26 FEBRUARY 1859

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Lord Stanley's Indian loan has been voted unanimously. We have

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yet to see what the money market will say to it. So unim- peachable, however, is the credit of our Government, so advanta- geous to the commercial public every measure which...

The Report of the Royal Commission on the Manning of

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the Navy shows how great are our deficiencies in men. It is not that England has no sailors, but that her Governments, lapped in dreams of peace, have never organized the vast...


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FOREIGN affairs have continued to distract attention from our own business ; and if Ministers have pursued the even tenor of their way, without much interruption from party...

Three elections have been announced this week : Sir John

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Rams- den has been returned without opposition for the West Riding of Yorkshire ; Mr. Calthorpe, son of Lord Calthorpe, has been re- turned, against Mr. Pakington, son of the...

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The Ionian difficulty does not diminish—the Parliament, it is reported,

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having definitively rejected Mr. Gladstone's reform pro- position. The pearls have not been appreciated. In Parliament Lord Grey made a dash at Ministers by favour of this...

The joincipal news from Paris is the mission of Lord

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Cowley to Vienna. The French, capital is indeed big with expectation of many kinds ; but at the present moment the sending of Lord Cowley, the English Ambassador at the French...

/Mutts nth Vturtririugn in Varlunint.

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE WEEK. Rouse OF LORDS. Monday, Feb. 21. The Ionian Islands ; Lord Derby's Appeal. Tuesday, Feb. 22. Prepaid Letters ; The Duke of Argyll's...

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hr Court.

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The Queen held a Court at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday, to receive an address from the Corporation of London congratulating her Majesty on the birth of her grandson. It was...


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THE WASHINGTON DINNER. On the 22d, the birthday of Washington, the American Association in London celebrated the anniversary by a dinner at Willis's Rooms. Only members and...

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The West Riding of Yorkshire election has ended, as foreseen, in the unopposed return of Sir John Ramsden. He was nominated and elected at Wakefield on Monday. His proposer was...

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A telegraphic despatch from Lord Naas to Father Peter Daly has been received at Galway, stating that "the Government have recommended the Treasury to negotiate with the Atlantic...


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Some admirers of Mr. Thomas Carlyle conceived the idea of putting him in nomination as a candidate for the post of Rector of the Marisehal College, Aberdeen. Through Mr. John...

imp auti enkulal.

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frourr.—The correspondence from Paris in the daily journals is full of reports of warlike-looking preparation. The French government has adopted a new rifled cannon of small...

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Two diplomatic movements have this week puzzled the quid Dunes vastly. Why has Lord Cowley, British Minister at Paris, visited his prin- cipals in London, and been sent on a...

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On the 17th of February, at Witton Park, the Wife of Lieut.-Col. Fielden, late Forty-first Regt., of a son. On the 19th, at Woolwich, the Wife of Lieutenant-Colonel Erskine,...


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THE recent order announcing that letters not prepaid would not be for- warded, has been rescinded in deference to public opinion, or rather to the opinion of certain public men....


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An Account, pursuant to the 7th and 8th Victoria, cap. 32, for the week ending on Wednesday the 235 day of Feb. 1859. Notes Issued £33,565,313 Government Debt £11,015,100...


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SATURDAY AFTERNOON. The House of Commons was crowded last night with an audience specially assembled to hear the debate on Foreign affairs to be raised by Lord Palmerston's...

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?&stful arts, ,fas4intts, tralit, tr.

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TRADE has been fiat: again in the City, this week, with the wholesale houses in the Manchester and other trades. The stock of the old established firm of B. Salomons and Sons,...

The Kangaroo arrived at Liverpool yesterday with advices from New

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York to the 26th. The Queen's decision in favour of Ottawa as the seat of Government of Canada was carried in the Legislative Assembly by a majority of five. The Cass-Yrissarri...


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(From our own Correspoudtnt.) There has been no break in the round of gaieties, and balls without number take place every night. The ball at the Hotel de Ville was truly...

The Queen and Prince Consort, accompanied by the Princesses Alice

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and Helena, visited the Countess de Neuilly at Claremont yesterday. In the evening she went to Covent Garden theatre. There is a rumour here, that a marriage is intended...

By a private letter from Paris, we learn that the

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ministerial modifica- tions announced here a few days ago became daily more probable. "It is considered certain (and I have it from a well-informed source) that a decree not yet...


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STOCK EXCHANGE., FILLDAY AFTERNOON. The past week has been one of great excitement upon the Stock Ex- change, and the fluctuations in the public funds have been frequent,...

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As our readers may be aware, a working model of Halkett's system of Guideway Steam Agriculture has been in operation for some tune past on a plot of ground near the Kensington...


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Most persona who are conversant with art-manufactures are aware that, in the matter of chintzes for bedrooms, the aesthetic superiority of large or small, geometric or flower,...

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The aggregate receipts of all the places of public amusement during the month of January amounted to 1,707,344f. 90c. Madame Rose Cheri has made her rentree at the Gymnase in...


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We select for present notice a few of the most remarkable vocal pieces which have lately appeared. Walter Maynard, (the psendonyme of an amateur of distinguished talents) whose...

114t tfOtatrts.

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The week now terminating has been destitute of novelty, but on Mon- day there will be strong symptoms of renewed activity. At the Adelphi Mr. and Mrs. Wigan will make their...


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Mr. Amadio continues his progress in reducing the scale of microscopic photographs. We have this week seen two that excel any specimens hitherto brought under our notice. One,...

