26 JANUARY 1856

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Parliament will meet next week, to receive a mass of

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most interesting statements from Ministers, to review the forces of party, and to dispose its ranks for the ensuing campaign. • We can see as little way into the next session as...


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TIER expectation of peace created by the Russian acceptance of the Austrian proposals continues, mixed with a feeling of mistrust, naturally induced by all the antecedents of...

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tip Vtinquiiii.

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In 1845, the " Westminster Improvement Commission" was created by act of Parliament, for the purpose of building a street, called Victoria Street, 'Connecting the Houses of...

(64t Court.

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THE Queen has driven abroad in an open carriage, and has walked with her children in the Home Park; and Prince Albert, with the Count of Flanders and General La Marmora, has...

The ceaseless movement which is going on amongst us has

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shown itself in some few incidents of the week, but we are with- out any marked domestic event. The railway agitation has been kept up by replies and rejoinders from the...

Two new chapters have we in the contemporary history of

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poisoning—if indeed one of the tales do not prove to be the in- vention of a calumniator or the dream of a lunatic. A medi- cal man living in Salford, the Southwark of...

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The seat for Cambridge University, vacated by the death of Mr. GouI- burn, will, it seems, he stoutly contested. The rival candidates have issued their addresses, and their...

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Lord Carlisle held his first levee for the season, in Dublin Castle, on Wednesday. It is remarked, that while there was a very large attend- ance of all classes, only one...


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Mr. Macaulay has announced his intention of retiring from the repre- sentation of Edinburgh. On Tuesday, his farewell address was published in that city, as follows. "To the...

Furrigu anti egilltnal.

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,frattrf.—The Council of War sat for the last time at Paris on Mon- day. Each member gave in a report of his views and recommendations. On the same night, the Duke of Cambridge,...

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- aiintllanteito.

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Gruevarecrs.—To the approach of the day for the opening of Parlia- ment we owe the revival of letters in the Times under various sig- natures—" Civilian," "F. R. C. S.,"...

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The usual anticipatory summary of the overland mail from India

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ar- rived by telegraph today. The latest date is Bombay 2d January, Hongkong December 16. "Bills have been passed for turning the Santa country into a non- regulation province....


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SATURDAY. The coming session is felt to be of such importance that an unusual degree of internist attaches to the forms which precede the opening of Parliament on Thursday...

The Birmingham Festival Committee have arranged for the appear- ance

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of Madame Lind-Goldschmidt in the Town-hall, under their an- spices, on the evenings of Wednesday the 20th and Thursday the 21st of ebruary. The first performance will consist...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, Faro:tit AFTERNOON. After the extensive improvement last week in Government Securities, with no further political intelligence, there was little disposition to...

The Metropolitan Board of Works - sat yesterday to elect officers

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and transact other business. But the time was chiefly occupied in choosing an Engineer. There were nine candidates for the office ' but these were B speedily reduced to...

Telegrigthic messages from Berlin and Hamburg; dated yesterday, state that

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"an Imperial tikase decrees the issue of teti new series of notes, each series amounting fo 3,000,000 silver roubles, and time renewal of the eight series already in...

Sir George Grey has remitted the remainder of the sentence

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passed upon Mr. Jackson, the Doncaster pawnbroker, - by Mr. Wilson Overend; on the ground that the prisoner had not sufficient time and opportunity allowed him to prepare his...

• The Motiftenr of yesterday contained a report of the

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ceremonial pro- ceedings at the British Embassy on Wednesday, when Lord Cowley so- lemnly invested the French officers with the Order of the Bath. At the banquet that followed,...


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Among the communications which we are compelled by want of space to omit, is a letter by our eloquent correspondent "E. A. F.," on Government by Party and the presumed necessity...

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gOt 4tatrts.

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The Jealous Wife, played last week by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kean at Windsor Castle, has been repeated at their own theatre with good suc- cess. It almost stands alone among the...


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M. Arthur de Beauplan, a dramatist of some eight years' standing, who has hitherto chiefly shown forth as a collaborateur with other authors, has furnished the Theatre Francais...

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PARLIAMENT AND THE PEACE-NEGOTIATIONS. PERSONS of less bureaucratic tendency than even Pnglish Cabinet Ministers might well be excused for regretting that the opening of the...


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Tim considerations which may be supposed to influence the mem- bers of the Cambridge Senate in their choice of a representative to succeed Mr. Gonlburn, are at the present time...

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IN multitude of councillors there is wisdom ; and since so many are advising our Government and the American on the subject of Central America, it seems possible that both the...

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IF "Jacob Omnium " wants to complete the good service that he has rendered to the country by compelling public and therefore official attention to practical improvements in the...


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IF insurances like those effected by William Palmer, and appa- rently repeated in the new Manchester case, are frequent, how is it possible that the insurance-offices can "stand...

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"WELL" cried a girl in one of the streets of St. Giles's, lately, unconscious of the passing " chiel taking . notes"—" well, we are all of us born, but we are not all of us...

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2let January 1866. Sm—In your article last week on Mr. Adderley's pamphlet, entitled "Punishment is not Education," you (in reference to the ticket-of-leave system) express...

Ittttro tir tkt Eititar.

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CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY ELECTION. 24th January 1856. Sm—Perhaps you can spare me a short space in next Saturday's Spectator to explain the grounds on which Mr. Denman's supporters...

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21st January 1856. Sin—Mr. Gray, in a paragraph (the antepenultimate) of his letter in your last number, falls into the error of valuing the Spanish and American (United States)...


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23d January 1856. Sra—Ruissia is said to have accepted certain terms of peace pure and simple. The Continental meaning of these terms is, integrally and plainly. Our English...


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MILNER'S RUSSIA. * THE war with Russia has been the occasion of producing a number of compilations about the history. of the empire, not one of which hitherto has had much...

MORE DISPARAGEMENT OF MEDICAL OFFICERS. Lesketh, How, Ambleside, 22d January

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1856. Sin—In the short interval of a week another incident has come to my knowledge—and may I hope you will make it public ?—akin to that which I pointed out in my letter of the...

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BURTON'S MECCA. * THIS completion of Lieutenant Burton's pilgrimage to the

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two holy cities of the Mahometans t in the disguise of an Affghan P , narrates the caravan journey from Medina to Mecca, and the various forms and ceremonies the author went...

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NEW NOVELS. * THE matter of Claude de Vesei is of

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a twofold kind. In the romantic parts, which chiefly belong to the end of the book, the idea and the incidents are well worn, improbable, or exaggerated. There is a reduced...

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BOOKS. Modern Painters. 'Volume Tn. containing Part IV.—Of Many. Things. By John Ruskin, M.A., Author of "The Stones of Venice," &c. Charges to the Clergy of the Arehdeaeonry...

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PROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, JANUARY 22. Partnerships Dissolved.-Crawshaw and Co. Old Accrington, blacksmiths ; as far as regards r. Holgate-W. and G. Sayer, Stratford,...


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WAR DEPARTMENT, Jan. 25.-Covalry.-Itoyal Regiment of Horse Guards-Cor- net 0. L. C. Williams to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Leslie, promoted. 4th Dragoon Guards-Cornet E....


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On the 30th November, at Meean Heir. Lahore, the Wife of Lieutenant-Colonel B e nny, H.M.'s Eighty-first Regiment, of a daughter. On the 16th January, at 'rrabolgan, the lady...

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BRITISH FUNDS. 3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account 3 per Cents Reduced New 3 per Cents Long Annuities Annuities 1885 Bank Stock, 8 per Cent India Stock, 101 per Cent...