is not, like some of its predecessors, a Christmas carol, or tale of the season, where much is forgiven for the occasion, and everything which...

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years since we touched upon the history and importance of life-assurance, and entered rather fully into the principles which should govern its practice. Daring the intermediate...

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BooKs. The Battle of Life; a Love-Story. By Charles Dickens. Ballads and other Poems. By Mary Hewitt. Aunt Carry's Ballads for Children. By the Honourable Mrs. Norton....


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Vocal Scores; edited by John "Allah, Professor of Music in King's College, London. This publication, which originally appeared in numbers, has now been formed into two volumes;...

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Handers Messiah.1 In Vocal Score, with a separate accompaniment for

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Haydn's Creation. j Me Organ or Pianoforte. By Vincent Novelio, These two works are now in course of publication, in sixpenny numbers; The Messiah to be completed in twelve, and...

Grand Fantaisie, et Variations brillantes sur des Airs Ansericains, pour

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to Pianoforte; par Henri Herz. Patel; with Introduction and brilliant Variations, for the Pianoforte; by Ricardo Linter. Herz was long the chief of the modern executive...

Tsellien's Album for 1847.

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The rich and splendid embellishments of this volume are likewise well worth its price; but its musical contents have a value of their own, which many people will deem by no...

Serenade, pour le Pianoforte; par Stephen Heller. Op. 56. Scherzo

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Fantastigue, pour to Pianoforte; par Stephen Heller. Op. 57. These are the latest productions of a young Parisian pianist, who is rapidly rising to the highest distinction as a...

&met Lily of Loraine; a Song, composed by Ricardo Linter.

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The gorgeous illuminated titlepage of this song is worth its price; so that purchasers will have the words and music (be their value what it may) into the bargain.

Davidson's Songs of Charles Dibdin. Part I. Davidson's Universal Melodist.

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Part I. The first of these is a reprint of a collection of Dibdin's Songs, which originally appeared in numbers, under the editorial superintendence of Mr. Hogarth. As we...

The Overture to the Zauberflote, tmnscribed front the Score for

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the Organ, with Pedals Obligati; by W. T. Best. An arrangement for the organ of an opera overture seems at first sight somewhat inappropriate. But the overture to the...


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Tuesday, Dec. 22. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Redman and Co. Fleet Street, photographic artists-Sharp and Co. Baaingluill Street, factors-Rldley and Dunn, Newcastle-upon-Tyne,...


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WAR-OFFICE, Dec. 22.-8th Light Drags.-Lieut. J. Thompson to be card. by pnr. chase, vice Lowndes, who retires ; Cornet W. Davis to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Thompson ; D. 11....

BIRTHS- On the 14th December, at Clarendon Park, near Salisbury,

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Lady Hervey Bathurst, of a son, who survived only a few minutes. On the 14th, at Condle House, Perthshire, Mrs. Oliphant, of Condle, of a son and heir. On the 15th, at Dover,...

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BRITISH FUND S. (Closing Prices.) &turd. Monday Tuesday. Whams. Thurs. shut — — — — Sex d. 931 934 94 24 931 96NI 941 931 931 filit 931 961 91 91 91 — 91 207 206 — 201 208 shut...

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London Printed by Ioaren CLAYTON, of 320, Strand, In the

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County of Middlesex, Printer, at the office of Bosses PALMER and Juan Ciarrou, No. 10, Crane Court, in the Parish of St. Dgustan's in the West, in the City of Loud= ' and...

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*uppinittnt to tbr *prrtator.

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