Palmer's new patent chaff cutter, to be seen at Mr.

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Wise's offices in Fleet Street, is a great improvement upon the old form in which the cutting knives are attached to the arms of the flywheel,—a bad arrange- ment, causing a...

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A aeries of "Monday Popular Concerts" has been lately set

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on foot at St. James's Hall. At first they were injured by a mistaken notion of the description of music suited to a popular audience ; the common error having been committed of...

The expected production of Meyerbeer's new opera, Dinorah, at the

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Opera Comique, is exciting great interest in the Parisian musical circles. This opera, we learn, is also to be produced, in an Italian dress, at Covent Garden, in the course of...


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LORD COWLEY'S MISSION. IT lies with Austria to tell Lord Cowley, finally, whether there shall be peace or war. It lies with Austria and those who consider themselves her...

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THE Guards controversy has been promoted from the columns of the journals to the Notice Paper of the House of Commons. Sir John Trelawny has given notice that he will move for a...

INTERMEDIATE SCHOOLS. - Tux state of education in Ireland will

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be one of the subjects that will probably find a place in the debates, if not in the legislation of the session of 1859. There is the Report and Evidence of the Endowed Schools...


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Mn. WALPOLE'S measure appears to be the most natural settle- ment yet 'proposed, if we regard the Church as a national insti- tution, and the land as the natural basis of all...

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A LETTER from a gallant officer of considerable experience and a good soldier, who takes his profession in earnest, has come under our notice, and enables us to return to the...


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ILLUSTRATED IN THE STRUGGLES OF A BOOT. IN our paper for the 29th of January, under the new department which bears upon trade, we reported the progress of certain "strikes" in...

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No. I. QIIAItTER OF TEE MADELEINE AND CHAVOStE D'ANTIN. Rue de la Maass& D'.datin. La Chains& d'Antin being not only the name given to an important quarter of the city of...

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No. VI. New Jen eruweoe. CALAMITY. " Poor old England"—Ker deplorable

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want of eulogizers, especially vocal eulogizers—Is it true F—By no means— Charges of the" notes" against the Scotch—Desirableness of national varieties —Scotch...

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The Prince Consort has become the patron of the Architectural

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Exhibi- tion, which is expected to show a marked advance this year ; both in va- riety and character of the designs already promised. A portrait of Duncan Forbes, of Culloden,...

Sint arts.

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It would be absolute neglect not to touch upon the illnature in and Out of the House, that has attended the selection of Mr, G. Scott as the architect of the Forei:pi Office; an...


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711a, Febntary 1869. Sm—We must all view with considerable apprehension in the present unsettled state of Europe, the time and the talent of Parliament being oc- cupied with...

tflbr t tyD Etitur.

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ADULTERATION OF PUBLIC OPINION. Son—A future historian examining the records of the City of London, may find it duly enrolled, that in the mayoralty of Wire, on the 5th of...

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• Cbt Nang.

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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, FEBRUARY 19. Aommturs, Feb. 19.-Corps of Royal Marines-First-Limit, G. Gregory to be Capt. vice Driver, to half-pay. Sec.-Lieut. S. R. Buckle to be...


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BRITISH FUND S. (Closing Prices.) Salurd. Monday Tuesday. Wednes. Thurs. 95 951 951 931 931 931 931 951 951 951 9.54 961 951 931 931 931 - -- 1 - Hi 181 1E4 - 181 229 230 -...

40 arm.

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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, FEBRUARY 15. WAR-0mm, Pall Mall, Feb. 15.-Royal Regiment of Artillery-E. T. Palmer, Gent, to be Assist.-Surg. R. Farquharson, M.D. to be Assist.-Surg....


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PROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, FEBRUARY 22. Bankruptcies Annulled.-Tnonss Firs BALLS, Brixton, innkeeper-Jons AB11.4,34, Manchester, cabinet-maker-Marinas Smut, Halifax,...

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London : Printed by doom Ciarrow, of 263, Strand, ht

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the County of Middlesex, Printer, at the oflice of Smarm CM, • 1")N. IT, Boaverie Street, in the Precinct of Whiter/lam, in the Cit) of London; and pub:labed by the aforesaid...

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IV.* Tars work, as we anticipated, is less a memoir of the court of George the Fourth, than of the objects, writings, and doings of "the Grenvilles " during his reign. On the...


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Two subjects of importance connected with literature have been brought under notice during the last few days ; one, Mr. Ayrton's introduction of a Bill to repeal certain Acts...


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FEBRUARY 26, 1859.

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Tuas volume narrates some four years' exploration of the Plata and its greater tributaries, with tentative passages up some of the smaller streams, and occasional excursions by...

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THIS volume is rather a memorial of filial piety, than an absolute requirement of the public. The late Baron Alderson was well known as a judge, and somewhat conspicuous as a...

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WE have no distinct recollection of the "Hand-Book to the Naval and Military Resources of the Principal European Nations" to which this volume is a sequel, but (if we saw it) we...


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This exceedingly valuable publication contains just such prac- tical information respecting the United States of America as every intelligent Englishman requires. The title does...

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Aie eminent critic has described the Arabian Nights as the most universally read book in the world, and it would be difficult to controvert the description ; it circulates...

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The most solid book among the week's publications is the collection of Lectures and fugitive Essays on questions of Political Economy by the late Professor Jones. The...

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Amongst the works in preparation by Messrs. Longman some of those which appear most likely to excite attention are a Translation of Brillat- Savarin's celebrated Physiologie du...